Friday, July 22, 2011

Lone Star.

I watched Donald Duck Represents earlier and one of the episodes showed a story about a silly and fearless cowboy named Bill. He saved a calf from a flock of vultures, shot all the stars in the sky and left one called it the Lone Star, rode the tornado like a bronco, how the Painted Desert became so colourful etc. I was curious so I searched him up on Google. It's all up in Wikipedia! Even natural phenomena! Let me just copy and paste it here so it'd be easier for you guys to read!

"Like many tall tales, Pecos Bill stories involve combinations of super feats of courage and prowess, such as riding a tornado whirlwind like a bronco while using a rattlesnake named Shake for a lasso, and explaining natural phenomena, such as why coyotes howl at the moon, digging the Rio Grande, and how the Painted Desert became so colorful.

According to the legend, Pecos Bill was born in Texas in the 1830s. Pecos Bill was traveling in a covered wagon as an infant when he fell out unnoticed by the rest of his family near the Pecos River. He was taken in by a pack of coyotes who were said to have raised him.

Years later he was found by his real brother, who managed to convince him he was not a coyote.

He grew up to become a cowboy. From two rattlesnakes as a ropes and a little whip. His horse, Widow-Maker, was so named because no other man except Pecos Bill could ride him and live. Widow-Maker was also called Lightning. Dynamite was said to be his favorite food. It is also said Pecos sometimes rode a mountain lion as instead of a horse. Pecos Bill had a love interest named Slue-Foot Sue, who rode a giant catfish down the Rio Grande. Just lke Shake, both Widow-Maker and Slue-Foot Sue are equally as idealized as Pecos Bill.

After a courtship with Slue-Foot Sue in which, among other things, Pecos Bill shoots all the stars from the sky except for one which becomes the Lone Star, he proposes to Sue. She insists on riding Widow-Maker before, during or after the wedding (depending on variations in the story). Widow-Maker, jealous of no longer having Bill's undivided attention, bounces Sue off; she lands on her bustle and begins bouncing higher and higher. Pecos attempts, but fails to lasso her, because Widow-Maker didn't want her on his back again, and she eventually hits her head on the moon. After she has been bouncing for days, Pecos Bill realizes that she would eventually starve to death, so he lassos her with Shake the rattlesnake and brings her back down. Widow-Maker, realizing that what he did to her was wrong, apologizes. In Bowman's version of the story, Sue eventually recovers from the bouncing, but is so traumatized by the experience she never talks to Bill again. Though it is said that Bill was married many times, he never liked the others as much as Sue, and the other relationships didn't work out. In some versions, Sue couldn't stop bouncing, and Bill couldn't stop her bouncing, either, so Bill had to shoot her to put her out of her misery. Although he married many times after that, he never loved a girl as much as Sue."

Ya'll should look it up on YouTube or something. It's part of Donald Duck Represents. It's an old episode. I enjoyed watching it though! Hahaha!

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