Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy birthday!

Happy 23rd Birthday to Humaidi Halidi!

His friends held a surprise party for him tonight. It was supposed to go on around 7 o'clock, but from overhearing conversations, they had to stall him and make up excuses so that they could lead him into the surprise. Thankfully, the plan worked! He was left speechless when he entered as we sang the birthday song. He stood in front of two cakes, happily smiling. Hope you had a great 23rd birthday! Thanks for a wonderful day! You guys know who you are.

School starts tomorrow! - so soon! I don't feel like going to school. Why can't the holidays be extended for another month or so? Haha. Okay. I'm so demanding. Well, enjoy your day in school tomorrow, guys! Thanks for reading!

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