Saturday, October 30, 2010

Figgibua turns 19.

To the original 3rd member of the Brothers:

Happy 19th Birthday Afiq Taufiq!!

Years of knowing you are really worth it! May you be bless by Allah always and have fun on your big day today! I hope you hold hands tightly with Melina Jaini along the way. May dancing be the most enjoyable activity yet in your life. Lots of love from me.

Zul: Hello, birthday boy! Habislah. Happy birthday, man! Tua sudah, lai. Berakal tah. A new chapter in your book just started, so write it well. DONE!

Fikri: Happy birthday, Afeek. All the best in your future. Have a blast today, 'cause today is your big day! :) Enjoy your 30/10/2010. :D

Fathul: Happy birthday, bro!

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