Monday, June 27, 2011

It's for a reason.

My dad sent me this via SMS:

Pesasan Luqman al Hakeem kpd anaknya: "Wahai anakku yang ku sayangi.. seandainya org tuamu marah kpdmu (kerana kesalahanmu) maka marahnya org tuamu itu adalah bagaikan pupuk (benih) bagi tanaman." Surah Luqman

No worries, Dad. I'll keep that in mind. Love you.

Asteroid to zip past Earth.

An asteroid will have a close encounter with Earth on Monday night, according to NASA. But there's no need to to worry, as it would not pose any threats to our homeland, its Near-Earth Object Program Office said. The newly discovered space rock - dubbed 2011 MD - will pass 12,000km above Earth's surface over the southern Atlantic Ocean at about 6:30 PDT (9.30pm in Malaysia). Theasteroid, measures 10m-long, was discovered a few days ago by telescopes in New Mexico, US. Scientists say asteroids this size sail past Earth every six years. The asteroid will briefly be bright enough to be spotted with telescopes in Southeast Asia, East China, Australia and Japan, as well as areas near the Antarctica. Source: AP

Got this from Madam Marilyn Mui. This will be a beautiful sight to see! Also, an experience to go through! Remember, guys: 9:30 PM in Malaysia so it'll be around that time.

Back to normal.

Something went down tonight and I'm glad it happened after such a very long wait - almost a month, to be exact. But that's behind us now. Five of us were involved. No one was harmed. Only words exchanged and minds quaked. I hope all of what was said comes down to an understanding. Let this 30th be the precisive day for it. Thank you guys for your time. It was much appreciated!

Also, a happy birthday to Kirah's mama! Take care and enjoy today! May Allah bless you!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Silly me.

What a way to start the first day of school. I walked to school as usual. I was avoiding eye contact and well-aware of my surroundings, but I wasn't fully aware of my direction to my classroom. I knew it was just a few rooms away from the school's lobby and I remember it being on my left hand side. Still walking seriously, I looked inside each class as I walked down the corridor and, honestly, didn't recognize any one of them. That's when I realized I walked past my classroom! I heard multiple voices calling out my name - loudly even. It seemed like I missed it! My goodness! My friends were all smiling about. One of them even said that I was lucky not to walk straight ahead and asked me why I just walked on - seriously. It felt awkward, but I just told him I forgot. Nevertheless, it's a relief they didn't try to embarrass me. Thank goodness I wasn't the only one who did that! One of the late comers did it too! Hahaha. Silly me.

Happy birthday, Yusree!

Happy 17th Birthday to Yusree Abas!

Mr. Yusree Abas! A friend worth having, indeed! You know, I still think you're older than me! Maybe it's because of the way you look. Hehehe! I miss the times we had during high school in St. Andrew's. I wish you all the best in everything good! Many happy blessings! Hope to see you soon! Take good care of yourself!

Monday, June 20, 2011

I miss you so damn much.

I've been thinking lately: Why are we still not speaking to each other? Because I haven't done anything harsh or cruel to you that has made us like this. I wish I could find another way to properly speak with you, or better yet, the guts to. I'm afraid that what I may say would startle you and we would go back to square one - like now. I don't mean to sound so desperate, but honestly, I am not living well at the moment with us hanging about like this. I know I have made mistakes, but please see that I'm aching here. You deserve an apology (though I know I already did). I did you wrong. I was completely lost and confused and I was too blind to see that I was ahead of myself and you were just trying to enjoy this beautiful life as it should be. These times are hard. Wish I could make it easier.

Don't give up on me... :/

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy birthday!

Happy 23rd Birthday to Humaidi Halidi!

His friends held a surprise party for him tonight. It was supposed to go on around 7 o'clock, but from overhearing conversations, they had to stall him and make up excuses so that they could lead him into the surprise. Thankfully, the plan worked! He was left speechless when he entered as we sang the birthday song. He stood in front of two cakes, happily smiling. Hope you had a great 23rd birthday! Thanks for a wonderful day! You guys know who you are.

School starts tomorrow! - so soon! I don't feel like going to school. Why can't the holidays be extended for another month or so? Haha. Okay. I'm so demanding. Well, enjoy your day in school tomorrow, guys! Thanks for reading!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sushi Kings.

It has been a great day indeed! We made our cancelled Miri trip on Wednesday happen today! All thanks to Afiq for using his car to drive the long miles and for reaching our destination safely. Even Malai tagged along. We drove out a little bit early today, probably around 11, because Afiq had to service his car which was in Tutong after picking up Fathul and Fikri.

We reached Miri around 2 o'clock. We were hungry so we decided to eat at Sushi King. I clearly remember us waiting for an hour for the weekday 20% promotion which starts at 3 PM 'til 5 PM. We still had a couple of more minutes to spare so we went to Toys'R'Us to buy "Malai's toy". She bought the "Bop It" thingy. I'm sure most of you know of it. It's a fun toy to play with! First time playing it too! The gist of the game is to do what the toy commands you to do. For example; it says, "Twist it". Then you'll have to twist one of the parts respectively. It's just that, when you incorrectly do it, you have start all over again. Another cool thing: It holds a high score! Hahaha.

It was already 3 PM so we headed down to Sushi King. To be honest, I ate quite a lot! I'm sure the guys did too! Similar to the 'shop 'til you drop' kind of thing. Hahaha. I only carried RM200+ and thankfully, it only costed less. What more on its 20% discount. We didn't do much after that. Headed home around 6 - 7. Meeting point was at Fathul's dad's place in Tutong.

I just remembered that the birthday boy, Dindin, was having a BBQ party at his place. Afiq and Fathul parked their cars in Kiulap and we waited for Malai to pick us up and go there in a single ride. There were a lot of people. I've seen and met familiar and unfamiliar faces; Hafiz, Geez, Rastamann, Haji, Memet, Dayat etc. Good to know the guys are in good health, just enjoying themselves throughout the party. I wasn't really hungry so I didn't touch even a food there. Only drank because I was really thirsty from all the singing in the cars on our way back home from Miri. We didn't stay long and so, we went home. I hope to see any of you guys again in the near future!

I feel so tired from all that eating and walking and joking about uncontrollably in the car along the way. I'm hoping for a good night's sleep tonight. So.. good night, guys! Thanks for reading!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Redknapp firm over Modric.

Jessica B. retweeted me!

This feels like the REAL Jessica Biel although her account isn't verified by Twitter yet. But on her info, it says that she removed her old Twitter account and made a new one. Nevertheless, I'm so happy that she actually RT'd me!

Night's still young.

Zul has finally finished his examinations and is now in a holiday mood! I hope you did good in all the papers you sat for! Anyway, last two nights, Fathul, Fikri and I crashed over at his place after an endless night of jokes and laughs. We may have had a mere misunderstanding between us, but it's all good now. It's been a long time since I stepped foot inside THE house. The one house where I spent most of my good and bad moments. We joked around just like old times, but thing is, he slept early because he had somewhere to go today. I've got to admit, we were really on a joking streak last night. Good times! We should do that again sometime! Perhaps another sleepover soon? :3

I went to Badj's restaurant in Jerudong for the first time last night. I could've gone to her place earlier last year, but I was too busy. The food is good! It's a chill place. Small, yet relaxing. Not too shabby, I'd say! Right now, I'm at Omar's place. I'm just thankful that I'm in a place where there's wireless. Finally I get my hands working on some typing and clicking. Now, I'm waiting for Mr. Roux whom I think is on his way here. Don't worry. Night is still young!

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Life Is A Garden.

Starting from today, I've decided to look at life as a beautiful garden with only things I can wildly imagine. A garden not even one person can imagine how it looks like. I pick and place the objects there. Flowers, insects, a mini waterfall, a pond filled with various fishes etc. I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier, but I find it easier to metaphorically arrange and control my emotions and feelings. Anyone I know can be indirectly described in it whether as a plant or an insect. It's not a place for only good things. Two or more wilted flowers can spoil the whole picture, you know. But I do intend to keep my garden clean and a healthy place to be in. Not polluted with a dirty atmosphere, in which I'll gladly call, unwanted problems. You may think it's weird, or maybe, I'm weird. I have a wild imagination. I can't help it. I just have to share this with you guys. If I'm describing what's happening or what's it looking like in my "garden", I'll input #LifeIsAGarden along with my tweet on Twitter. Thanks for reading, guys!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Win! ABC 2 - 7 Cobra F.C.

I felt nervous before we started our match against ABC today at the UBD field. It was drizzling and all of us had our warm-ups. We even hired a referee. Just as soon as the first eleven lined up and took positions, I could see that ABC wasn't really the old "ABC" itself. Surprisingly, there were more experienced players from other strong teams such as Legend and Butterfly.

We were shaky in the first half. Not much defending. Always creating chances for them to cut open the defenders. Their players were fast and steady. Unexpectedly, Aziz K scored the first goal from a corner kick. We got a little stable after that, but they got back at us when one of the players appealed handball by Wafi, yet played on and slotted one in the net. Not long after Amin came in, he sprinted in from the left and flicked it in. Smiles were on our faces because we were leading. A lucky goal, I presume, because under Tayib's condition, if Amin didn't score for today's game, he'll get kicked out. Ouch. Referee blew for half time and we maintained 1 - 2. We had a little faith that we could win it.

Second half started. Tayib exchanged his goalkeeper position with Harith Waie's friend, Aqil, who also has experience in goalkeeping. In just a few minutes, they scored. How? The ball bounced on the ground, causing a confusion for the keeper who thought he could grip the ball in his arms. I decided to try out the striking position and honestly, I was comfortable with it. I didn't lose much breath, I had no trouble running and searching for wide open spaces. Anyway, my hope was all on Ruzaini. He did so well on the field today! Even more, he scored a goal which flew right through the top right corner of the goal post, making it 2 - 3. We were dominating in the second half! We defended and we attacked carefully. The next goal scorer was Harith Waie. I don't know why he didn't try to shoot the ball from afar, but luckily, he put it in. The next was mine! I was trying to feed the ball in the middle for headers, but instead it curved right in, touching two players' feet and down to the right corner. Just like a finesse shot! I couldn't believe it! Omar was next! I saw Ashif's through ball and it went perfectly through both of the defenders, creating a chance for Omar who shot the ball right in. And guess who scored the last goal? Wafi Rosly, the guy who played full time. It was a penalty. He even called out from the back to want and take it. Why not, right? He comfortably put it in.

Full time and the scoreline was 2 - 7! The opposing team showed a terrific performance as well! We hope to face you guys again in the near future. Congratulations to each and everyone of Cobra F.C.! Man of the match is Wafi Rosly! We're hosting a celebration for our win over ABC this Saturday! I hope everyone can make it! Even to those who weren't there! Viva la Cobra!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

We got 'em!

Today is crazy! Omar, Malik and I were late for training. I told them that we're coming around 2 PM. Instead, we arrived just a couple of minutes to 4! But it's okay! Training resumed as normal.

We ordered pizzas as our night meal. Tayib took care of the bill. Thanks, man! We played Black Ops the whole way. If you were here, you'd imagine our wild and witty remarks. We emerged victorious against the AI. Score limit was 30000 and we were so close to losing. I thought we had no hope because when they were leading with a scoreline of 25k, we were just stuck in 17k. Unbelievably, we got 'em good! We sticked together in a corner and shot down anyone who dared to pass through. Good game, guys! 'Til next time! Last kill was thanks to Omar's RC. Hehehe!

Sorry for not posting up a little much more. My head is spinning right now. Update you guys soon! Take care and have a good Monday ahead!

Happy birthday(s) and a belated!

Happy birthday to Sabena Foo Pao Pao!
Happy birthday to Khalaf Daud!

Many happy blessings. Hope you guys have a great birthday today! Don't let anything get you down!

Happy belated birthday to Adzrul Amree Dzul!
I didn't have time to post up the greeting yesterday. Hope your BBQ turned out pretty well and that you had an awesome day with family and friends. Take care of yourself. Hope to meet eyes with you sometime. :)

Friday, June 03, 2011

All's good.

We visited JPMC earlier this evening because Zul's dad was undergoing a treatment. He's suffering a heart problem, if I'm not mistaken. Honestly, I was worried. Thank goodness for good news: His old man is alright. Alhamdulillah. We met his dad in the night when he was already in the car after being discharged. Take care of yourself! May Allah bless you.

In the midst of waiting, we went over to the other side of the beach and fished for a while. The weather was very hot! We weren't properly dressed for the 'fishing' occasion - only for the visiting. We were the only ones chilling by the rocks. Nearly had a little luck on catching one, but we blew it. I blew it because I wasn't aware that the fishing rod was bent. Nothing beats a relaxing, cool ocean breeze blowing through our faces while fishing. After meeting up with Zul and his family, we went to the gerai in Jerudong. Malai and Nieza were there. Fathul's chickens took so long that they decided to just cancel the order and scoot off.

It is also Afiq's first time stepping foot in my apartment. We had a little FIFA tournament, but didn't finish it because Afiq had to go to KB. So we ended it after three or four matches. Thanks for coming over, guys! And thanks for the rides! Another good day ahead tomorrow! Good night.