Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Malay orals.

I went for my Malay orals today. The comprehension was hard and I took a long time to answer the questions. I was troubled. I had no idea what it was about. What else to say about the conversation. Mine was about my ambition. I was brain-dead - I said that I was going to be a mechanic. Can you believe that? A mechanic! Seriously. I did so badly for my orals and I am not satisfied with it. :(

I had my sungkai with the amigos in Gadong at Coffeezone earlier. The food was alright. Despite the long queue, I managed to get my food earlier than the others did. For dessert, I had marshmallows and bananas covered in chocolate fudge. I miss the sweet taste already. After that, they went to watch 'The Expendables'. I didn't come with because my budget wasn't enough. No worries. I'll buy the DVD next time.

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Forever Bird's new page!

I've just created a new page for The Forever Bird on Facebook! Check it out! I missed you.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Happy 20th Birthday to Qidah Alias!
Enjoy with whomever or whatever may come and make your day shine today! May Allah bless you with happiness and prosperity!

MACAM SHIPA TU?!?! :D Don't worry. I miss it, too!

Chelsea 2 - 0 Stoke City

Chelsea 2 - 0 Stoke City


Saturday, August 28, 2010


It's not yet the holidays but it already feels like it! My last papers for the mocks are Commerce P1 and Ugama P2. I don't know if I still have the mood to study! Anyway, I checked out a decent topic in MSN Today. They're old yearbook photos of the famous actors/actresses you see today. Well, at first I checked out the 'Awkward Emmy Moments' though. Seriously, I was surprised to see their faces especially Lil Jon and Eminem.

Ryan Seacrest

Owen Wilson

Oprah Winfrey

Megan Fox

Lil Jon


Barack Obama
(The info said his basketball mates used to call him Barry O'Bomber)

Brad Pitt
(While this guy used to be called 'Brad the Pitt-bull'.)

Slowly, people are becoming ill nowadays. What is wrong? I hope there is no new disease spreading around because I don't want to spend the rest of my holidays at HOME!

Friday, August 27, 2010


Maths P1 yesterday was really disappointing! I'd rather not go further to talk about it. I'll fail mathematics, no doubt. I thought we had Commerce P1 - that was why I was relaxed but Maths is over and done with now. As for Ugama P1, it was quite easy. All the topics that Amin gave me came out and I didn't trouble myself even one bit while I was doing my paper. That's good news!

Yessss. Four days of no school - finally, a break from all those 'hard' work. Well, three to the History students though because we don't have any papers on Monday. They have had their holidays, now we'll have ours but not as much as they did. No worries. I know we all await for the LONG holidays. Ain't that right, guys? Our last day of mock examinations is on August 31st, 2010 - also, the same day that I will be having my Malay orals. Wish me luck! I'm feeling nervous already.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I had my Commerce P2 today. I was weak and dizzy that I had to rush my answers. I tried to sleep but the coldness just made me shiver throughout the exam. I hope I didn't do my Commerce so badly. Being sick during the mocks just ruins it! Since I didn't blog about my Combined Science paper yesterday, here's what I thought of it - HARD! I'd expect P1 to be a little bit easy but I expected it the wrong way. What more to say about P2? GG!

My fever is wearing out but I'm still caught up with a headache and a backache. I've been laying down ever since I got back from school today. I wish I wasn't sick in the first place. And did you notice that time is passing by so slowly today? Sigh. I wish I have the energy to revise for Geography later.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


I just don't believe that my BM P2 is incomplete! I did the first compulsory question and two other questions of my choice. As for the last question, I didn't get to finish the last part! I had to rush myself because I didn't have much time. I actually spent an hour on my summary. Would you believe that? One friggin' hour! Sigh. I just wish I won't get really low marks just because of that careless mistake. However, Geo P1 was quite easy. I had a peaceful moment while I was map reading - no hesitation but when it came to the Population section, I was kind of blurry especially for the last two questions. I'm glad Malay is over and done with. Combined Science awaits on Monday. I. AM. SO. DEAD!

I'm sure most of you have watched 'A tribute to zek - minta maaf (my apology)' right? Here's a 'response from emma'. Enjoy!

Click here if you wish to watch the apology.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Angry barn owls.

Talk about scary barn owls, check out this video of barn owls when they get mad.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Syukur alhamdulillah. I had a great meal. I hope you had a a great one too! About my exams; English 1 was easy but the thing is that I had to rush myself in Part Two because I only had 15 minutes! For the first two paragraphs, I did Part One well but then I don't know what went wrong in the third paragraph. I had to redo the whole Part One and asked for a new fresh paper. I wrote about my surprise birthday party this year - I changed a few parts though. Hehe. My Part Two is messed up! I had to write a letter to the local newspaper editor about who deserves the award for doing a good deed. Guess whom I wrote about?

You bet I did! I wrote about Bahrin Behrom about how he is good in swimming. Some of you might know him. He's Brunei's swimmer. Well, I added white lies like how he donated 40% of his earnings to the charity and to the old and poor. I wrote that I've known him for two years now and met him in a swimming event in 2009. BULLSHIT! HEHEHE! Anyways, it would be cool though! I can't wait to see how my composition will end up.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Working hard?

Okay. Today's exam was - well, I have no idea because I didn't know most of the workings and even left blanks! Sigh. But I managed to get it done 15 minutes before finishing time. Guess what? That was my first time! Usually, for Maths papers, I finish them in less than an hour and not long after that, I'll put my head down. What I went through earlier was just unbelievable for me! It seemed like I was - working hard on it although I know the answers that I gave are wrong? Oh well. What's done is done. There's still another paper for Maths though. I don't know what my Maths teacher is going to say to me when she goes through the paper - MY paper.

I talked with Kirah on Facebook earlier. It's been a long time! I see her in school though but not all the time. Thanks! I had a good time! Take good care of yourself! C U Around!

Just a few minutes more until sungkai. I can't wait! My stomach is already rumbling! Time, please fly a little faster for now.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Good to see them again.

I didn't know I arrived early in school today. The History students are finally back from their five day of holidays. It's so good to see their faces (not only on Facebook) again. I could tell that Sahrul and Azrin were very happy to see me. I missed you guys!

We had our Malay 1 paper today. It was easy. You know, I almost fell asleep during the exams because I was really tired. You know the feeling when you're sleepy and your head feels heavy - and when it slowly goes down, you suddenly erect back up? That happened to me earlier! I hope no one saw me because that would be embarrassing! Anyway, Malay 1 - I did the last question which I only had to continue the story with the beginning given. The story is about your 78 year-old grandparent calling you over to the kitchen which he usually doesn't. Well, I hope I did good. :s

Happy birthday, niza!

Happy 20th Birthday, Asniza!
I hope you enjoy your day with Fikri today! Out of all the circle, you're the oldest! Hahaha. Take care and may Allah bless you.

Monday, August 16, 2010

I present you the Barn Owl! ♥

This is probably the coolest owl I've ever seen in my entire life! The Barn Owl is currently my favourite bird of all!


I've just been told that a 15 year-old girl got married to a 25 year-old man! She even gave birth to a son! I saw Naff's tweet at first and thought she was just trying to fool around but I was wrong. In fact, most of my buds on Twitter are tweeting about it. She should be ashamed of herself! What more to say about her family? My oh my. What has the world come into? I am indeed disgusted.

"15 khawin 25 ..... Dunia dunia~"

"''Nice b0obs..Surlp.'' HAHAHAHA! GIAN BANAR ORGNYA!"

"HAHAHA! *susu ato dang nyaman d glat* HAHAHAHAHAH,palui wah laki laki nya !astaghfirullahalazim"


I'm starting to feel cold.

I will be sitting for my last art paper later. The two previous art papers were supposedly okay. Wish me luck, yes?

It's late and I'm still not asleep. Sahur's in about an hour and a half. I seriously have to kick this habit. Yesterday after sahur, I slept in until 4 in the evening. Imagine that - 12 hours of sleep. I have a bad sleeping time. Someone help, please. I also have been going through rough moments lately and I'm quite unhappy with that. I'm sorry to Fikri and Zul for my misbehaviour during the sahur. Sometimes, I just wish everything could be normal and easy so that I don't have to think thoroughly from time to time. All these stresses are pulling me down that I can't even barely think properly - or study. Sigh.

The real deal is on Tuesday for which I will be sitting for my mock written exams. I have got to pull my socks up and be prepared!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy birthday!

Happy 17th Birthday to Tayib Roux!
You are the greatest ever! Take good care of yourself. Study hard and may Allah bless you. Love you.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Grim warning for cable thieves.

I got back from the Friday prayer and checked my Twitter. I saw Joel's tweet about a man who got electrocuted trying to steal copper cables. I immediately checked out Brudirect and thought I might share it with you guys! Enjoy.

Bandar Seri Begawan - The man who was badly injured as he allegedly tried to remove copper cables from an electrical substation in Kg Salambigar on Wednesday was.. [Read More]

Thursday, August 12, 2010

First day.

Today is a quiet day, indeed. I only had four hours of sleep. I spent most of the day in the room playing video games - especially FIFA 2010 with Fathul, Fikri and Zul. I know I should be studying for my qualifying but - I don't know. I am lazy to do so. My happy west coast friend, Vinesh once said; "Studying can be fun if you have a passion for learning."

I'll make sure to start my revisions soon. Mock is only a few days away! I'm nervous! In this fasting month, I hope I can do very well! Well, it seems like I'm spending the night again here. :)

Text message from dad.

"Wal fadang fasirul tak ado dil fokok kayue u tariku wal kurmak nak buka puasa ul kehabisanulladzi :-D Selamat berpuasa di bulan Ramadhan yg mubarak maaf zahir dan batin.."


This is why I love my dad no matter what.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Selamat berpuasa.

I was hyper in school today. I didn't know why. Maybe it's because that I slept early last night? Seriously. Is 9 o'clock early enough for you? FOR ME, IT IS! I woke up around four in the morning though but went back to bed when it struck five - but no big deal.

I had McDonald's during recess today. It's kind of like the - 'last-day-before-puasa-starts' thing. Amalina ordered the food for us. Thanks! That ol' Fish-o-fillet from Mickey Ds sure tasted good! Not only did I have McDonald's but also curry chicken which I bought from the canteen. I was stuffing myself! Apart from that, when school was dismissed, I was in-charge of emptying the dustbin. While I was on my way up feeling rather disgusted of the horrible smell, I didn't notice that there was a dead house lizard stuck in it so I just let it be. Kirah was on her way down with one of her duty mates. She passed me and I was thinking of showing the dead lizard to her to see how she will react. (6) I called her out and asked her to look in the bin. The inside looked normal unlike any other bins to her but when I tilted down a bit, she saw the lizard and screamed! HAHAHAHA! Probably the funniest moment today!

I came down late. I didn't see her - again. Sigh. Maybe next time. Today's the last day before Puasa starts! So I'd like to say:

Selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa. Harap dapat menambah amalan-amalan yang baik di bulan ini.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Art Mock Exams: Design (P5)

Art: Design (P5) was all right. I was going to draw a logo for a music store that says 'Mojo Music' but I changed my mind. I chose to draw a magazine cover entitled 'Game Pro' with my own illustrations and designs. I included a white tilted PS2 controller on the bottom right, an 'old-looking' Pac Man with words saying 'All you need to know' etc. I forgot what else I drew again after that. You see, I'm okay in my drawing but when it comes to my colouring, it spoils the whole artwork! Now, I have two more art examinations to sit for.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Happy birthday, AAA!

Happy 16th Birthday to Aiman Aziz Abdullah!
Where have you been? Let's meet up sometime. Have an awesome day! May Allah bless you. See you around!

Happy birthday!

Yesterday was just a celebration for Hamizah. Today's the real day! So..

Happy 12th Birthday to Hamizah Manshor!

We're starting our art examinations tomorrow. History students are not coming to school. Lucky for them, they have two more days of holidays due to it. I better have my equipments ready before I start to cause a fuss. Wish me luck!

My dad brought us to have lunch at Baru Bersurat. I only had a light meal - ambuyat. It was nice! It's been awhile. After that, he brought us to his new home at Beribi, if I recall correctly. He said that he might move in next Monday if most of the things are already transferred. I also came across my little step-brother and sister - Amsyar and Aeesyah. Aeesyah is all grown-up now. I hope to meet her again in the future.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Speeding is bad.

It's Hamizah's (Omar's sister) birthday today so let me just say;

Happy Birthday!

That's how the boats look like.

In fact, I don't know how old are you. I'll ask Omar. Our presents to you are simple! - filling up the large inflatable pool with water. There were four boats like the ones in Jerudong Park but smaller in the pool. Instead of paddling with our feet, we worked with our arms. We wrestled, played 3-on-3 football and this game where you knock people down into the water until there's a last man standing. I had so much fun! Thanks!

Around 5 PM, I was supposed to hang out with the Brothers at Flavors but I couldn't make it because my driver was late. He had his day off today. I made them wait for me for an hour or so. I'm sorry. To Fathul: Zul told me about the plan already. I hope to see the Brothers then!

"Shit" - Amin swore when my driver was zooming down from lane to lane on the way to Berakas. I was sending Amin back home when this happened. Inda was driving too fast tonight - too fast that we almost got in an accident! I'm serious! He nearly collided with a black Jag! The black Jag driver honked over and over again, eventually tailed us from the spot. We went the wrong way instead of going to Amin's place and from then, I knew that he was tailing us. Inda was making a U-turn when he provoked and pointed at us from the side. He pulled over in front of our car and went our furiously from his car. Here is how it went:

Inda: [Pulling out his hands together] "Sorry.. sorry.."
Furious driver: [Looking at Inda] "Eh, kenapakan kau ani? Kurang ajar jua kau ani!" [Shoved him hard]
Furious driver: [Looking at me] "Indon kah ni?"
Me: "Awu."
Furious driver: "Ajar ia - cemana kan signal."
Me: "Awu. Minta maaf, tuan.."

Tell me that was scary. I was really scared! My driver just smiled, pretending that nothing happened back there. Some people just go for the kill rather than be glad that they're safe from danger. Sigh.


Do you want to see something weird? Below is a link which will direct you to view an image of me in girl version.


Friday, August 06, 2010

Happy birthday, Bong!

Happy 17th Birthday Myron Bong!
Study hard for the examinations! God bless.

Jessica B.

& She reminds of someone I know.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Rest in pieces.

My starfishes died. I think they've been dead ever quite a long time now. They lost their arms - broken down into smaller pieces. Eroded - in other words. Seriously. If starfishes have eyes, it would be a little easy for me to take care of them. Don't worry. A cute small goldfish which belongs to my sister still remains in the kitchen - alone.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

VIDEO: Cinta Bagai Bintang + Free download link (posted on YouTube).

Sorry if you can't hear the sound properly. Omar was recording using his mobile phone. We hope to record a better one next time!


Amin, Azrin and Omar were over at my place around 2 earlier. There were those who couldn't make it. That's okay - there's a next time. Normally, they would just chill in the room or watch a movie but suddenly, I didn't know where we got the idea to wrestle. I do remember them talking about the old/new wrestlers in WWE. Yes, WWE style but not seriously. Obviously, we were just fooling around. I had the whole 'match' recorded and I'll upload it on YouTube as soon as I'm done uploading our demo clip of 'Cinta Bagai Bintang'. Amin appeared as Rey Mysterio, Omar as The Hurricane, Azrin as Randy Orton (Special Referee) while I was commentating. Each had their theme song followed by the wrestler they were as. Commentating isn't an easy job after all.

After hours of wrestling, it was time to sent them home. Amin and Omar got what they 'wanted'. Enjoy it, boys! I sent Azrin to Harun's Gym first because he had a futsal match with his brother against a bunch of guys he does not know of. I hope you weren't late! The next was Amin and Omar was the last. Thanks for coming, guys! I had lots of fun today!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010


While I was viewing Azrin's Facebook profile, I stumbled upon this funny conversation between these three: Daniel, Yassamin and him.


Thankful for this day.

School was filled with lame jokes and maniacal laughs - I just hope nothing wears me down from whatever that has happened today. Have you ever get the feeling when you laugh around all day and eventually end up being moody for some reason? Yes. That's it right there.

In Art today, my teacher assigned us (Design paper students) to create a logo for the newly ordered recycle bins for three different recyclable wastes. If our logos are approved, they will spray them on the bins. That would be a cool thing to see! - Your own artwork on public properties. I've finished three thumbnails so far (but since there are no bins for glass, I currently have two). We're continuing this project again on Thursday! :D

Azizi finally have decided to shake hands - man to man. After school, I wasn't expecting such a thing because I thought he didn't care at all. Good things really come to those who wait! I'm thankful for this day. It's good to see us in our normal selves again.