Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Funny "hair" day.

I studied Geography for an hour last night. I reminded myself to go through the past year papers my mom got for me in her desktop. It was worth it. Although I just remembered that this year's Geography format has changed (map reading supposedly in P1 which is now in P2), I still did my best. Today's paper was enjoyable! I finished it on time and I had no trouble answering. No sleepy moments, no fuss. It felt great! Map reading was fun too!

After our papers got collected, one of the teachers retained us all in the gym because there was a spot check regarding our hair. A quarter of the candidates got caught including me. Even Sahrul! I mean, students with slight hair touching the collar also got cut. My friend was teasing me because I kind of had long back hair.

As for me, this was my first time. I've seen students getting their hair cut during my first assembly. But today, the ones I knew just went with the flow. One of the guys was begging. He said that he didn't know about today (which is true because the teacher said it would be yesterday.) I'm not sure if he got his hair cut or not. One also had a long curly back hair which he hung on the back of his ear, but he got busted as the teacher pulled 'em down. What a funny day!

The picture of my straight back hair is up on Twitter. Hahaha. It looks normal to me. I don't mind though - just as long as they don't mess the fringe.

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