Wednesday, April 28, 2010

#Failed the first attempt.

I'm currently waiting for my Uncharted 2: Among Thieves to finish syncing its LiveData. After that's done, I'll be able to play multiplayer online. I tried using the wireless connection but it didn't complete and the syncing failed. Now that I'm in the living room using the wired connection, I hope the syncing goes smoothly. I want to play online so badly!

And the war begins..

It won't be too long before they come back and strike again. Double kill today and the winner walks home safe and soundly. Only one goes down in a fight. It's either us.. or them.

What's the matter? It's okay. Don't be shy. You don't have to hide.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

That's it.

I went for the sports tryouts at Kebajikan today. My first 4x4 run got my legs are numb. I got in. Maybe it's because I haven't been running that much for a long time.

That's the end of SAS U-19. Our match today was against MS with the scoreline of 7 - 0. We lost all three matches achieving only one goal which was against SMSS. I don't know what's wrong lately. We should take a break and focus on our studies for now. Great. The last match in the league and I cramped myself. Thanks for the aid, Vuili. Anyway, it was fun. No need for the long faces, guys. At least we enjoyed ourselves by playing football.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Sweeeeeet 6teen!

On April 22, 2010: Zul picked me up from home around 7, then picked Bahrin up from his place and off to Gadong. We played COD: MW2 at TFF. Memet and Wadud were already there. Soon, Fikri, Fathul and Afiq came. As it was getting late, slowly everyone was going home so it was left with Zul, Fikri, Wadud and me playing Band Hero after that.

We only played for half an hour because Zul got 'tired'. The clock struck 12 and one of them didn't even say a thing. When I mentioned about it, then they did. I thought I was going to celebrate my birthday on a lonely night with only half the Brothers. When we were on the way to Zul's place, Fikri told me to stick my head out and imagine doing my first 'drive-by' since it's my 16th birthday. I did and so did he. We reached home and Fikri showed me the time in his mobile phone. It was 12:34 AM. Eventually, he told me to knock on the door. At first I was thinking that it would be crazy for me to knock or ring the bell at that time of hour! I could've piss someone off! So, I just knocked. A few seconds later, someone opened the lock and when I pushed the door opened, I was very surprised to see Fizah standing with a candlelit cake. The birthday song then was sung by each and everyone who was there. Afiq and Fathul came speeding in, Bahrin came running while clapping his hands like some crazy guy trying to crash the party. Seriously. I didn't expect any kind of surprise! Thank you, guys! I actually think that night didn't happen at all but unbelievably, it did!

Watch this! They were so drunkstoked! :p

Fizah got me a decent collared dark blue shirt. Zul got me Uncharted 2. I don't even know how to go further into the story. Overall, it was extremely incredibly amazingly awesome! Best birthday yet! I'd like to thank the Brothers, Bahrin, Memet, Qidah, Fizah and Dedeh although she didn't do much but still being there for the surprise party. Hakim and Ridha for helping out too! (Said Fathul)

I treated them to a movie today. We watched "The Losers". I just realized it premieres today! I had a really great time. Honestly and especially with Fizah. A wonderful journey packed with lovely conversations. Thank you so much! I hope you guys had fun as much as I did. The pleasure was all mine!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jose and His Amazing Technicolor Overcoat! FTW!

Mourinho: "Yes, I am the special one, but that performance was not special. It made me laugh, and champions should not make me laugh. If I want a laugh, maybe I'll listen to Damien doing a car insurance ad. Damien do it, make me laugh now"
Duff: "Hibernian Insurance, Pretty Good"

Have you not listened to Jose and his Technicolor Overcoat? Here's the video:

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Don't let them pull us down.

Our match against ISB at Belapan field today was disappointing. We lost with a scoreline of 7 - 0. We lack of middle defenses, markings and possessions. Some of us were even unaware of our surroundings. But that's alright. Our next match is against MS who emerged victorious against both ISB and SMSS. Congratulations to ISB for playing such a good game. The Brothers came down today except for Afiq because he was busy at his brother's place.

3 days and counting..

Monday, April 19, 2010

I hope I get better.

Happy 1st Anniversary to Zulhilmi and Qidah!
Stay strong, guys! I'm glad you reached your first year together. May the best awaits you!

Anyways, Afiq picked me up to watch eX! play against Rendezvous at MD field earlier. It was a great match indeed and I can see a lot of improvement. This was their first win in the league with a scoreline of 5 - 0. Two brilliant goals from Hilmi, a penalty from Pirol, another rebound from this guy and the last accidental yet equalizing goal from Aziz. Congratulations! After this, we went to Afiq's place for a bit because he had to pray and soon after, send Amin to tuition.

We chilled at Zul's for awhile but not for me. Instead, I slept for two hours. I'm not in a good condition now. I feel ill and I'm afraid that if I am unable to play for tomorrow's match against ISB at Belapan field.

4 days and counting.. :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I did nothing wrong.

I got a call from someone around 6 earlier. I didn't know what was her problem because I have not spoken with her for quite awhile now. I understand that you are concerned but I swear I am innocent. We never had anything between us. I am confused. Seriously. I'll do as you say and stay away.

"We have gone this far."

Gareth's goal for the Spurs.

Such a shameful moment for Chelsea in their defeat against Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane with a scoreline of 2 - 1. John Terry got sent out and several players received yellow cards. Chelsea's Frank Lampard scored in the last minutes given. Since Chelsea lost, now Manchester United is just a point away from them. Up the blues!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I was wrong.

What a match between Manchester United and Manchester City! (Although I only watched it halfway.) Congratulations to Manchester United for winning. The scoreline was 0 - 1. An incredible last-minute goal by Paul Scholes.

An hour to Chelsea's match against Tottenham Hotspur. We bought big bottles for each and everyone of us. Even snacks. May the best team win!

Happy birthday.

Happy 16th Birthday to Wafi Rosly

Have a great one, bro! x.

Friday, April 16, 2010

This awkward silence makes me crazy.

I've found a place in you but I just can't seem to find the right door to enter your heart. I'll wait for days, months or even years for you to just grab me by the hand and walk this life together. I sense that I'm getting closer and yet so far. Would you be ready for the next adventure?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Let the fires burn.

Thank you for inviting me to play Rock Band with you, Memet. I had a great time! Wadud was also there. It was just the three of us jamming away. My Red Bull that I brought with me even turned cold! It was like being in a refrigerator except spacious. Hahaha. We didn't really use the drum that much. There are two drum sets. One of them had a pedal problem and the other one had a crash problem. Memet really wanted to play the drums. Don't worry. Wait for YOUR Rock Band set. :) After that, I wanted to eat at Ahan Thai's Restaurant because I was hungry and also craving for its butter milk chicken. Zul, who just finished tuition, even came to chill with us for awhile. We had a few laughs and exchanged stories. Thanks for sending me back home, Zul.

Seriously, this hamstring is beginning to tick me off! I already know how I'm going to face school tomorrow.. while limping. ==

Sooner or later.

I'm suffering from a hamstring injury now. I got it while playing football earlier. We lost but it was a fun yet disappointing game. I'm not going to like limping tomorrow. The scoreline was 1 - 4. The thing is, how am I going to run for the sports tryout tomorrow at Padang Kebajikan? I hope it heals sooner or later.

Hey, I miss you.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


During assembly earlier, Mrs. Yee announced that a very special guest was coming and was going to expose herself in our school. Guess who?

That's right! It was DJ Izan, a radio presenter from RTB. She was there to give a short talk to all the students about different kinds of things. She talked about her school days in St. Andrew's, rules and regulations, discipline etc. Her English is very fluent and she has a cool hairstyle! Also, a very good entertainer! We laughed, we watched and WE KNOW! Thank you for spending your time with each and everyone of us. It was a pleasure to see you live on the school's stage. ;)

CCA was lovely! Our last class was to play 'Ode To Joy' and earlier, we learned a new song called 'Red River Valley'. I've never heard of the name before but I remember how it sounded like. The moment that made me smile on own was when Cikgu Wan strummed an acoustic guitar along with the series of recorders by some of the students. Such a beautiful sound!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I'll doze off safe and soundly.

I guess today's my first time wearing spectacles to school. To be honest, I feel really comfortable with it! No irritation, no adjustments to the eye. Just the plain ol' me. Sahrul put me to it. Thanks. Anyway, it was just another normal day in school. Well, I'd scratch 'normal'. Let's put it this way. It was hectic. I'd not describe the drama that went down during the double Geography lessons. Take my word of advice: Please control yourself or you'll regret in the end. Believe me. After school, my mom took me to the airport to buy what I wanted two days ago. Yes, Famous Amos. At last, I finally had the chance to just taste it on my tongue. Plus, someone's getting it as a gift from me tomorrow. You know who you are. :) After that, we headed off to Soon Lee to buy food for my siblings. Mom was in a good mood! She bought a dozen of doughnuts and a variety of soft drinks.

When we reached home, I brought my things up with me and settled myself down in the room. I then eventually enjoyed myself by playing Fallout 3. Speaking of Fallout 3, I stopped about an hour ago. Hours of video games. I just can't get enough of Fallout 3. It's really addicting! I've discovered 100 locations and finished several of the quests. I'll continue again tomorrow. I'll call it a day. Killing in slow motion back and forth is not a walk in the park. Don't know about Fallout 3? Google it. :)

Monday, April 05, 2010

So cold.

Ahh. It feels so good to just relax and lay down in a cold room once again. Thank you for calling the repairmen over, mom. Not only did they fix the air-conditioner, but exchanged for a new one too! After school tomorrow, I'll clean up the small bits and dust which came from the fix. Good night!

Survival of the fittest.

I have to find 100 locations as soon as possible! It's very tiring, indeed. :(

Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to Tasha Tang
Happy 15th Birthday to Vinesh Nair

All the best to you guys! God bless. I hope you're doing well, my happy west coast friend. :)

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Frat boys.

I came back home late last night and woke up around 3 this evening. I felt rather lazy today so I went back to sleep again. Despite the dull weather, it was still a good time to visit dreamland. Unfortunately, I couldn't because the loudest thunder startled me in my sleep. Around 7, Zul wanted to have dinner at Fratini's. Qida was over at his place as well. So I picked up Afiq first, then those, and Memet who in the end had no ride because his driver had to send someone to the airport. Fathul was waiting for us there already. Good thing I let out a few laughs with them or today will turn out to be duller. Thank you for a fine night out, guys!

I want a new hairstyle.

Saturday, April 03, 2010


I'll sleep well tonight for sure! Two wins for today. One is Cobra's match against eX! and another one is Chelsea's stunning victory against Manchester United. Despite the controversy, it was still considered a goal. Time for a celebration! I'm going to attend a gig here somewhere around Bedil and soon, Memet's for a karaoke. Zai said his cousin is spinning house music. I guess I'll have to see for myself.

Friday, April 02, 2010

The clash begins.

I was late for a movie with Zul and Memet yesterday but I wasn't the only one. Dayat was also late! The movie started around 7:35 PM but I arrived around 8 o'clock. I don't think we skipped any of the epic scenes. So.. Clash of the Titans.

A really great movie! Engaged on the Greek mythology. I don't really know how to explain the plot though but on a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give this movie a 7.5. Why?

1) Most of the fighting scenes were short although wicked! (Except for the battle against the giant scorpions.)
2) Io taught Perseus to sense Medusa's movements before they even entered Madusa's Lair. When Medusa was already slain and Perseus left the cave, Io got stabbed from the back by a mutant King Aithlios.

I won't go further for I will spoil the movie. You guys should definitely watch it! Anyway, after the movie, we went to TFF and played Band Hero for an hour. Thanks to Dayat for the treat!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Why is April the fool?

Today is the day we celebrated Ashif's belated birthday. Sorry we did it late, bro. I hope you enjoyed the surprise and the cake! All thanks to Harith Waie's organizing. ;)

Oh yeah! Our commerce teacher is leaving this Saturday. I heard she wants a hug from Aaron before she leaves for good. Would you want to do it, Aaron? She also told the class how she got fooled today since it's April Fools. I didn't quite hear what she said but I'll try my best to remember. It started off by getting a call from someone around 6:15 AM saying that her car was at the police station and that it was stolen. When she reached the school, all the teachers were talking about this. She nearly called the police when her friend dropped her car off in school. I think that's how she got fooled. Her car was borrowed by a friend and he/she even took the spare key with him/her.

I dropped my phone twice in school today. In fact, it has dropped for more than twice already! The first drop was on my way walking to the school. I was trying to slide my phone down my right pocket but I was unaware of it not going inside it so it dropped. The second drop was in class. I was talking with Amin and it suddenly slipped right off my hands. I didn't know why though. Maybe I was more focused into talking with Amin than holding onto my own phone! ==