Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Brother's Day Out.

Fathul went for his operation to pluck off his wisdom tooth today and good news, it was successful. He's a bit slurred on his speaking now. I hope it heals in no time! Afiq came over to pick us up and go to the hospital to meet up with Fathul but then, Fikri got a call from him saying that he went back to Zul's already.

Brother's Day Out - we spent the day with a relaxing car-wash here at Zul's. Two cars at first but not until Zul's mom came back from work. It does feel good to see a shiny vehicle again, eh? Too bad it rained not long after we went inside. No worries. At least we killed time by washing cars. We were supposed to go fishing but cancelled it due to the rainy weather. The fishes are cool with the weather though - except for us.

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