Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bombs for the zombs!

Man, am I tired! I stayed up late last night with Omar playing zombie mode. We found a new way to kill the waves of zombies! Instead of going up and down the lift wasting $250, we decided to follow a video tutorial of reaching 30+ rounds just by running laps in the laboratory. The video showed us that he gave himself up and got clobbered in Round 30. We tried and we reached Round 35! We beat our own home record of 29 rounds! I can't believe we reached that far! I am proud of all the running, shooting, zigzagging through the zombs - they were all worth it! Since I've been seeing a couple of people's tweets still unsure whether tomorrow marks the start of Puasa, we're going to play zombie mode again later - better this time!

Speaking of Puasa, I don't think we'll be seeing the Anak Bulan tonight. A tweet I retweeted saying:

Bahrinbehrom Thats what the survey dept says RT @mdzbkr: Puasa starts Tuesday. True story

I'm still not sure if it's true, but it looks like there's probably a high chance that tomorrow will NOT be the start of Puasa.

Anyhoo, some of us Cobras trained today at Pusar Ulak field. Not many showed up, but it was an interesting training! The vice captain didn't show up. Tayib and Yusree were there too! I thought Ashif couldn't make it, but he arrived half an hour into the training. Thanks so much, guys! I don't think we'll be having any training soon, so I wish you all the best! I hope to see you soon!

Selamat berpuasa pada bulan Ramadhan!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Better safe than sorry.

I had so much fun with Omar, Harith Waie and Ashif yesterday. First, we had lunch at Jolibee in Batu Satu. Since it was in one building with Utama Bowling, we decided to go bowling. It's been a long time. The first game was alright. All of us played well, but when it came to the second game, we sucked real bad! Also, in the second game, all of us hit 9 pins! So much for lucky strikes. Only Omar and I could get a strike. Hahaha!

(T-B: Jiff, Why, Day & Gaygod)

After bowling, we went to Gadong to pick up Omar's new spectacles. We were about to play pool at BRS or something after that, but it was full up. We went to Fullcan in Mata-mata instead. We played for an hour and a half. Two funny things happened: One; I confidently tried to put in a striped ball, but had the white one bounced in the hole instead. Two; I got off on the wrong floor when we were supposed to go to the Ground floor. The two Filipinos laughed when Harith laughed. Yeah, yeah. They had their laughs, alright. I don't mind.....

After that, I was sent to Fathul's place (Thanks, Jiff!) to have an indoor BBQ which was eventually cancelled because the box on which the grill was placed caught fire. The thick smoke was very strong that it burned Fikri's eyes and mine! We only cooked sausages. I've learned a valuable lesson: NEVER host an indoor BBQ. It's better to be safe than sorry! We hanged out until 2 o'clock. Thanks for sending me over to Omar's! Now, I'm awaiting for our Zombie mode! Have a good day ahead, guys! Thanks for reading!

I feel like I'm missing something.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Engagement + Birthday = SUPER FUN.

I should've posted this last night, but I was too busy! I spent most of my time in Fidz's bedroom chatting to Barizah. It was nice talking to you again! Until next time, yes? Okay. So first of all, I'd like to congratulate my aunt, Nurshahreena Hussain, for getting engaged! I pray for guys to live the (soon) married life filled with happiness and joy. The best is yet to come! Also, a very happy birthday to my look-alike aunt, Zubaidah Hussain! I hope she enjoyed her birthday last night although it wasn't very much celebrated, but I'm sure she enjoyed it with the people she loves. I love you always, Abby!

Anyway, yesterday before going to the function, I went hiking with Harith Waie and Ashif at Tasek Lama. We hiked until Bukit Sarang Helang. I wanted to go to further into Bukit Markuching, but it was getting late. We spent an hour and a half hiking, but if it wasn't for the rest stops, we could've gone out earlier. After we finished hiking, we went to jog for a couple of rounds. We even bumped into Haji Khaliq and his friend! Good to see a jogging buddy! I look forward to another jog/hike and maybe this time, with more company. Thanks for reading! :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Qualifying's a close to an end!

I am not satisfied with my Combined Science papers. The questions were easy. It's just that, I didn't put an effort to answer them properly. Biology was okay, Physics was so-so and for Chemisty, kill me already. But I think I did okay. A pass in Science would do! At least, that's what I'm aiming for. So MCQs, please help me to boost up the marks! I am depending on you. I don't want to fall below the average of the failing marks. That just means I'll have to pay again for November. In fact, it's not the subjects that I'm worried about - it's my attendance. I hope nothing goes wrong at the end of the day. My last papers are on Tuesday - Commerce P2 and Geography P2. Why does it have to be two P2s in a day? Fml. Oh, well. Gotta pull up my socks!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Lone Star.

I watched Donald Duck Represents earlier and one of the episodes showed a story about a silly and fearless cowboy named Bill. He saved a calf from a flock of vultures, shot all the stars in the sky and left one called it the Lone Star, rode the tornado like a bronco, how the Painted Desert became so colourful etc. I was curious so I searched him up on Google. It's all up in Wikipedia! Even natural phenomena! Let me just copy and paste it here so it'd be easier for you guys to read!

"Like many tall tales, Pecos Bill stories involve combinations of super feats of courage and prowess, such as riding a tornado whirlwind like a bronco while using a rattlesnake named Shake for a lasso, and explaining natural phenomena, such as why coyotes howl at the moon, digging the Rio Grande, and how the Painted Desert became so colorful.

According to the legend, Pecos Bill was born in Texas in the 1830s. Pecos Bill was traveling in a covered wagon as an infant when he fell out unnoticed by the rest of his family near the Pecos River. He was taken in by a pack of coyotes who were said to have raised him.

Years later he was found by his real brother, who managed to convince him he was not a coyote.

He grew up to become a cowboy. From two rattlesnakes as a ropes and a little whip. His horse, Widow-Maker, was so named because no other man except Pecos Bill could ride him and live. Widow-Maker was also called Lightning. Dynamite was said to be his favorite food. It is also said Pecos sometimes rode a mountain lion as instead of a horse. Pecos Bill had a love interest named Slue-Foot Sue, who rode a giant catfish down the Rio Grande. Just lke Shake, both Widow-Maker and Slue-Foot Sue are equally as idealized as Pecos Bill.

After a courtship with Slue-Foot Sue in which, among other things, Pecos Bill shoots all the stars from the sky except for one which becomes the Lone Star, he proposes to Sue. She insists on riding Widow-Maker before, during or after the wedding (depending on variations in the story). Widow-Maker, jealous of no longer having Bill's undivided attention, bounces Sue off; she lands on her bustle and begins bouncing higher and higher. Pecos attempts, but fails to lasso her, because Widow-Maker didn't want her on his back again, and she eventually hits her head on the moon. After she has been bouncing for days, Pecos Bill realizes that she would eventually starve to death, so he lassos her with Shake the rattlesnake and brings her back down. Widow-Maker, realizing that what he did to her was wrong, apologizes. In Bowman's version of the story, Sue eventually recovers from the bouncing, but is so traumatized by the experience she never talks to Bill again. Though it is said that Bill was married many times, he never liked the others as much as Sue, and the other relationships didn't work out. In some versions, Sue couldn't stop bouncing, and Bill couldn't stop her bouncing, either, so Bill had to shoot her to put her out of her misery. Although he married many times after that, he never loved a girl as much as Sue."

Ya'll should look it up on YouTube or something. It's part of Donald Duck Represents. It's an old episode. I enjoyed watching it though! Hahaha!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mad situation.

It's been a week since I left my blog and tonight, I just feel like posting something up just for the fun of it. It's nearly the end (well, not exactly) of my qualifying exams. Luckily, I don't have school later. That's why I am staying up although I am a bit tired from playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, or whatever you call it, on Malik's laptop.

Oh yes! For those of you who doesn't know, my laptop is currently NOT working. I feel so sad. Thing is, when I tried to switch it on, it works! But as it loads the Windows thingy, it becomes laggy and eventually, unresponsive. This happened last week on a Saturday when I slept over at Fikri's place. Here's how the story goes: I left my laptop on idle and suddenly; BOOM! The screen went blank! I don't know what's the real problem though. Apparently, I do remember having Fikri's MP4 connected and charged to my laptop, but I wouldn't blame him for doing so. I've tried repairing it using its start-up repair, but to no avail. The hard disk works just fine though. Coming from my little desperation, we did a little dismantling on my laptop and had my hard disk well-fitted and placed in Fathul's hard disk reader. I was so worried and scared if I were to lose my important files in it because this isn't the first time. This happened to my old laptop, but it suffered a blue-screen error. Thank goodness, it was working and I had them transferred into my 2GB pendrive. It's not much, but it's all I've got. I already tried asking my dad for help, but he said that one of his friends wouldn't dare to repair my laptop just because it comes from Acer. I don't see the problem of having it repaired. A laptop is still a laptop and I've heard of people repairing theirs at different technicians. Don't some of you? Well, this is just great, isn't it? First, it was the PS3 - now, it's my darn laptop. Does everything I touch turn to sh!t? It's driving me mad! Oh well...

Anyhoo, two more days of my qualifying exams and I'm free as a bird. I just can't wait to get it over and done with! Geography, Commerce and Combined Science are all that's left. Well, I think I'm going to hit the sack now. Good night, guys. Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy birthday, Nanu!

Happy 10th Birthday to Hassanah Mahari!

Have a great day, Nana! All I can say is behave and study smart. I don't really see you often since you're staying at Dad's. I love you always.

Funny "hair" day.

I studied Geography for an hour last night. I reminded myself to go through the past year papers my mom got for me in her desktop. It was worth it. Although I just remembered that this year's Geography format has changed (map reading supposedly in P1 which is now in P2), I still did my best. Today's paper was enjoyable! I finished it on time and I had no trouble answering. No sleepy moments, no fuss. It felt great! Map reading was fun too!

After our papers got collected, one of the teachers retained us all in the gym because there was a spot check regarding our hair. A quarter of the candidates got caught including me. Even Sahrul! I mean, students with slight hair touching the collar also got cut. My friend was teasing me because I kind of had long back hair.

As for me, this was my first time. I've seen students getting their hair cut during my first assembly. But today, the ones I knew just went with the flow. One of the guys was begging. He said that he didn't know about today (which is true because the teacher said it would be yesterday.) I'm not sure if he got his hair cut or not. One also had a long curly back hair which he hung on the back of his ear, but he got busted as the teacher pulled 'em down. What a funny day!

The picture of my straight back hair is up on Twitter. Hahaha. It looks normal to me. I don't mind though - just as long as they don't mess the fringe.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Time to get serious.

I really thought I could do so well in Bahasa Melayu P2 after gaining a little confidence from doing my corrections of my previous test papers and from my P1. I guess even a little's not enough because when I flipped through the pages of today's BM papers, I was immediately braindead. Well, I think I did okay in my first paper, but I don't think it's going to be enough to boost up the marks for the average. My teacher is going to get mad when she finds out if I did badder than before!

However, English was alright. I am confident that I'll score high for P2, or maybe even for my P1. But I'm still not satisfied with Bahasa Melayu! Man, I've to pull up my socks and not take this qualifyings lightly. I'll be having my Geography 2 tomorrow. I'm going to study my ass off even if some of the questions require common sense. Mom has gotten me past year papers which are stored in the desktop. I'll grab 'em later.

I'm tired. I shall get some shuteye now...

Saturday, July 09, 2011

BRIDEX 2011.

I thought I was going to miss this year's BRIDEX event. Turns out that I went there with Fikri and Nieza earlier this morning! Honestly, it was worth the money spent! Today marks BRIDEX's last day and I'm glad I could witness everything wonderful again there. It started on July 6th already. Plus, the last BRIDEX, I think, was in 2009 - with Memet and a friend of his (I forgot his name). Just this time, I got to see tiny parachutists from afar, incredible field performances, intriguing vehicle presentations and a fantastic airshow! Every bit of action was beautiful! I still can't believe I was there today. Oh! Before we walked our way in, we gave up our lighters. Hahaha. Got 'em back though. O:)

The weather was very hot! Should've brought an umbrella along, but I'd hate to get my hands full. My favourite part was when the jet fighters synchronized, leaving smoke trails behind them, spiraled their way up high in the sky and dropped dead from a high altitude. I mean, how on earth could they manage to fly down in a really fast speed? Bet it's a whole lot scarier than I would expect it! I'd be sh*tting my pants already! I heard one of the pilots was a woman. If it's true, then she is one hell of a brave pilot! Cool stuff. Other than that, the exhibitions inside were still the same, I guess. To those who are going there today, have lots of fun! I can't wait for next year's BRIDEX.

Friday, July 08, 2011


Amin just pasted this to me on Whatsapp a few minutes ago. It says:

"Look at the month of july have never seen this. This year july has 5 Friday 5 Saturday and 5 Sundays. This apparently happens once every 823 years. Thisis called money bags. So send this on to 6 friends and money will arrive in 5 days. Based on Chinese mythology the one who does not pass this on will have money troubles for the rest of the wont cost you much for that 6 text.."

What a load of crap. (Not you, Amin. Hehehe!)

New box-a-majig?

OOHH! A NEW BOX-A-MAJIG ON FACEBOOK! It's sort of like the message box that we had earlier, but this time; Facebook just added a long sidebar with your friends in it. You can hide it though. (I thought it couldn't be hidden!) I'm guessing it's still the same.. *OOF*

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Happy 18th Birthday to Waie Saiful!

Happy 18th Birthday to Song Vuili!

To Waie Saiful: It's safe to say that I never got angry at you - not even once! With that, I can assure you guys that he is a great friend to have! Easily ticked off, but everyone looks to the good sides of people. 'Ol buddy 'ol pal, enjoy your birthday!

To Song Vuili: Ahh. The Song to my Dy. Funny how both of our Cobra home jerseys form that word when standing next to each other. Enjoy your birthday today! Looking forward to another match with your church youths! Hehehe!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Happy 25th Birthday, Mr. Owl!

I'd like wish Adam Young in one of the most awesome-est band in history of Electronic Pop music, Owl City, a belated 25th birthday! I hope he enjoyed every single minute of his birthday yesterday (or today according to his time)! Owl City was the best thing that has ever happened to me! He's the reason why I love barn owls, or any kind of owls. He's the reason why I think dreamy things. And he's mostly the reason why I improve in my English. He is truly an exquisite inspiration to us all! I'm really glad that I discovered you! I love you, Adam!

Adam the Great.

Monday, July 04, 2011

But I guess that's the way it goes.

It's been two days since the entrepreneurship fair that was being held in St. Andrew's School and I totally forgot to blog about it! Man, have I left this blog for quite a while or what? It's been a week and today, I just feel like blogging my brains out. So what happened during the fair... (I only remember bits and pieces so I hope it helps!)

It was on a fine relaxing Saturday. I didn't go to school though because I didn't manage to wake up around 6 o'clock. My mom did wake me up around 9, which was already close to break time, so I just went back to sleep until the afternoon. I was planning to walk to St. Andrew's, but Mu'izzah, to my surprise, was still at home. She said that Hakiim didn't wake her up or something. Anyway, instead of walking to school, I decided to just follow my mom.

I wore my SOAS uniform (just so people would know that I came directly from school :P) and, somehow, felt nervous. But I thought to myself: What's there to be nervous of? It's my old school and I was bound to meet some old friends there and from other schools as well. To be honest, this year's fair wasn't as lively as before, but the attention I got was joyful and way better than last year's! I caught up with dozens of good 'ol pals! Apparently, the school hall wasn't really crowded compared to last year's. They set up only on the sides of the hall and not even one in the middle. They did have lots of HDTVs. I was impressed! But this year, they had Terry Wong to put on Spongebob Squarepants' costume. Who ever came up with this idea had a great mind for entertaining the little ones!

I didn't buy any food. I only bought a Milo shake which was from Hakiim's stall. Hehehe. As for the others I couldn't bother to at least buy something so pardon me if I've not given any interest in your stalls. I was thirsty, not hungry. Besides, Hakiim's stall was right at the entrance of the anteroom so why not. Also, I only had one chance to play a game of Black Ops with "the naughtiest boy of 2004", Aziz Sabtu. (He said it himself. NOT ME! O:)) It was close to 3 o'clock and the others already had somewhere to go rather than staying a little bit longer. It's alright. At least we got the chance to hang out - together! Thank you, guys! You know who you are whom I've spoken to!

Most importantly, she was there - so stunning looking that I could barely miss a second thinking about her. But who am I kidding? An angel in disguise, indeed. Miss Hui Hui was there too! We spoke a little, but then she went home without notice! :@ Hahaha! It's okay. 'Til next time!

Well, I think that's just about this year's entrepreneurship fair. I'd go on, but unfortunately, I'm having a backache now. Yes, I'm blogging with my mobile phone. It's not really fun, but as long as it posts successfully! (I thought I said that I felt like blogging my brains out. Oh well..) Thanks for reading, guys! ^_^