Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy birthdays!

Happy 12th Birthday Huda Athirah!
Happy Birthday Wanja Charles!
May Allah bless the both of you. Enjoy today like there's no tomorrow! x

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A new beginning.

After school today, it was my range of index numbers to sit for the English oral. Before we did, 7 of us had lunch at Aminah Arif, Kiulap. The ambuyat was very tasty! - so were the side dishes. Man, I am craving for some right now.

The oral was taken place in the library. I was feeling nervous when I sat to practice for the passage - scared if I got my tongue tied. When Syamini was dismissed, it was my turn to face and provide the two invigilators a decent conversation. They turned out friendly as expected! Before I even started on reading the passage, already they were asking me questions regarding my hair, facial hair and my music career. I nearly broke down but gained confidence. I had no other choices but to give them my opinion. It gotten interesting as they asked about. Overall, it was relieving and better. Better than Malay oral, I presume! Seriously. Good luck to those who are going to sit for theirs.

I went to Qiida's open house. Zul was there and he brought along his siblings, Fizah and Mizah. It was really fun! It felt like I was on a roll with them. I hope I can keep this up because.. I think I am doing great so far, am I not? Hehehe. Fikri and Fathul showed up after awhile. Qida's place was more like a musical school with the piano played - even the violin was brought out! She is really good in the piano. Fizah also looked blurry when she held the violin. E'ot. I was wondering why Afiq didn't show up. I guess this is the start of something new!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Brother's Day Out.

Fathul went for his operation to pluck off his wisdom tooth today and good news, it was successful. He's a bit slurred on his speaking now. I hope it heals in no time! Afiq came over to pick us up and go to the hospital to meet up with Fathul but then, Fikri got a call from him saying that he went back to Zul's already.

Brother's Day Out - we spent the day with a relaxing car-wash here at Zul's. Two cars at first but not until Zul's mom came back from work. It does feel good to see a shiny vehicle again, eh? Too bad it rained not long after we went inside. No worries. At least we killed time by washing cars. We were supposed to go fishing but cancelled it due to the rainy weather. The fishes are cool with the weather though - except for us.

Happy birthday!

Happy 17th Birthday Syamini Alimin!
Funny moments are bound to happen whenever you're awround. Hehehe. May Allah bless you.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Teacher's Day.

I have no regrets for coming to school today! First it was the rose-giving and next was the hyper energy that everyone unleashed in the hall! Even the singing of the National Anthem and School Song was yet the loudest this year. An iqrar was followed after that. The emcees were Natt and Samuel - you guys did your part! There were mostly dance performances and Rirah's acoustic performance. She was really good! We should definitely collaborate next time!

Aisle Of Before wanted to perform as well but we were told that we couldn't anymore. But after the occasion, one of the councilors said that we could have! Damn. We missed the opportunity to show the whole school whoever is in Aisle Of Before! There will not be a next time for this is our last year. I'd like to wish every teacher a very happy and blessed teacher's day! You guys sure have made a difference.


NEW YORK – A Florida pastor says his church will "not today, not ever" burn a Quran, even if a mosque is built near ground zero.

Pastor Terry Jones had threatened to burn the Muslim holy book on the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks over plans to build an Islamic center near where terrorists brought down the World Trade Center nine years ago. He flew to New York and appeared on NBC's "Today" show. He says that his Gainesville, Fla., church's goal was "to expose that there is an element of Islam that is very dangerous and very radical."

He tells NBC that "we have definitely accomplished that mission." He says no meeting is planned with the imam leading the center but he hopes one will take place.

A "Burn a Koran Day" banner outside his church has been taken down. Terry Jones, the terrible, intolerant opportunist in charge of “Burn A Koran Day,” has officially canceled the event. He is still a bad person.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Strange but funny.

A few hours ago (I think it was around 10:30 PM), I went to a mini store not far from Kpg. Bebatik Kilanas. I was in the car when this old man in a gray-coloured car was trying to reverse his way out of the cramped area. I didn't quite concentrate on him at first until an Indian marched out of the store looking pissed. From there, I saw the old man who rammed a pole of the store twice! It looked like he was doing it on purpose! I think he did once previously before the Indian came out. The pole was slightly bent and the front bumper of the old man's car was damaged. I was scared that he might reverse his car onto our's! When he succeeded in rotating his car around, he just drove off like nothing happened back there. The Indian gave me this 'Wtf-is-his-problem' look and it's kind of funny because he did with the hand gesture. He couldn't be drunk, could he? Maybe he's just too old to drive around at night like that so guys, advise your elderlies to drive safely, not only at night, but whenever.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

First defeat this season for the Blues.

Chelsea 3 - 4 Newcastle United

First, it was Salomon Kalou. Next, it was Yossi Benayoun. Chelsea who already used up 3 substitutions has to play 10 men on the pitch. If it wasn't for Van Aanhort's nap and Jefrey Bruma's clumsy foul, Chelsea would've won tonight's match - maintaining a clean record for not losing in this season. I guess Newcastle United beat them to it with a flick from N. Ranger and a superb free-kick from R. Taylor in the first half. Both teams played very well. It was a breath-taking match indeed. I, myself was cheering off especially during Nicolas Anelka's cool penalty shootout. No one would take a penalty like that. Also, a new future star in Stamford Bridge, 17 year-old Josh McEachran performed tremendously on the pitch in his second appearance for Chelsea.
Even the commentators were impressed with his swift performance!

I can't believe I actually wasted my time staying up to watch the game when knowing that I have school later but not to worry. It is my own fault as well. I'd better go to sleep now.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hanging by a thread.

Today is probably one of the best days in my entire life. Muhyi called us over to his house in Kg Luagan Dudok, Tutong. Syazana and her friends were there too! Azrin told me that she couldn't make it because she had no transport - he was mistaken.

The room was a little bit dark but not until I laid my eyes on an angel who suddenly brightened up the room. In a way of saying this, I think that she looked wonderful. The food was great! Muhyi's sister cooked seafood carbonara. It was delicious. Some of the guys even went for another round!

I was sitting quietly, hoping for something to happen between me and Syazana. The so-called "cupid", Tayib, said that I wanted to take pictures with her. I could see that her friends were whispering among each other, looking at our side strangely. I felt shy. I have no idea why I get so shy whenever I am around Syazana. Eventually, we both got up and agreed to take pictures. The first shot was awkward. She didn't like the picture so therefore, she deleted it. We then took two other shots - us standing up and another of us sitting down. She went home not long after that. It was nice seeing you!

After they went home, Muhyi mentioned that he has a guitar. I thought to myself, "Why didn't he take it out in the first place when Syazana was still there?"

It would've added much more awkward romantic moments, won't it? Hehehe. We went up to his room and started jamming to our very own composed songs, 'Cinta Bagai Bintang' and 'Pandangan Pertama'. Not long in the night, Muhyi called us down to favour the guests downstairs with a little entertainment of our own. We, Aisle Of Before, introduced ourselves and played 'Pandangan Pertama' first. They liked it! - but not as much as our next song 'Cinta Bagai Bintang'. Muhyi's dad wanted to listen to the first song so we gave it another shot. He praised us young lads for composing such a nice song. He was even tapping his foot to the rhythm! After the gig, we were so proud of ourselves that we performed without hesitation. We consider this as our first ever practical gig. Thanks to all who were with me today. I hope you enjoyed your day as much as I did!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gotta work harder!

Happy 14th Birthday Aliyah Harith!

I have not met you for quite a long time now. Hope you're doing well and read this greeting. May Allah bless you. Have a wonderful day!

Anyway, I received most of my papers back today and the marks are quite depressing except for English. When my class teacher was giving out the Malay papers, I was half expecting a credit for it but unfortunately I only got a pass. At least I didn't fail. Here are the results;

English: 62%
Combined Science: 30%
Bahasa Melayu: 47%
Mathematics: ??%

What about Math? She hasn't give us back the papers yet. We're still going through the corrections. Screw Math!

I'll be out of my mind.

First day of school was full of fun and excitement although I felt tired and sleepy when school was about to be dismissed. I got some of my papers back and the marks are not quite satisfactory. These are my marks for the papers I've gotten back. (Rounded off to the average)

Commerce: 36%
Ugama: 70%
Geography: 36%

Man, I need to pull my socks up but I just can't seem to get myself in the study zone. I am very pleased with my Ugama marks though because this actually the first time I've achieved a credit for it. ^^

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I ask myself.

Oh, sleepless nights. When will I be able to start sleeping early? I blame myself for staying up late last month during puasa. I don't know what it would be like when school reopens in two days. Sigh. Examinations are around the corner. My English oral is in a week (or so). I'd best make preparations before it's too late!

Yesterday, I visited Haji Sahrul's open house. I was supposed to go there after Juma'at prayer but my driver was busy because my mom asked him to send some things to somewhere - I don't know. I went there around 4 instead. I stayed there long - played games and fooled around with the guys. Tayib was in his pinoy attire (as said on his Twitter) while the others were in their usual. Surprisingly, Noorsofiana was there but I didn't see her. I didn't quite recognize her sister too until she told me. Well, I'm sorry for not saying hello. Around the night, we decided to go to another house and so we left and headed to Hasyimah's. I didn't eat much. She also let out this lazy white cat. It's so furry that I didn't think it was real! After that, we went to Hamdi's. We were planning to visit Faiz Majid but he wasn't home. Since there were no other open houses to go to, we had no choice but to call it a night. Thanks, guys! I had a great time!

I have a futsal match against the ex-SAS players tomorrow from 5 to 7. I hope I can manage and arrange my schedule well. Zul, Badj and Adli Syafiq are having their open houses tomorrow. I await for 'em. Good night, readers.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wild night.

It has been a wild night. I just got back from Aiman's place. For the record, that's the longest time spent during an open house. We really made ourselves at home. Thanks!

Bahrin is flying off to Penang this morning at 7. I'd like to wish him a safe flight and do take good care of yourself. Have fun coaching!

5th day of Raya.

During the 5th day of Raya, we went to Kirah's open. We didn't get to talk much though but it was awesome. There were no pictures of us either. (except for a group photo but I want us both only!) Not to worry. After that, we paid a visit to our class teacher, Wan Roslan's house. He didn't have an open house but instead, we demonstrated our very own songs to him. He went over to the piano and tried collaborating with the rhythm. It was soothing! He's willing to see us again after the O'level examinations. I can't wait!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ka-ching (Pt. 1)

I was supposed to blog about how I spent my first day of Raya but it seemed that I forgot to. I actually couldn't believe that it was a Friday. I missed both Hari Raya prayer and the usual Friday prayer. Maybe my mind was too caught up in the Raya mood. My maid and driver didn't realize it was Friday - my mom too! Nevertheless, it was a wonderful day to start off the first day of Raya.

Second day of Raya was joyful as well. Waie Saiful needed a ride - so did Harith Waie and Tayib so I picked them up. I'm sorry to Azrin and Omar but the car was full up. The first house we visited was Seete's. I was supposed to go there around 3 o'clock but I woke up late and went there around 4 instead. It was nice to see her. The Chinese lads were there too - along with Amalina and Kirun. I ate alot because I didn't have anything before I left the house. After an hour or so, we took off and headed to Yusree's place. I didn't eat much because I was still full from Seete's place. Nick, Vuili and Omar was there. It's good to see some friendly faces. I thought that was the last house that we were going to go to but apparently Omar called us over to his - so we did. We didn't go straight to his house but to his grandfather's. The house or should I say - the mansion was amazing! The inside looks like the movie, Scarface's and the service was excellent. I'd like to live in something like that one day. 8)

Oh yes! Before I forget. While at Omar's, he called us over to this area where there were Tibiame players from World 3. (Tibiame talk time) One straight line of World 3 players - I think there were about 8 of them and an Indian grown-up who was fluent in speaking Brunei, sitting not far from the players. Since Omar told him that I play Tibiame as well, he asked for my level. I told him that I am currently in level 41 and he scoffed! I was so sure that the players including the Indian are all high levels. It almost felt like I was in some kind of fanclub.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Why do dogs howl?

I always wonder why dogs howl at night. Is it because there is something 'bothering' them or what they see through their eyes are 'disturbing'? I'd rather not think further so I Google'd the question and I got this answer from Yahoo.

"Well, dogs howl for many different reasons. One is to warn the pack members of danger, another is just cas and another is a greeting. Though, one can never guess what goes throuhg our babies heads......." - paintedpony72601

Thanks for that!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya.

Selamat Hari Raya to everyone! Maaf zahir dan batin.
Forgive me for all my wrongdoings and sayings to you.

Alhamdulillah. Puasa is over and done with. How time flies by so fast. The first day of Raya and already people are expressing apologies on their Facebook, Twitter etc. I've also received text messages from my friends - some with neat greetings. I'll show you some.

Zully Hamzah:
Selamat hari raya aidilfitri.maaf zahir & batin.minta maaf segala dosa-dosa ku.happy raya bros :D

(I'm guessing he forwarded that to the original 5. (4 excluding him))

Haji Sahrul:
Saya,Hj. Sahrul Zaihari B Hj. Sahari ingin mengucapkan selamat hari raya aidilfitri,maaf zahir dan batin,kalau ada salah ku yang menyinggung hati kamu atu mintaa maaf,minta ampun ku,iatah masanya ni saja ku meminta maaf,tulus dari hari =') today is the day, tears of joy and sorrow will come. Laughters, i cannot wait!

Harith Waie:
Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf zahir Dan Batin..memohon,jika ada tersalah cakap,terkasar bahasa,ter-terajang,tertumbuk semua TER lah, tolong maaf kan.sebulan berpuasa,sebulan itu jua kita meraih kemenangan! :') sekali lagi,selamat hari raya my friends (second family) :') <3>

This text message was forwarded by a few like Amin and Amalina. I don't know about the others.

Afiq Taufiq:
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri,maaf zahir dan batin,ikhlas dari hati kepada semua..(: Love You all,cheers xoxo

Azimah As:
Selamat hari raya abadi! Maaf zahir dan batin, x x x

Yusree Abas:
Selamat hari raya to everyone maaf zahir dan batin. I am sorry for the things I did to offend you in any way, this is the time for me to apologize. I hope all of you will enjoy this whole month of raya. Read More..

That's all I got so far. Well, I'm not going to post up other upcoming text messages. (if there are any) Sorry. Enjoy this year's Raya everyone! Make it as exciting as how you want it to be, stop hating and start apologizing to your beloved family and friends.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Happy birthday!

Happy 18th Birthday to Wadud Ibrahim!
May Allah bless you. Have fun today, Doug!

The Expendables.

I've just finished watching 'The Expendables' on my laptop. I bought the DVD yesterday night. The movie was pure awesome! It is worth the watch. After I finished watching, I kept on skipping to the fighting scenes especially Jason Statham's. His skills with the blade are wicked sick! (I don't know if he's really handy with the blade though. It would be cool to know if he does!) Sylvester Stallone looks sleepy throughout the movie, Jet Li speaks funny and Terry Crews is the same old self except a little action-y. You should totally watch this if you haven't!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010


In my dreams.

You were there. I didn't think I would see you in my dreams - again. Is it a sign or just a commotion? It feels creepy yet great to see you. A perfect resemblance - it's like I wasn't in any dream at all. Even your voice soothes through my ears completely and that, apparently, puts a smile on my face. Am I crazy? I don't know. Maybe I'm just being too self-conscious. I always keep on dreaming. I always feel like I'm getting closer ... but where is it taking me? - Where are YOU taking me? I try to carry on and manage myself through the days to search for the signs. Please show 'em to me clearly so that I can find my way around to you without any hesitation. I bid you farewell today and hope to meet you soon again. In my dreams, maybe?

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The game!

I didn't know they have the game already! Is it out in Brunei yet? I WANT IT!


Since I am fond of owls, I can't wait to watch this upcoming movie! It features the barn owl and it is said to be released on September 24, 2010. I'd watch this movie alone if I have to be but it would be much more awesome if that SOMEONE were to accompany me but anyone is welcomed. :)

I'm over at Memet's now. I think my mom is furious now because I said to her that I would be back home by Monday - which is today. I hope she doesn't do anything to me.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Mine or yours?

Is it just me or my Google Chrome can't play the songs in the music player on Facebook? I've tried clicking on the other songs but it just can't seem to play 'em. (Except for when you play the ones posted on the page's wall.) Facebook, please fix it as soon as possible so that people can easily listen to 'em! Is it working for yours, guys?

I've already made my move and I hope she's okay with it. I'm glad I got it off my chest.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

New Like Box.

I've just embedded a Like Box for my music project, The Forever Bird. It's right there on the left sidebar. Make sure you check it out, alright? Don't forget to spread the local love. Also, if you have time, check out my new band, 'Aisle Of Before'. Surprisingly, it has increased to almost 200+ when I created the page yesterday! Thank you, people!

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Happy birthday!

Happy 17th Birthday Nurbillah Haron!
I hope you have a wonderful time today. May Allah bless you always.


We've finally thought of a name to call ourselves! I present you..

Click it to check us out on Facebook!

Friday, September 03, 2010

Pandangan Pertama.

A few hours before sungkai at Omar's today, we made another quick song entitled 'Pandangan Pertama', with lyrics written by Amin and rhythm composed by Waie Saiful and myself. I'll upload it as soon as there's an active internet connection.

We're still thinking of what to call ourselves. A friend, Rachel Chin, suggested a Malay and an English name combined. What do you think?


Watch this video of Amin getting pranked by playing the maze game!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Happy holidays!

Ahh. Can you smell the holiday air? I know I can. The last day of school was exciting and I have no regrets. I even got my PE attires except for Cornwall's because they were missing. That's alright. I'll claim it next term. I got my Geography P1 and scored 25/40. As for Art, I scored an average of 51% in the three papers. I suck so bad in colouring. What do you think about water colours? I'm thinking of changing to that.

Seriously. If I didn't come to school today, I wouldn't have enjoyed the fun that I had with the amigos and Kirah! Thank you. I'll be sleeping over at Omar's today. I can't wait!

Happy holidays, everyone! Start your day off with a smile. I know I did.

Before I forget, I would like to congratulate my Art teacher, Mr. Richard, and his newly wed for their marriage taking place tomorrow.

Liau's Body Recovered.

Brunei-Muara - The body of famous veteran actor Hj Rais Banih, fondly known as Liau Badar, was found at Jerudong beach last night after a four-day search.

His body was discovered by family members at 6.20pm, trapped between coastal rocks on a strip of beach behind the Jerudong Polo and Country Club golf course, about three kilometres from Jerudong Beach.

The 74-year-old was reported missing Sunday morning after his capsized boat was found floating near Jerudong Beach.

The actor was a keen angler who fished there regularly. Hundreds of fans, friends and family members of the beloved actor converged on the shores of the beach where his body was found, reading doa selamat and waiting for the body to be brought down from the rocks.

Officials from the Fire and Rescue Department, assisted by the Marine Police and relatives of the deceased, retrieved the body from the rocks at about 9pm, but it took them a further 40 minutes to transport the body to the shore and place it in the ambulance due to the hundreds of people crowding the beach. Twenty security guards from the Jerudong Polo and Country Club assisted police in keeping the crowd at bay as they clamoured to catch a glimpse of the body. The deceased was immediately taken to Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Saleha (Ripas) Hospital for a post-mortem examination to determine the cause of death.

According to eyewitnesses among the recovery team, Hj Rais's body was already in the advanced
stages of decomposition, further delaying the retrieval due to the delicate state of the body.
Since the day of the accident, the deceased's family have been holding vigil at Jerudong beach, searching for the actor with various government agencies headed by the Fire and Rescue Department.

Hj Rais's wife, who had stayed at the beach for three days straight, was hospitalised on Tuesday after collapsing due to emotional distress.

Immediate family members were also outraged with false rumours circulating among the Bruneian community for the past few days, regarding the discovery of Hj Rais's body, when the search was still ongoing.

Several relatives of the deceased said the rumours caused further distress to their family as well as causing complications in the search carried out by the Fire and Rescue Department.

Razalee Hj Rais, the son of the veteran comedian, said that since retiring, his father frequently went out to sea by himself. "He would leave (the house to go out to sea) as early as Subuh (dawn) prayers were finished, and would normally return by 10am," he told The Brunei Times.

Razalee said he began to worry as the day stretched past 10am and his father did not return from his fishing trip. Friends of Hj Rais were believed to have made a distress call at 1.18pm on Sunday afternoon after his boat was found floating astray at about 10.45am that morning.

The funeral for Hj Rais will be held today at 9am in Kg Patit, Limau Manis. Hj Rais is survived by his wife and son. -- Courtesy of The Brunei Times