Friday, February 21, 2014


I have a lot of things on my mind that I wish to transact and/or buy

1. A new acoustic guitar
2. Monthly phone billz
3. Every 9,000 km servicing for my car
4. A new set of fresh tires
5. Black rims
6. A convenient exhaust system
7. A cheap and quality woofer

& more to come! In sha Allah I am able to get these slowly...

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I am confused. I do not even know what to do with my love life now. I mean, why do I think that I should look for a partner as quickly as possible? I don't want to hurt people's feelings. I should not be in such a hurry. Maybe I should just take it easy and carry on...

Thursday, February 13, 2014


(I know I've said I'll try to keep this blog alive the last time, but I hope this time, I mean it. Let's start, shall we?)

HI, GUYS! As you can see, I have left this blog for a long time - a very long time. 2 years IS a long time if you think about it. But today onward, I will try my best to revive this blog and update you about what's going on in my little life. Life's been treating me fairly. I had an awesome new year with the people I love. Just keeping it short and simple. I don't think it's too late but happy new year 2014 everyone!

What am I doing right now? I am currently studying in Cosmopolitan and waiting for my results. If I pull this off, I will get my International Certificate in Business. Huehue. At the same time I have been working full-time with a sales and marketing company called Putratec Marketing & Technical Services Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Putratec Sdn Bhd. (No, the company's name does not relate to me whatsoever.) Now I don't know if I will continue to further my studies in Cosmopolitan because I kinda like it here at work already. I haven't decided yet but if I do further my studies, that means I'm prepared to let in a truckload of pressure and stress.

I'm always tired lately. Reason: Video games. Recently, I've just gotten my wireless internet connection installed at home. For the sake of everybody at home. We don't really sit down and watch TV for hours anymore now, do we? We spend most of our time getting busy on our laptops and especially our mobile phones. But thing is, everybody at home is enjoying the internet connection, and I'm happy for that.

I guess I'll end it here. My mind is all jammed up now. I feel like typing down the recent events which happened between me and my fling, but I think I'll just keep it t myself. Thanks for reading!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Hi again!

Wow.. I haven't updated this blog in a long, long time! InsyaAllah starting from today, I'll keep this blog alive.

Assalamualaikum and warmest greetings to all you readers out there. First of all, I would like to wish all the Muslims a very Selamat Hari Raya. I want to apologize for all the wrongdoings and sayings to those whom I've hurt for the past few months. This year's raya is much funner than I thought it would turn out to be! Also, in the history of eX!, this year we took our annual photo shoot just right outside of Jerudong Park.

Love life? Yes. To be honest, I am content - happy beyond my wildest dreams. I think I might found the "someone" I've been looking for. She may not be perfect, but at least I feel special and I intend to make her feel special, too! For now, we're getting to know each other better before we do take this thing we have onto another level. Both of us have agreed to not think of it - whether it happens or not. Syukur Alhamdulillah for this person you've led into my life, O Allah :-)

Anyhoot, I do feel guilty lately. I've been driving around so much that I only make little time for her. Honestly, I am afraid. Not of the time management, but of her feelings. I have no worries for mine, but I trust her - with all my heart.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy belated.

Hi! 1 week has gone by and recently, Aqel (27th May) and Aziz (23rd May) just had their 20th birthdays! Happy belated birthday to you guys! Hope you enjoyed your days with friends and surprises! Aziz spent his birthday at my place playing Killzone 3 together. Guess what? We finished the game in less than 2 days! On Trooper difficulty though, but watch out for us next time, Veteran difficulty. We will come back - HARD! As for Aqel's, on the eve of his birthday, we were at Tamu Selera. As soon as the clock struck 12, we sang him a birthday song! But we didn't stay for long because not many of eX showed up. Nevertheless, yesterday they had a surprise for Aqel. Too bad I wasn't there because me and my sister had belated birthday celebrations for us - plus, a water slide bouncer! It was great! I had great time with my family and relatives!

You know, it's sad that I only update when I feel like it nowadays and have not been visiting my blog regularly. Just so you know, I'm getting my driver's license soon. Right now, I'm waiting for the result of my written test. I sat for it on Saturday last week. Hope I get it!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bayern Munich 1-1 Chelsea (PEN: 3-4)

Chelsea have done it yet again! They've won their 2nd trophy this season which is the Champions League trophy! That was a really emotional and nerve-wracking! When Muller scored the first goal for Bayern Munich in the 83rd minute, I thought it was all over for Chelsea - but I kept on believing that Chelsea could bounce back into the game and blow Bayern away. Fortunately, they did! All thanks to a Didier Drogba header into the top right corner having the #1 German keeper Neuer no chance to keep it out.

It went into extra time and Drogba made a silly challenge on Ribery in the box. Penalty was given to Bayern and this is the second time I thought it was over - BUT I KEPT ON BELIEVING! I clasped my hands together, hoping for a lucky save by Petr Cech. Robben was the taker and I had a feeling that he would score. Luckily for us, Cech pulled off a magnificent save! The ball slipped through Cech's arms, but bounced off his body leaving it unattended behind him. He quickly got to it and held it like a newborn baby! Chelsea was still safe, and Drogba is not the man to blame after such challenge. Everyone was looking tired except for the fresh legs like Fernando Torres and Ivica Olic, maybe.

Thus, both halves of extra time were over and it was then brought to penalties. First for Bayern, Lahm. He sent to the right side of the goal with Cech having a touch to it, but failed to keep it out. First for Chelsea, Juan Mata. Unfortunately, he didn't score with Neuer going the right and pushing his shot out. The second penalty taker for Bayern was Mario Gomez. His one went in too! The second taker for Chelsea was David Luiz. Remember his penalty that didn't go in against Racing Genk? The commentator mentioned something about that when Luiz was about to take it. Thank God, it went in. Way to go! The third penalty taker for Bayern was Neuer himself! I bet he was trying to pressure and shake Cech to lose his confidence and concentration. He got it right into the net, and Cech also went the right way, but couldn't save it. The third Chelsea taker was Frank Lampard. I've always believed in Lampard to take penalties. Great for the captain, he smashed it right in the middle which flew right above Neuer and into the net.

The next taker for Bayern was Ivica Olic. Unlucky for him, his shot was punched out by Cech! Super reflexes by the Czech goalkeeper! As for Chelsea, Ashley Cole was up. I had a feeling that he would score, and he did! He took it brilliantly! Curling the ball into the far left of Neuer. No chance at all. The fifth taker for Bayern was... Bastian Schweinsteiger. I thought he was going to score, but he sent to the ball to the right side of the goal, Cech got his fingertips to it, and it struck the woodwork! Unbelievable! Next it was Drogba's turn! The last and final kick of the game which could seal the win for Chelsea, and for the trophy, of course! He sent Neuer the wrong way and he couldn't believe it himself! My goodness! Amazing, breathtaking game! I bet Roman Abramovich would want to keep Roberto Di Matteo, interim manager for Chelsea after AVB, as the permanent manager for Chelsea next season! 2 trophies in 6 months. Amazing.

Here's the penalty shootout video:


Monday, April 30, 2012

Bahrin 3rd In Cross Channel Swimming.


Mohd Bahrin with his prize poses with friends

Labuan - Brunei swimmer Mohd Bahrin Shah Behrom Shem, 19, representing MICIA Swimming Team, won second runner-up in the men's open category of the Labuan Cross Channel Swimming Challenge 2012. Clocking a time of 1:34:57.84, he won a cash prize of RM1500 last Saturday.

The men's open category was won by a swimmer from Sabah with a time of 1:07:57.83. He received a prize of RM2,500. The first runner-up was a swimmer from Labuan who clocked 1:15:00.22 and received RM2,000.

Fifteen participants took part in the men's open category.

The competition is jointly organised by Ministry of Tourism Malaysia and Labuan Aquatic Association in conjunction with Malaysia Water Festival, Labuan International Sea Challenge 2012.

The competition started and ended at Labuan International Sea Sport Complex covering a distance of 5.4km from starting point to return (Papan Island) for both Men and Women Open categories. The Junior Boys/ Girls covered a distance of 2.7km (One way - Papan Island - starting point).

Bahrin who started swimming at the age of five years and been in the swimming scene for 14 years said, "I am impressed and happy with my achievement for this event. And I would like to say thank you to my family and friends who supported me. Not to forget, the MICIA Swimming team".

--Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Labuan Made A Difference

Just one night in Labuan made a difference! I miss the place already! Afiq, Bahrin and Aziz were the only ones with me during the trip. It was really an adventure! We had our uncontrollable laughs, long walks, weary legs, our very own GeezPS, cameraman and dedicated athlete. Thing is, all of us lacked sleep - and I bet we still do! I saw a girl who looked ALMOST the same as Lisa Surihani (Her name's Umiyul and she's a staff at KFC. I hope she's still there when I visit again next time. Lol.)

90/10% LIKE THIS!!! I SWEAR!!

We stayed at Avida Hotel. Here's a quick picture of how the room looks like. Ours was a little bigger because we got the deluxe room - more like, sponsored. Hehehe!

Looks nice, doesn't it? The bed and the end table's positions are correct, but the not the curtain and window. When we reached here, we only had less than an hour of rest because in the room because we had to go to the sports complex for Bahrin's registration. We used a taxi, and boy, something funny happened in the taxi. Maybe the taxi driver thought Bahrin was Chinese. He was old. When we reached our destination and we asked for the fare, he spoke in Chinese. I understand a little Chinese, but he spoke so fast that I wasn't able to catch a word that he was saying - maybe "KWAI LE", but I don't think that makes sense. Or does it? Bahrin just gave him RM10 and off we went.

One word: EPIC. It seems like I can't go any further because the rest of the things that happened were exciting! Thanks for reading anyway, guys! I know it sucks that I can't blog about it all during my time there. Maybe I'll update bit by bit sooner or later!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

You Are Perfect.

I had the most exciting dream yet about time-travelling! This is the second time, and this time, I was in my former school, St. Andrew's. It was snowing. It all happened so fast, yet I can still remember how it felt like to be walking around the snowy atmosphere. I was "dropped" in the school's hall. Some kids were running around playing tag and some were in a circle. My brother was with me. I overheard him in a conversation with a girl. (It looked like my cousin, but I'm not sure.) He was asking whether she knows One Direction or not. That girl yapped on and on about the nonexistence of this "1D" boy band. I got tired so I decided to find out about the girl that's always been on my mind lately. I went outside, drawing my coat tightly because of the cold, cold weather. It looked and felt something like this...

Yes, I'm quite sure it looked like that because just as I was running towards my first destination, the basketball court, I got my hands in my pockets and my head down. Before even reaching the court, I turned and went back to look in the school's compound. Surprisingly, there she was! - standing out among the crowd through my eyes. I can't believe she was actually there! Words can't express how happy I was to see her! I waited out in the pouring snow until she came out, which she did. I approached her and we spoke about how it's been a very long time coming. Unbelievably, it was in the year 2005! I could mention a few people who were with me during that time, but I can't be so sure. All I have to say is that it felt perfect! You are perfect..