Sunday, February 28, 2010

Enjoy your birthday, boys!

Happy 18th Birthday to Rafie Yussof
Happy 16th Birthday to Haafizillah Amiruddin
Happy 15th Birthday to Zairul Nasri

May Allah bless you.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Chelsea 2 - 4 Manchester City

Chelsea down to nine with Belletti and Ballack sent off. A very bad day for the Blues. Beaten at its own fortress.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy 17th Birthday to Nurizzah Rosli!

I still can picture us playing together near the flag poles. Good times. May Allah bless you.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A∀A Review for LOVE.

1. "Et Ducit Mundum Per Luce"
2. "The Flight of Apollo"
3. "Young London"
4. "Shove"
5. "Epic Holiday"
6. "Hallucinations"
7. "The Moon-Atomic (...Fragments and Fictions)"
8. "Clever Love"
9. "Soul Survivor (...2012)"
10. "Letters to God, Part II"
11. "Some Origins of Fire"
12. "Hallucinations (Mark Hoppus Octopus Remix)" (Bonus Track)

The Players
Tom DeLonge – Vocals, guitar
Matt Wachter – Bass, keyboard, synthesizer, backing vocals
David Kennedy – guitar, keyboard, synthesizer
Atom Willard – Drums, percussion

Once again, Tom DeLonge gives some free love before turning his attention to the new Blink-182 reunion album. Is it a free steal or did we even want it given away to us the begin with? I'd like to talk about Angels & Airwaves which is also commonly known as A∀A about their third studio album entitled, LOVE. It was officially released worldwide on February 14, 2010. It was supposed to be released last year but it was delayed from Christmas, 2009. They began producing it in January, 2009 but progress was slow due to Blink-182 reuniting and going on tour. AVA finished the album in time for its release on Valentine's Day 2010 . The first single from the album, "Hallucinations," was made available for free through the band's website on December 23, 2009. A lot of synth was thrown in this album and it sounds very good compared to their second album, "I-Empire."

Track by track, the pace slows down, which is fine, but it never really picks up again. Tracks like “Shove” and “The Moon Atomic (…Fragments and Fictions)” are slow, similar-sounding, but the lyrics just seem to bring you to an adventure, traveling almost anywhere you can go. It flows seamlessly into the churning. He sounds incredibly convincing in this album. Almost each of the songs seem to connect with each other. This is what makes the songs inspiring and gives you that "aloft in the air" feeling. They are giving it away for free online, though you can contribute some money if you want, which will get you a remixed track from the album done by Mark Hoppus.

Of the release, DeLonge said, "It is the biggest release of my life, the pinnacle of my creativity. It's super conceptual and highbrow in many ways, very artistic, very Stanley Kubrick, but it's not a rock opera. It's a very modern version of what could happen when you blend the film industry and the music industry together in a very, very arty, kind of cool way with professionals involved all along the path."


Zul requested two articles based on both "Timbaland's album, Presents Shock Value II" and "Angels & Airwaves's album, LOVE." I got a feeling that this could make my work worthwhile. :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

26th's National Day.

Happy 26th National Day!

Negaraku Brunei Darussalam.

It's raining? Hmm. I didn't go down to see what was going on in Bandar today. No flag waving for this year, I guess. To all the performers: How was your day? You can let out a sigh of relief now that the National Day is over. You don't have to go to any more practices and such. :) (Last year, I didn't even care to blog about National Day. I was at Zul's, still active with my DotA. Hahaha.)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday to Branislav Ivanović!

who is 27 today.

Alphabet game.

I got in touch with my wizard buddy once again. She said that she had disappeared into the world of exams and will be again in a month or so. I'm glad we got in touch again. Anyways, we played an alphabet game! It played like this: She starts first, then I continue on with the next letter and it repeats.

A - Armadillo
B - Beret
C - Catastrophic
D - Disaster
E - Electricity
F - Frostbites
G - Gingerbread man
H - Horoscope
I - Indecisive
J - Jeopardize
K - Kalimantan
L - Leadership
M - Move
N - Nonsense
O - Opaque
Q - Quadrilateral
R - Rawiza Rakawi (DOUBLE R! :p)
S - Sizzling
T - Topaz
U - Underage
V - Vigorously
W - Watermelon (She forgot the letter W! She jumped straight to X. Hahaha.)
X - Xavier
Y - Yam
Z - Zealous

This is actually my first time playing an alphabet game! And I finished the game, Raw Danger an hour ago! :D

Raw Danger.

I've been playing a game called "Raw Danger" recently. I had no intentions of playing it at first but then I found it while I was searching for another interesting game to play besides Dynasty Warriors 6. I remembered that it was about surviving the horrible disasters and you must make your way through it by taking items laying around the debris. Compasses are like collectible items in this game. ^^ You also get to play 6 different survivors. Each has their own storyline but in the end, they all connect to one. You get to chose your own scene; whether to be a kind or a mean character.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I wish I had a better camera.

I had a really fun time with Fikri, Kirah, Hakiim and the others whom I met last night! First, it was the lion dance by Chung Hwa Middle School performers. This time, with extra lions! I saw them giving out ang paos to the lions. I don't know. I think it is part of their culture. After that, the CCA Choir Club members sang. Next up was the seniors who danced to a song called Super Girl by Super Junior. Awesome choreography! Lastly, the principal and the stage performers sang a Chinese song to end the night. My left eye was red.. again. == Oh yes! Have you ever wondered how would the school look like at night?

The 3,000 firecrackers.

New uploader? Blah.

Crap. I'm getting ticked off at Facebook's new photo uploader. I am currently trying to upload yesterday's Chinese New Year function in our school. As soon as it finishes uploading and until it waits for the response, it fails! I've tried this a dozen of times but still to no avail.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Okay. List of movies to buy:

1) Percy Jackson & the Olympians

2) The Wolfman

3) Valentine's Day

4) Dear John

5) Tooth Fairy

6) From Paris with Love

I have not been watching movies at the cinema lately. It has been a very long time! Last movie I watched was Love Happens which was on the 26th January? And that was, a month ago. Hahaha. Man, I really need to go out more often. I bet most of these movies are swell! Any opinions? :)

Sorry to Fathul for not coming to today's soccer match against Dining Hall United. My left eye is still red and irritating and I don't want it to cause further serious problems. Good luck!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Mommy and daddy.

A mother found her son scooping ice cream in the kitchen and was mad.

Mom : "Dinner is going to be ready in an hour, put that ice cream away and go play."

Son : "But mom, there's no one to play with."

Mom : "I'll play with you, what do you wanna play?"

Son : "Lets play mommy and daddy, you go upstairs and lay down on the bed."

The mom said okay and went upstairs. The son put on his dad's fishing hat and lit up one of his dad's cigarettes. He went upstairs and opened the door.

Mom : "Now what do I do?"

Son : "Get your ass out of bed, you whore, and fix that kid some fucking ice cream."

LOL! Smart kid.

Mosque by car. Home by foot.

Ahh.. Today feels so good. I'm not sure why. Nearly walked all the way home until my grandfather pulled over and gave us a ride home. Thanks! Oh yes, an Indian almost got hit by a car while he was crossing the road. He was on the same sidewalk as we were. Suddenly, a car was coming in fast and he crossed the road without noticing! The car screeched and stopped. The driver shouted at the Indian and the Indian just walked away with a nervous smile. He could've got hit..

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bravo! Not.

In school today, performers from Chung Hwa Middle School came down to our school to perform a lion dance for Chinese New Year. Everyone in the hall couldn't even keep quiet for 2 minutes! There were 4 lions. A black one, a purple-white one, a red one and an orange one. It was fun. It has been a long time since I last saw the lion dance!

Stayed back right after school finished today. I met up with Fikri at SOASC and together we headed down to SMJA field. Fathul was playing. That was why. He was also representing his school, Maktab Duli. They went against this business school and they won!

Maktab Duli 5 - 3 Business School

Our supporters were aiming for a 5 and they earned it. Next up were SAS U-15 against Sports School. We lost again with a scoreline of:

SAS U-15 0 - 6 Sports School

We need to improve. Seriously. This year has turned out to be a bad year for us. Anyways, my left eye was sting red because of my contact lens. My right eye is all good but I'm still wondering the problem about my left eye. I almost threw away my contact lenses earlier. It was very irritating! ==

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I love my seat.

I just can't get enough of Azrin and Sahrul clowning around all the time. I laughed so hard during Malay period until I had to bite my fingers in order to do so and also to prevent my class teacher from scolding me. I just love where I'm sitting now! Last period was funny as hell too! Azrin made me laugh until I had to calculate a very easy calculation on the calculator. Guess what?

"1 + 1 = 2"

There's no wonder why he called me stupid. 0:)

Happy 17th Birthday, Esther Elizabeth!
Have a great one! God bless.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

No doubt.


I thought we have already withdrawn from the tournament but Azrin messaged me that we were still in and so we had to borrow jerseys from our school teacher, Cikgu Sheikh. The match was held at SMJA field. The scoreline explains it all. I guess today just wasn't our day. I injured my left knee because I clashed with one of the strikers just outside the penalty box. Out of all the matches that we have ever played, honestly, this is the biggest embarrassing loss. But win or lose, at least each one of us had an experience. Knocked out? No doubt.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Football? [Updated 17th February '10]

The barbecue at Berakas beach today was awesome! I didn't see Afiq though but Qidha said that he only called. We didn't meet him because we were playing on the beach. Seriously, the beach was full-up! Oh, I get to play touch football for the first time! Well, I don't think I have in the past few years. But it's exhilarating! Although I didn't actually know how to play the game properly, all I thought that I was supposed to do was to mark your man and take him down. HARD! Hahaha. Geez was all mine for the taking. 0:) We even saw Akon and Madonna walking down by the beach -- the two couples that Fikri mentioned.

Irwan wasn't supposed to smile. :p

"Nobody touch my quarterback!" - Hakim.

Aiman getting tackled by Hazwan.

Who do you think they are?


HOORAY! TODAY IS THE DAY WHERE ANGELS & AIRWAVES RELEASED THEIR LATEST ALBUM, LOVE! I surveyed almost all of the songs and they sound good! Similar to the I-Empire album but this one is way beyond the constellation! Check it out!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy birthday!

Happy 13th Birthday to Irina Ishan!

I hope you had a wonderful birthday today! May Allah bless you and lead you to a very pleasant journey down the road of success. :)

Alter the press.

I just got back from our soccer match against the under-15s. Almost all of us were unfit due to the last training we had. No matter. We "pushed them full shit", as what Nick said. We won and the scoreline was 14 -4. Tayib was the referee. No teacher was there to spectate the match and we also had to discuss about the withdrawal from the inter-school soccer competition. Well, Tuesday it is then.

Now to survey my newly downloaded "Alter The Press! Autumn/Winter Compilation" and maybe a little bit of Happy Aquarium. :)


When and where did the H5N1 flu virus first appear in humans?

It was first found in humans in 1997, following the death of a three-year old boy in Hong Kong. Although it is rare for a virus to jump from animal to... Read More >>

Another deadly disease?


Yesterday, I dined out with Zul at McDonald's. I was hoping to see Fikri and Fathul but unfortunately, they went home early already. Zul parked his car just across the restaurant and while we were crossing the road, I saw a vinyl on car which was parked just outside McDonald's. It says "nWo". I confidently thought it meant "N****s wit' Attitude" and said it out loud but it couldn't be because there was an O in the end of the acronym so I paused for a moment. Surprisingly, a "man" walked passed us. He turned out to be the word I just said earlier. Yes, you know it. THE word. If he overheard what I said, seriously, I won't be dining out with Zul.

Are the burgers in McDonald's shrinking or am I growing? O.O

Having trouble finding your own height?

Don't know how to measure your height? There are 12 inches in a foot. Let's say you're 5 ft 12. Take 5 ft and multiply it by 12 inches. You'll get 60 inches. Add the remaining 12 inches to your answer and you'll get 72. If some of you don't know yet, 1 inch is equal to 2.54 centimeters so multiply 72 inches by 2.54 cm. The answer you'll get is 208.28 cm.

Therefore, you are 182.88 cm (5 ft 12)
I hope that helps. :)

Thank you Mr. Vinesh for the correction.

Friday, February 12, 2010


It looks like I'm not the only one who is complaining about the internet connection in Brunei. ==

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rise up and gather.

Hello! Soccer training at Pusar Ulak field today was crazy! Sahrul and I couldn't go on under the blazing sun. He told me that he was going to faint if he was to continue further. "No complaints!" - Amin Tamrin.

When they switched their training positions to the other far side of the field, some of us were still resting. We were going to head over to the training area but Vuili came right on time.. with his pump! I was pumping the balls with Azrin while the others were having a really hard time! 0:) The new recruits did very well today as their first time today. Vuili even wore his newly bought boots! In fact, half of the team wore new boots. They said that they'll be having a friendly match against SAS FC this Saturday. I'm sorry but I will not be coming as I will be attending a barbecue at Pantai Berakas on that day. Maybe some other time, guys.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm dreaming.

I just had my haircut. It is shorter than before now. My last haircut was a day after school reopened. deputy principal wants a military kind of hairstyle, so be it. I'll give him one! I'll see what he has to say about this. No worries about the appearance. It's what inside that counts, right? Thanks Afiq for the ride! I'm glad it's your day off today or I'll be facing major problems in school again.

I look like a real schoolboy now. ==

Under construction.

Voila! A new background image! I did some mingling with the HTML settings. HEHE! How do you like it? I am going to work on the header soon! Good night!

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


I can't play Happy Aquarium on my computer! The last thing I did was updating my Adobe Flash Player to the latest version and my Mozilla Firefox too which was yesterday! Before, it worked but when I tried playing yesterday, it didn't work! I tried removing the Flash Player and reinstalling it back again, the problem still persisted! A few minutes ago, I uninstalled my Firefox and reinstalled a new one but an older version. (3.6 to 3.5.7) I lost all my bookmarks that I've bookmarked a long time ago. I might as well start from the beginning, I guess.

Monday, February 08, 2010

I can stand taller than before.

I dealt with it and to be honest, I couldn't go further through the day no more. My eyes were slightly red in the morning and it became worse in the afternoon. It's funny how I didn't even fall asleep in class today but my eyes did feel heavy. No worries. I've had my rest and I just woke up half an hour ago. The thing is, will I be able to go back to sleep and start the day normally tomorrow?

Stand in line and wait for your turn.

Chelsea wins again.

!!! Chelsea 2 - 0 Arsenal !!!
!!! Chelsea 2 - 0 Arsenal !!!
!!! Chelsea 2 - 0 Arsenal !!!

It was a good thing that Amin informed me about this or I would've been in bed by now. I watched the game with Malik and Hakiim. Interesting game, it was! Ashley Cole's defending was very impressive! Petr Čech's goalkeeping skills were also amazing!

3 hours of sleep; looks like I'm just going to have to deal with it.

"Drogba taps in at the far post as Terry heads down for the Ivorian. Only 7 mins played..."

Sunday, February 07, 2010