Sunday, April 22, 2012

You Are Perfect.

I had the most exciting dream yet about time-travelling! This is the second time, and this time, I was in my former school, St. Andrew's. It was snowing. It all happened so fast, yet I can still remember how it felt like to be walking around the snowy atmosphere. I was "dropped" in the school's hall. Some kids were running around playing tag and some were in a circle. My brother was with me. I overheard him in a conversation with a girl. (It looked like my cousin, but I'm not sure.) He was asking whether she knows One Direction or not. That girl yapped on and on about the nonexistence of this "1D" boy band. I got tired so I decided to find out about the girl that's always been on my mind lately. I went outside, drawing my coat tightly because of the cold, cold weather. It looked and felt something like this...

Yes, I'm quite sure it looked like that because just as I was running towards my first destination, the basketball court, I got my hands in my pockets and my head down. Before even reaching the court, I turned and went back to look in the school's compound. Surprisingly, there she was! - standing out among the crowd through my eyes. I can't believe she was actually there! Words can't express how happy I was to see her! I waited out in the pouring snow until she came out, which she did. I approached her and we spoke about how it's been a very long time coming. Unbelievably, it was in the year 2005! I could mention a few people who were with me during that time, but I can't be so sure. All I have to say is that it felt perfect! You are perfect..

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