Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Win! ABC 2 - 7 Cobra F.C.

I felt nervous before we started our match against ABC today at the UBD field. It was drizzling and all of us had our warm-ups. We even hired a referee. Just as soon as the first eleven lined up and took positions, I could see that ABC wasn't really the old "ABC" itself. Surprisingly, there were more experienced players from other strong teams such as Legend and Butterfly.

We were shaky in the first half. Not much defending. Always creating chances for them to cut open the defenders. Their players were fast and steady. Unexpectedly, Aziz K scored the first goal from a corner kick. We got a little stable after that, but they got back at us when one of the players appealed handball by Wafi, yet played on and slotted one in the net. Not long after Amin came in, he sprinted in from the left and flicked it in. Smiles were on our faces because we were leading. A lucky goal, I presume, because under Tayib's condition, if Amin didn't score for today's game, he'll get kicked out. Ouch. Referee blew for half time and we maintained 1 - 2. We had a little faith that we could win it.

Second half started. Tayib exchanged his goalkeeper position with Harith Waie's friend, Aqil, who also has experience in goalkeeping. In just a few minutes, they scored. How? The ball bounced on the ground, causing a confusion for the keeper who thought he could grip the ball in his arms. I decided to try out the striking position and honestly, I was comfortable with it. I didn't lose much breath, I had no trouble running and searching for wide open spaces. Anyway, my hope was all on Ruzaini. He did so well on the field today! Even more, he scored a goal which flew right through the top right corner of the goal post, making it 2 - 3. We were dominating in the second half! We defended and we attacked carefully. The next goal scorer was Harith Waie. I don't know why he didn't try to shoot the ball from afar, but luckily, he put it in. The next was mine! I was trying to feed the ball in the middle for headers, but instead it curved right in, touching two players' feet and down to the right corner. Just like a finesse shot! I couldn't believe it! Omar was next! I saw Ashif's through ball and it went perfectly through both of the defenders, creating a chance for Omar who shot the ball right in. And guess who scored the last goal? Wafi Rosly, the guy who played full time. It was a penalty. He even called out from the back to want and take it. Why not, right? He comfortably put it in.

Full time and the scoreline was 2 - 7! The opposing team showed a terrific performance as well! We hope to face you guys again in the near future. Congratulations to each and everyone of Cobra F.C.! Man of the match is Wafi Rosly! We're hosting a celebration for our win over ABC this Saturday! I hope everyone can make it! Even to those who weren't there! Viva la Cobra!

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