Friday, June 03, 2011

All's good.

We visited JPMC earlier this evening because Zul's dad was undergoing a treatment. He's suffering a heart problem, if I'm not mistaken. Honestly, I was worried. Thank goodness for good news: His old man is alright. Alhamdulillah. We met his dad in the night when he was already in the car after being discharged. Take care of yourself! May Allah bless you.

In the midst of waiting, we went over to the other side of the beach and fished for a while. The weather was very hot! We weren't properly dressed for the 'fishing' occasion - only for the visiting. We were the only ones chilling by the rocks. Nearly had a little luck on catching one, but we blew it. I blew it because I wasn't aware that the fishing rod was bent. Nothing beats a relaxing, cool ocean breeze blowing through our faces while fishing. After meeting up with Zul and his family, we went to the gerai in Jerudong. Malai and Nieza were there. Fathul's chickens took so long that they decided to just cancel the order and scoot off.

It is also Afiq's first time stepping foot in my apartment. We had a little FIFA tournament, but didn't finish it because Afiq had to go to KB. So we ended it after three or four matches. Thanks for coming over, guys! And thanks for the rides! Another good day ahead tomorrow! Good night.

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