Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy birthday, Mel!

Happy 25th Birthday to Melina Jaini!

Some of you may know her by her B-girl name: Shortbread - I knew her after the street battle that was held at Batu Bersurat this year. She's in the B Element crew and she was one of the judges back then. Afiq took part in it and even got first place with flying colours! That's when they got to know each other after all the breath-taking battles. Now they're both together and it's good to see a happy couple. Keep it tight, guys! May Allah bless you both.

How cool is it to have a partner who has a birthday after/before yours? :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Figgibua turns 19.

To the original 3rd member of the Brothers:

Happy 19th Birthday Afiq Taufiq!!

Years of knowing you are really worth it! May you be bless by Allah always and have fun on your big day today! I hope you hold hands tightly with Melina Jaini along the way. May dancing be the most enjoyable activity yet in your life. Lots of love from me.

Zul: Hello, birthday boy! Habislah. Happy birthday, man! Tua sudah, lai. Berakal tah. A new chapter in your book just started, so write it well. DONE!

Fikri: Happy birthday, Afeek. All the best in your future. Have a blast today, 'cause today is your big day! :) Enjoy your 30/10/2010. :D

Fathul: Happy birthday, bro!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Check out my friend's signature. His name is Simon. It's spelled 'Semen', right? Nick asked for his signature so therefore I took a picture of it. I.. don't know how the teachers or other people will think of it. They'll be like, "Semen? The fluid that's released through the penis during orgasm?" LOL!

Waie Saiful's.

The two evil sons of guns, Azrin and Sahrul, woke me up in the morning yesterday. I was still feeling blurry and tired when they phoned me up. I went into my room and waited for Omar to come over because he was following my siblings back home in the same ride.

Suddenly, Waie Saiful texted me up asking me to come over to his place and chill for the rest of the day. I agreed so then I went out - late! First, I picked up Ashif from his place. The next was Azrin who so-called 'showered late'. Amin was already there. We were supposed to be there around 2:30 PM but we spent almost an hour in KFC. The reason why we went to KFC? Not in the plan at first but I thought we were going to pick up Harith from his place but then he cancelled it because he just remembered that he had tuition. So since we were still in Kiulap area, I decided to go to KFC. I was hungry anyway. I offered them a meal each except for Omar though - while we were waiting for our 'fast food', we sat down in the middle of KFC and played cards as if we were some kind of triads or something. Just a thought! Thank goodness we weren't warned by the staff member or someone.

We arrived at Waie Saiful's around 3 o'clock, I think? Sorry if we were late. Tayib also joined in the fun. We watched '28 Days Later' which I already watched with Zul. As it was getting late, Tayib was the first to go home, then Ashif. Waie Saiful, Amin and I were in his studio-like room and started recording. We wanted to record our new song, 'Kisah Terindah Kau Dan Aku' at first but Waie Saiful strummed a melody which caught my attention. In the end, we recorded that song instead of 'Kisah Terindah Kau Dan Aku'. The song is called 'Tawakal'. I will upload it soon for I already have it in my laptop. I just need to enhance the quality and it's ready for you guys to listen. It has been a tiring day yet fun day. Thanks!

& thanks for the correction, Amin!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Green Monster?

An hour ago, Zul and I got locked outside of his verandah without any way to go back in. I thought he was playing around until I tried to slide the door but it wouldn't budge. We were still laughing away. I even tried to pick the lock with a small stick but failed. I'm guessing we were cursed! - by the Green Puki Monster! Seriously. We were talking about it earlier on before we went out. Could it be real? It can't be..

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Another devastating teen suicide.

This is unreal.

Another gay teen has taken his life after being bullied at school.

The body of 17-year-old Terrel Williams was found hanging in his closet by his mother just hours after being attacked by 5 classmates after school.

A student at Clover Park High School in Lakewood, Washington, Terrel had endured several attacks including being shoved into a wall and even having his ribs broken.

Terrel had written in a note before hanging himself saying that coming out as a gay teen and having a relationship with boyfriend, Daric Rawr were some of the happiest times of his life. The couple would have celebrated their seventh anniversary this Saturday, which would have been Terrel's 18th birthday.

In his suicide note, he also wrote about the bullying in his school as well as apologizing to his loved ones.

"I'm sorry to my immediate loved ones, but I feel suicide is the only way out. Today, was the record worst day of my life, some kids at school stole some of my stuff that I got from people I really cared about, and that really pushed me over the top, next to being shoved into a wall, and my ribs being broken."

Earlier this week, Terrel's mother Cheryl Williams wrote on Twitter:

"My son meant the world, and high school bullies pushed him over the edge. I hope and pray, that no other child ever has to go through what he did. Bullying isn’t worth it. Why can’t people just be nice?"

Terrel's boyfriend Daric said, "He loved life, but felt the need to take it, because [the bullying] didn’t stop … respectful, whole-hearted people like Terrel, and the growing number of others, shouldn't have to feel suicide is the answer, because bullies won’t stop."

We need to have stricter laws to MAKE bullies stop and to also get the message out there that suicide is not the answer.

Terrel had so much more to offer, as did the countless teens who have taken their lives due to bullying.

So sad.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010



I got this from Kirah. Hahaha!

My oh my.

This girl sure has a big mouth to say something stupid like that. There's only one place for her in the afterlife: Hell. What has the world come to?

Monday, October 18, 2010


I am burning up! My air-conditioner is busted. It has been two days or so now. I wish Mom has it fixed soon enough. I miss having the coldness in here! About my exam paper today: Ugama 2 was uneasy as I expected. The topics I read and memorized - only a few came out. Good thing I memorized the correct Hadith. But I think I won't credit the subject. I've lost hope on it already..

Amin, Azrin, Omar and Tayib came over today to chill over at my place. Omar brought his Fifa 11. We played a 2 on 2 match. I teamed up with Azrin (Argentina) while Amin teamed up with Omar (Spain). The first match was full of screams and pressures. In the end, we won with a scoreline of 4 - 2. They didn't want to give up and so we rematched. Surprisingly, we won again with a scoreline of 3 - 2. Good game, guys! 'Til next time!

Sorry for such a sloppy post. I am feeling so hot that I can't think properly now. I guess I'll cool myself off with a nice cold shower then. Maybe watch Supernatural Season 5 which I borrowed from a friend.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy birthday!

Happy 15th Birthday Sharin Sofian!
All the best with everything - especially with Nina Sapar. May Allah bless you.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Highlighter problem?

I do not know what's wrong with the highlighter in my blog. If anyone knows about the problem, please do leave a comment about it. The posts don't look.. alive.

I want to show you that I am capable of keeping my promises and that I can take good care of you.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Zul's surprise turned out well today. To buy some time for Qidah and the rest to get ready, I brought Zul to Gadong. I wanted to buy a game anyway. Guess what game I bought?

Dynasty Warriors 6!

Not much has changed except for the graphics and swimming enabled in rivers. I'm starting off with Zhao Yun now. (DW fans, you'll know who he is. ^^) Fathul and Fikri joined the surprise too! Too bad Afiq wasn't around because he's in Kuala Belait now. Busy with his assignments, I guess.

Earlier tonight, we dined in Ceri Cafe. I'd like to thank Zul's parents for the meal. Again, I would lke to say: Happy birthday, Zully!

When an Abagol turns 20.

Happy 20th Birthday Zulhilmi Hamzah!

Wow! The big TWO ZERO! For a grown man, I know that you're still a child at heart. Funk yeah. Seriously. I can tell it by you watching the Gummy Bears music video and the "nom nom" thing on YouTube. Even taking the small steps by reading the facts about beers. I bet the Brothers have something to say on your faithful day today. I will post it up for the whole world to read soon!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The buff guy.

Happy 18th Birthday Aaron Chin!
Keep it up with your weight-lifting! Stay buff. May God bless ya.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy birthday!

Happy 19th Birthday Hafizuddin Borhan!
All the best for your 'A' levels! May Allah bless you, smexy fexy.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Don't study hard - study smart.

HAPPY 10/10/10!

I hope you guys had lots of laughs and fun today! I'm rushing because for another half an hour, it's going to be 11/10/10. I'd like to wish all of you the best for your upcoming examinations!


Saturday, October 09, 2010

Last day of school. [07/10/10]

I didn't have to blog about the last day of school but tonight, I just knew it felt like something was missing. A picture speaks a thousand words - so they say.

Yusree looks cute in this picture.

Muhyi brought his nerf gun to school and they actually drew a target on the blackboard and played a game.

I was General Jepret. Tayib dared me to walk around the whole recess.

The usual place: Basketball court. Will miss this place!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Dead Rising 2 FTW!

A beautiful day got turned upside down today due to a misunderstanding. I hope things will be sorted out among the individuals who are involved in this unpleasant situation.

After school, Omar fetched me from home. He needed company to go to Reeds Tutorial School in Serusop but unfortunately, it was closed. We just went to Gadong instead because I wanted to top-up my CashCard. First time and already I felt like a grown man. Amalina and Badj were there too! You know, doing the usual - shopping. As we were shop-hopping, a game in J&J caught Omar's eyes and he was tempted. It was Dead Rising 2. We checked ETA but the game was expensive than J&J's. I couldn't believe it but he actually bought it.

In fact, I'm playing the game right now - in HD! This game is the best zombie-killing game I have ever played! I played the first one when the 360 was still around but due to the RRoD, I stopped - permanently. I don't think it's ever going to be fixed soon. Oh well, I've to enjoy myself like hell tonight!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Is this real?

Like I said yesterday in class - I'm in deepsh*t. What was I thinking? I enjoy the little things and didn't think of the consequences. Maybe I enjoyed too much. I never thought it would come to this and lead me to such uneasy situations. Have I gone astray? I should have known better not to wait around. Why do I put myself in these situations? Sometimes I keep pushing myself even though I can't take it all. Well, I'll just hope for the best and it will lead me to the right faithful direction. Man..

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Happy birthday!

Happy 17th Birthday Fatin Zaywannah!
May Allah bless you.


I had so much fun yesterday night with Fizah, Zul and Qida. We watched Legends of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole! Finally a chance to watch the darn movie! Good thing we made it into the cinema on time. It started off simple but the adventure gets wilder as it went on. One word to describe this movie: AWESOME!!! I almost shed a tear when the little owlet named Eglantine was 'moon-blinked' & her voice is so adorable!

After that, we decided to go to McDonald's. As we were on our way, I saw Mu'izzah along with her friends chilling at Chill. (I'm home and I still have my burger with me. ^^) Then off to Coffeebean. I bought a Caramel Vanilla Latte for Fizah - another little something for her birthday. I hope you enjoyed yesterday night as much as I did with you.

My phone was dead and I forgot to claim my charger from Zul. I waited and waited and waited but there was still no sign of my driver. I waited near the Mall entrance, in front of McDonald's, walked over to TFF halfway and then turned back to wait at Coffeebean. I couldn't wait any longer so I decided to.. walk back home - well, almost. Kilanas was 8km away but I remembered that there was a nearby place I could stop by at - my dad's in Beribi. I walked approximately a kilometre and a half from Gadong to Beribi. A few metres away from my dad, I started running. I was dehydrated, tired and now my right leg aches. I'd like to thank my maid for the phone and my dad for the drink. It has been a night indeed!

Saturday, October 02, 2010

On a good day.

Only a quarter of the class came to school today. I guess most of them have already started their study leave. For example; Mr. Amin Tamrin. Hehehe. I was bored when they made paper airplanes/boats out of used papers under the drawers of the absentees. Amalina taught me how to make the paper boat. I remember making a speedboat-like figure when I was little - even the coned-shape guessing thing where you choose any numbers and eventually choose a colour to reveal the words behind the chosen colour.

So I introduced them to this game I learned to play when I was still in primary. I don't really know what's it called but as soon as they knew how to play, they were addicted to it! Even Amalina and Khairunnisa played along - but it was full of vulgar words that when you connect the words together, it forms a really nasty yet funny line.

I saw you. You saw me. And now we're both happy!

Friday, October 01, 2010

& she turns 15 today.

Happy 15th Birthday to Fizah Hamzah!

A very happy and blessed birthday to you! Best wishes from me. May Allah bless you with longevity in another wonderful year and prosperity. You're fast asleep now and I don't want to wake you up and be a bother to you. How things would be very lively if you're awake right now. I can assure you that. Please do enjoy your birthday today with your loved ones like there's no tomorrow!