Thursday, April 09, 2009

What are the consequences of blogging?

Is blogging bad? No, blogging is not bad. It is a habitat that one does for luxury time and for fun. It can be a very fun experience over the web where one communicate with others and visit each other blogs. But when you blog about OTHER people, making a fool out of him--now that's bad! My teacher said you could even go to jail! That is why don't--and I mean DON'T mention the person's name unless you're writing a good thing about him/her. Now, I'm not saying I dislike people who do those kind of thing.

For example;

Let's say you hate this person. He talks bad things behind your back. Spreading rumors of you that are not true. And you express your feelings towards him by blogging. You start swearing and talk about him in a filthy way.

Okay. I advise you NOT to do this!

The consequences are;

1. Their relatives or family or friends could read it and print the pages out as evidence to show others that you are expressing your hatred feelings PUBLICLY!

2. If they bring you to court, and they show the evidence; what evidence do you have? You couldn't escape the truth. He's got evidence, for crying out loud!

3. They can track your IP address down and shut down the system or maybe even your blog!

So please, blog nicely :) I'm just trying to help you bloggers out there. Well, I hope the "big man" doesn't read my blog.

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