Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Hey, guys! I've just uploaded a new song called "Forgive And Forget". It is available in my music page for streaming now. Have a listen and tell me, What's on your mind? Thanks! Lots of love.

Happy birthday.

Happy 43rd Birthday to my uncle, Shuif Hussain.

I haven't seen you in ages but I am hoping to sooner or later. Take care, wherever you are now. May Allah bless you. Lots of love.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

She wishes to build a tourist destination.

Right after playing futsal at Harun's Gym, Zul and Memet picked me up and went to eat out at KFC. The Zinger Tower was unavailable because there were no hash brownies. So I just ordered the normal Zinger Maxx while Memet ordered the new Hearties or something that has shrimps in 'em. It wasn't so bad.

Just as soon as we were about to reach the car to go back home, an old lady was walking right in front of us and she eventually stopped us. She pleasantly asked if we had our mobile phones with us. Zul's battery was empty and Memet's had no credit. So I carefully pulled mine out and she said that it was no joke. She said that if we did it for her, she'll give us a dollar each. She showed us her paperwork and that she was participating in the BIBD Wish event. She asked me to type in 'BIBDWISH 09' and wait for the reply. She explained everything about building a tourist destination at Kg Bengkurong to showcase the uniqueness of Brunei to the world and put Bengkurong on the tourism map of Brunei. We got our dollar and I greeted her good night. Her name is Hajah Maymon, by the way. Ring any bells? I'll type down the whole story soon. :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I can proudly call myself a diamond.

Barbecue at Berakas beach, played hours of Band Hero at TFF, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II with Hazwan, Dayat, Bahrin, Wadud and Fathul, Counter Strike tournament at Netcom Contessa, full brothers cruise with Fikri's girlfriend, Asniza, watched Alice in Wonderland at Seri Qlap, skyped with Azimah As and karaoke at Memet's. Only one word defines it all: GRATIFYING!

School starts tomorrow. I can't believe one week has already passed us by so quickly. It feels like I just stayed over at Zul's for only a day! Anyhow, I miss my schoolmates. How was your holidays, guys? I had an awesome week's stay over at Zul's with Fathul and Fikri. There were some others too!

Here are some pictures during 23 March, 2010 at Berakas beach:

I'm done with BioShock 2. At last! I thought I couldn't obtain it during the holidays and surprisingly, my predictions stand corrected! I have obtained a Platinum trophy for BioShock 2! Now that I'm done with it, the next bunch of trophies that I'm going to obtain is from Fallout 3. It feels great to achieve what you wanted for so long.

"Nothing in life is free. Life is a challenge. If you want something so badly, you'll have to challenge yourself to it."

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy birthday.

Happy 17th Birthday Lee Weei Sing
Happy 16th Birthday Eqah Mahrub and Ashif Husaini

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another day gone.

Another wonderful day at Berakas beach although it was hot like hell! I think I'm getting darker or worse; sunburnt! The Frostereo was there. The first thing we did was to start the fire for the grill and then set up a proper place for the NFL. Bahrin was the only guy doing most of the work. My apologies, man. The guys were jamming away with the guitar and sang aloud. The girls were busy taking photographs and soon, on with the swinging. Fikri invited Asniza too! I'm guessing this is your first time attending an outing with the guys, eh?

Memet showed me this application he downloaded for his iPod Touch. A Pokédex! We went around comparing the Pokémon we chose to people. Aiman got Mankey, I got Psyduck, Qida got Politoad, Fikri got Primeape, Fizah got Slowpoke, Nina got Flareon, Dedeh got Charmander, Yong got Lickilicky and Mizah got Lickitung! :D HAHAHA!

Sadly, as we were about to end the day, some of us left our items with Fadhli so we got kind of.. stranded. Pitifully, Qida had to drive back all the way just to give Zul his key to his car. We got back home and from there, my driver picked me up to go Gadong because the birthday boy was going to belanja us Band Hero. It turns out that we didn't play Band Hero at all. There was a member playing away for an hour or two. Instead, we all decided to play Hero Siege in Warcraft for an hour. All of us left the first game because the AI was owning our asses. We had to top-up another hour because our minds were still in the game. In the end, we all stopped and wanted to play Band Hero but the guy was still there. It was getting late anyways. We nearly had no ride back home. Zul couldn't make it so I messaged my driver. He didn't reply my message at all so I had no idea whether he took off or not. Thank goodness Afiq was there to save the night or we'll be sleeping on the streets of Gadong.

Happy birthday!

Happy 15th Birthday to Azizi Tajudin
Happy 17th Birthday to Dayat Majid
Happy 20th Birthday to Lewis Lim

Monday, March 22, 2010

Tungku beach.

Yesterday evening, I attended Amin's barbecue cookout at Tungku Beach. It was a lot of fun! Harith Waie and Amin was in-charge of the cooking but then they went to play beach soccer sekajap. Hahaha! Sahrul knows the joke. After spending minutes on the grill, one by one went away to play soccer. Even I joined them after cooking all the lamb. The chickens were left uncooked though. Some who booked the lambs also have forgotten all about it. I didn't even eat a single thing when I was there! Well, it was enjoyable anyways. We were supposed to go home at 6 o'clock but ended up going at 7. Let's do this again sometime, guys! Maybe after our 'O' Level examinations? :) Thanks Amin for organizing the barbecue.

Around 9 o'clock, we went to Mamih to watch Manchester United's match against Liverpool. When we arrived at Mamih, Liverpool scored their first goal just 5 minutes after kick-off. I didn't watch the whole game because I was playing Memet's iPod Touch. The scoreline was 2 - 1. Manchester United won! Better luck next time to Liverpool!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Incredible? Yes.

I had an incredibly enjoyable day with the Brothers yesterday although I got bombed by my mother when I stopped by the house to ask for some money. Anyways, moments after Friday prayer, Afiq came by and together we headed to Gadong to check out the tournament that's going on in Netcom Contessa sponsored by Brunei's national CS team, RV. After that, Zul decided to go to The Mall to check out some of the latest games. Guess what?

Yakuza 3 is out!
Align Left
I can't wait to get my hands on it but.. there are still a few games that I need to get my hands on actually. I got hungry then so I bought 2 blueberry dips at Fun Donut. This was the time when I first met Fikri's girlfriend, Asniza. We went to Ayamku after that. Fikri formally introduced her to me and Afiq there. Memet and Dindin were with us for awhile but then they left for the tourney. Fathul asked me whether I wanted to go to this place called TFF to play Rock Band since I haven't played it in a long time. The place is on the first floor. I think it's above Ahan Thai's Restaurant. When I entered the place, it doesn't feel the same as the other cybercafes I've been in. This place is much more.. chill. Yeah. Instead of Rock Band, we played Band Hero. The characters are Guitar Hero's and the game-play is like Rock Band. I enjoyed playing The Adventure by Angels & Airwaves. There was Believe by The Bravery but we didn't play it because not all of the players knew the song. Only $6 per hour. Now, ain't that worth it? I might as well go there again sometime. :)

After some time thinking, Afiq had a crazy yet exciting idea. At first, he wanted to go cruising around Tutong but then he changed his mind so we headed off to Kuala Belait. Afiq also had to check out the location of the school that he's going to apply to. On the way there, we traveled along a straight dark and lonesome road. Afiq tried turning the lights off while driving and hell, it was VERY spooky. It felt like as if we were in a horror movie or something. Overall, it was very fun. We even visited some of the old places we did 3 months ago. It was a chill and a relaxing ride for all of us but not the car, I guess. Afiq's gas was running low so I paid $3 for it. I tricked Fathul by asking for the gas money and he simply just handed it over because he thought I was one of the workers there. We would've gotten away freely. Almost.. almost.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thanks a bunch!

Our first time participating in the entrepreneurship fair and we gained a hell of a profit! The total amount of money we got was $321.50! I think most of them came from the game corner or the drinks. At the end of the day, we split 'em up among the 8 of us. Muqtadir and Zairul also helped us out with the shootouts. Surprisingly, they told us that they gained about a hundred just from the mini tyre shootout. Each person is given 4 chances and with 2 balls in the tyre, they get to play a game for free. I brought my speakers along with me. Unfortunately, one of them broke and couldn't let out any sound. Great.. :/ I bought those speakers some time around May last year. I'm thinking of buying a new one but I guess I'll just have to wait. Amin, Omar and Harith Waie were in-charge of the ice-blended drinks. I also couldn't believe that we sold dozens of sweet drinks! It was a mixture of chocolate milk, blended ice, whipped cream and caramel powder. We didn't sell any food though. The game corner was also crowded especially with primary children. It has been a great day though my feet are sore. Thanks to Amin, Omar and Harith Waie for the beverages and the goods, Sahrul and Azrin for watching over the game corner and Muqtadir and Zairul for the mini tyre shootout. You have all been a great help and I hope you enjoyed today.

To Harith Waie: If you're wondering where's your share, look for Omar. He's got your $40 with him. Good luck with your debate!

To Amin: Don't forget to pay each of the official members a dollar each. Thanks!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


We were late to witness the thing that was going down in Mabohai earlier. Fathul had to settle some things. I even met Hazwan and Wadud. It's good to see them back in good terms! I also heard about Aiman's incident. I'm sorry, man. I'd hate to be your shoes right now. In the mean time, chill out, alright? :)

I was very tired then. When I got back to Zul's, I somehow slept peacefully. I don't know how long it took me to ride myself down through dreamland but I'm sure it didn't take long. Zul woke me up around 7 because he wanted to go to Flying Colors to meet up with Khairul A. as well as Sahrul. I met up with Waie H. too! We discussed a little about the entrepreneurship fair tomorrow held in the school. Too bad outsiders aren't allowed. We went to Mamih after that. It has been a fun night with the Ruls. ;)

For your information, our stall is called 'CFC'. The name is obviously taken from our football team. We'll carry out a shootout for any volunteers to see if they can try and kick inside an unused tyre. Games are also available. (PS3, PS2 & 360. Mostly football games.) Ice-cream, ice-blended drinks etc. I'm guessing tomorrow's going to be a great day for all of us!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

"This is impossible!" "It is if only you believe it is."

I went to Seri Qlap to watch Alice in Wonderland. Finally, a chance to go the movies. It was very exciting to watch with a few of the best people! Aiman was there too. Johnny Depp plays an awesome character in the movie, Mad Hatter. I can see he still had his 'Willy Wonka' in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory attitude. Overall, he did his Mad Hatter Dance. I don't remember what's it called though but it was wicked! Oh, I loved this part. It is such a classic! When Stayne asked The Mad Hatter where Alice was, look at what he answered:

Stayne - Knave of Hearts: If you're hiding her, you will lose your heads.
The Mad Hatter: [as Stayne clutches his throat]
The Mad Hatter: Already lost them.

I had a really great time with you. I hope you did too! Thank you. Until next time then. :) And also to Zul for paying for my ticket because I carried no money with me. I am not afraid.


It has been a long tiring day! Last night, we attended the JIS Showcase 2010. I was supposed to blog about the concert the night itself but we went home late. I really enjoyed myself and I think the others did too! We were really hyper. Hakim even shouted that he wanted more so the performers gave another encore! I loved the part of the concert where they performed a combined song between Bon Jovi's It's My Life and Usher's Confessions Part II. I hope there is a next time!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Little windmill.

Our school is having its annual cross-country today, taking place at Bukit Shahbandar, Jerudong. My sister is the only one going there now. I thought Malik is going too but he told me that he was lazy. I do not blame anyone but myself for not participating. I also feel so lazy now. I shouldn't have stayed up late by keeping an eye out for a rat that has been toying with us. I know somehow I'm letting down Danson but all I have to say is - Good luck! You need it. I think it has been a rough morning for me. I hope today is going to be a fascinating day for me. I'm going to miss walking in the mountains of Shahbandar. Maybe someday..

I'm going to the JIS Concert at Empire later. Are you coming? ^^

Friday, March 12, 2010

"Splicers - those drug addicts.."

I. am. slowly. getting. addicted. to. SOCIAL CITY! The person responsible for this is going to be in serious trouble! How could I ever thank that person. And so a new game on Facebook has been added into my list.

Guess what? I'm playing hard mode for BioShock 2 now and.. IT'S A MASSACRE! The feeling isn't the same as when I played it in easy mode. I thought it would be LESS easier but I was wrong. Surviving is also one very important thing. First aid kits are hard to find but if I get desperate, I'll smash the health station to get one! I just found out about that from Zul. It shows that I've finished the first one. I'd play BioShock 2 now but I'm too lazy to do so. :(

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pretty good.

The Brothers are going to have a drink at TK tonight - Afiq's treat! So yes, I can't wait! I also discovered a new flash game which was requested by Qida on Facebook. Thanks! I'm enjoying it as much as I enjoy playing Happy Aquarium!

Happy Birthday to Didier Drogba!

Who is 32 today. :)

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

No fear.

My left eye is good. Now it's happening to my right eye. I need to buy new ones because my current lenses are.. well, expired. I couldn't care less to buy a new one because I'm lazy to do so. It itches like hell. I guess it's back to the ol' 'spectacle' days. 8)

The principal called out all of the upper secondary classes and the Year 9s to the hall to brief us regarding school rules. She read out PTE Katok's school rules and that we have to follow it strictly. She also mentioned about people bringing their mobile phones to school unless they're registered. When she mentioned the word 'mobile phone', everyone started to mutter indistinctly and a spot check was immediately carried out. Many mobile phones were confiscated. Luckily I walked out safe and sound without getting anything confiscated.

Happy birthday.

Happy 14th Birthday to Rosainina Sapar
Study hard, stay strong with your man and may Allah bless you. All the best, Nina!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Atlas! Wait.. at last?

Seete, Sahrul and I were the only ones who stayed back until 2 for our MIB project in school today. Seete kept misspelling her name especially the letter I for the letter O. What a silly girl. After we were done with it, Sahrul followed me back home and we enjoyed ourselves with continuous matches in PES 2009. It was Chelsea against Barcelona all the way and guess what? Sahrul won three times in a row! He went home around the dismissal of the working hours. Anyways, I played BioShock 2 and I somehow finished it! Now to get the trophies and get that platinum trophy! ^^

This March 17, 2010, our school will be having an entrepreneurship fair which will be held around 8 in the morning until 3 in the evening. Please come! Games, services, foods, ice-blended drinks etc. :D

Sunday, March 07, 2010


I'm playing Bioshock 2 online with Zul now. Too bad Brunei's internet connection is not that good. Seriously. I hope they do something some time soon!


Happy 14th Birthday to my dear sister, Muizzah.
Enjoy your birthday. I'm sorry I'm not home to celebrate your birthday with you. Study hard and May Allah bless you.

I was tagged in a post earlier on Facebook by Memet about a group called "Lelaki Qute Brunei". Qute? Click HERE to check it out. Joining that group is the last thing I would do in this life. Seriously.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

To bring or not to bring?

I've been playing Bioshock 2 since I got back from school. And man, things are getting interesting and interesting by the minute! Big Sisters who have telekinesis as the older version of the Little Sisters, charging Brutes as part of the splicers and Rumblers as the rocket launching version as part of the Big Daddies.

To Harith Waie, I'm sorry if I can't make it to Jerudong Park to celebrate your birthday night out. I hope you have a pleasant and a joyful night with the others who are coming. You guys keep him company and have fun too! :)

Thank you, fans!

I just finished trying out Bioshock 2 and hell, it was shocking and utterly amazing! Finally I get to play as a Big Daddy now. There's a new enemy too! They're called the Big Sisters - Little Sisters when they're all grown up.

Cold hard bitches, I'd tell you that! It's late. I'll continue again tomorrow. I know Zul can't hold his temptation to play the game much longer! PATIENCE, BRO! I'm also getting Uncharted 2 some time soon. That way, I can play online with him. :D

"Cut him some slack and cut me some splicers!"

Anyways, 50 fans suddenly rose for my music profile in Facebook. If I'm not mistaken, the last time I checked was.. about 450 or so? How it has increased. I was surprised and happy at the same time! Thank you, people! And not to forget to mention:

Happy 16th Birthday to Harith Waie
Enjoy today as much as you possible can. It's Saturday! Study hard and stay strong with your lady. May Allah bless you.

Happy 16th Birthday to Rawiza Rakawi
All the best for the upcoming exams, wizard buddy! Disappear into a world where wonders will appear! May Allah bless you.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Flavours. Mmmm.

I'm sleeping over at Zul's now with Fathul and Fikri. Afiq's chilling over too! Earlier today, we went to Gadong and paid a little visit to Netcom Contessa to meet up with Memet. It was crowded. I don't know what was going on. Pending matches, maybe? Soon after that, we went to EGM and bought my long wanted game, Bioshock 2! To play or not to play? Still wondering.

Fikri even decided to have his haircut tonight - twice! Then, chilled at Flavours. We were supposed to go to TK but we changed our minds. It was my first time and the first dish I ordered was Teriyaki chicken with fried rice. It was not so bad. I tried ordering blended drinks but the waitress said they were unavailable. The juice were also unavailable. In the end, I just ordered a soft drink. Oh and did you know that if you purchase a meal worth $5 and above, you can get a free drink? Sweet restaurant! Right now, I'm playing this so-called new card game that I just learned earlier in Flavours, samchong, (However you spell it.) Afiq taught me how to do so, how to arrange the numbers, how to stack 'em up etc. Do you even call it 'chu' or whatever you call it when your cards in hand eats another person's cards in hand? I have no idea. Well, I look forward for another samchong.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Guess who's back?

Welcome back, Mr. No!

My mom told me back then that he'll come back by mid of February. I thought he was a goner for sure. When I asked my mom in the car earlier, she said he's coming back today. I was still unaware of that but not until I checked the kitchen. There he was with his new haircut. :)

Geography was alright. I didn't revise about coastal landscape! The last section was essay writing and there were two choices: coastal landscape and population. I did revise about population but I did coastal landscape instead. (Population was about China or India so I passed.)
Combined Science was a pain in the buns especially in Chemistry and Physics. I even had trouble with the multiple choice questions! == I really need to pull up my socks. Tomorrow's the last day of the assessment tests. English is going to a piece of cake! (I hope.)

Happy 17th Birthday Chung Andric!
Enjoy your birthday today! Have a blast. God bless.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

“I am fed up with life..” said my grandfather.

3 fast knocks on my door and an immediate open. It was my mom saying that she bought food for us to have dinner together as part of her birthday celebration. Lamb chop, butter prawn and fried rice. Even her scrumptious chocolate cake. Thanks, mom!

A horrible incident happened around our vicinity here in Berakas. My mom spoke about the remains of a dead body which were found in a drain.

THE remains of a what is believed to be a body of a man were discovered by a member of the public and the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) was duly alerted. The police are seeking the public's cooperation for any information that could help in their investigations. The decomposing body was found by a man yesterday at around 2:05pm in a drain around the vicinity of the Berakas Power station along the Berakas Link Highway. The Berakas Police Station was immediately informed. According to a statement by the RBPF, preliminary pathologist examinations of the body have revealed the man had probably died around four days before his remains were discovered. The man who found the dead body had gone near the drain to relieve himself and received the shock of his life to find the lifeless body lying inside the drain. The RBPF are not suspecting any foul play at the moment.

According to DSP Nur Haidah Hj Abd Hallim, Acting Head of the RBPF's Public Relations Unit,
“A thorough postmortem will be conducted tomorrow morning,” presumably to determine the exact time and cause of death.
“The RBPF is seeking the public's cooperation to come forward with information regarding any family member of friend that has been missing for four days and report the matter to the authorities,” she added. She also urged the public to come forward if they have any other information or suspicion regarding the location where the body was discovered by contacting the police hotline on 993 or any nearest police station.

By Waleed PD Mahdini.

My grandfather came and my mom told him about it. He said that a Bangla was also reported missing in the last four days. Well, we just have to wait and see.

I must've done something right.

You did what you had to. My terrific Tuesday has turned to a terrible Tuesday. It was very wrong for me to keep the secret inside. I don't even know how to explain it wholeheartedly anymore. I was waiting for the right time to tell you but I guess I was too late. My trust has turned to dust. I'm very sorry. I really am. And I didn't mean to screw it up again this time. It seems like the promise I made is nothing now.



Happy 41st Birthday to my mother, Hajah Lailatul Zuraidah.
Stay healthy and strong. I'm sorry if there isn't any big surprise or celebration here at home. I'll promise I'll make it up to me to have a family outing soon. I love you, ma. May Allah bless you.

Happy 16th Birthday to Azrin Zainal Abidin.
All the best in your tests man! If only your birthday was AFTER the tests. :) May Allah bless you.

Anyways~ You should hear how Sahrul says it. :) Yeah. Math was alright. I enjoyed doing the transformation on the given graph sheet. After that, we had 2 hours of free time because the science classes were having their Biology exams since we're in CS. Had our Ugama exams in the hall. My Ugama is history; I'll tell you that! :(

Monday, March 01, 2010

Shame on you, JT.

Vanessa Perroncel's story: John Terry offered shoulder to cry on in her split with Wayne Bridge EXCLUSIVE by Kate Mansey 7/02/2010

For the last eight days, the delicately beautiful features of Vanessa Perroncel have stared out from the front pages on every newsstand across the land.

Overnight she has become a household name, the woman at the swirling, dizzying centre of the John Terry sex scandal.

Now, for the first time, her story can be told – by two women who have been at her side constantly since the extraordinary story broke of her affair with sacked ­England captain Terry.

Vanessa’s friends Antonia Graham, 29, and Nadean Moses, 32, reveal today how the four-month fling began as Terry played cupid to her and boyfriend Wayne Bridge, Terry’s best pal and England teammate.

We can reveal Terry phoned Vanessa, 33, last July as she and Wayne were splitting – and pledged his help to get them reunited, insisting they were a “great couple”.

“John was playing the caring friend,” says Antonia. “He called Vanessa up. Vanessa told me, ‘John is being the peacemaker. He said Wayne and I are great together’.”

Antonia added: “Vanessa was sad and lonely, she loved Wayne and still does. She thought Wayne was the one and she never thought they would ever split.

“John said he wanted to help – and she took him on his word because he was Wayne’s best friend. It cheered her up because she was alone. She thought John wanted to get them back together.”

Vanessa and Wayne, who have a three-year-old son Jaydon, lived in a suite in the five-star Lowry Hotel in Salford for six months after Wayne’s ­£10million transfer to Manchester City from Chelsea in ­January last year.

By July, after six months of trying to find a suitable home in the North-West and with their relationship beginning to crack, ­Vanessa returned to Oxshott, Surrey, where Terry and his long-suffering wife Toni, 28, are her near-neighbours.

Then, we can reveal, just a fortnight later, Chelsea ­skipper Terry made the first of his clandestine trips to Vanessa’s home to offer his “comfort and support” as Vanessa struggled with the break-up.

And it wasn’t long before Terry had ­seduced lonely Vanessa and began a ­passionate four-month relationship with the woman who until so recently had been his best friend’s partner.

“He would pop round a couple of times a week, offering a shoulder to cry on,” says Nadean, who has know Vanessa for eight years. “He brought DVDs for her son.”

Cynics would suggest the “good neighbour” was keen for little Jaydon to be as occupied as possible during his regular visits.

To go undetected he would text Vanessa before he arrived so she could open the security gates in front of her and Wayne’s home.

Then, he would glide up the drive in his Bentley or Range Rover, each with blacked out windows, and carefully park out of sight.

And here, with photos of his best friend staring down from the wall, Terry and Vanessa would talk for hours over tea in the ­kitchen — before their relationship moved into the bedroom.

Careful to shield her son from the affair, she and Terry were ever cautious of not being seen outside the house together, with no goodbye kisses on the doorstep.

Nadean and Antonia are adamant that the femme fatale image of Vanessa in some quarters could not further from the truth.

They say she has lost half a stone, unable to eat or sleep since news of the affair broke when Terry’s heavy-handed lawyers went to court to try and keep it quiet but ended up alerting the media to it.

All the problems date back to that transfer, says Antonia. “Footballers are away a lot of the time and she felt a bit isolated.

"Soon the distance came between them while she was back home and he was away and there were lots of reasons why their relationship ended. Vanessa put her whole life into that relationship with Wayne. She was devastated when they split.”

Around September the secret lovers knew the relationship was getting more and more intense. Then Vanessa was ­devastated to learn she was pregnant with father-of-two Terry’s child in October.

Antonia said: “Vanessa is a very good mother and she would only want to have a baby with someone who she was serious about. She didn’t want a child to be brought up with two separate parents as she was.”

Vanessa knew she was getting further and further from a reunion with Wayne and was deeply regretting their split.

Antonia says: “She realised how much she was missing Wayne – she was alone with Jaydon in her house on Christmas Day.”

Terry, of course, was playing happy families with Toni, his sweetheart since they were teenagers, and their twins ­Georgie John and Summer Rose.

“Vanessa told me she would rather stay single forever if she couldn’t have Wayne back,” says Antonia.

By this time her fling with Terry was over but the damage was done.

Rumours were circulating in the dressing rooms of English football.

Wayne confronted Terry about them, only for Terry – sacked as England captain on Friday – to lie that nothing was going on.

Terry’s advisors visited her to ask her to sign a confidentiality form saying she would not speak about any private matters between the pair of them.

Antonia said: “Vanessa was in a playground with her little boy when they met with her. She looked at the form and signed it ­because she would never do a story about John’s personal life. She was ­absolutely gutted by the stories about her.”

Next, in a dramatic showdown, Toni, who has now fled to Dubai to get away from the scandal, called Vanessa on her mobile, demanding to know what had been going on.

Nadean said: “Toni called her before she flew off to Dubai and talked to her. Apparently it was quite calm. They’re both adult and Toni is lovely so it was very civil.”

There is of course no chance now that Vanessa will ever again be on speaking terms with Toni.

As news of the scandal broke, friends advised her to turn to PR Max Clifford for advice.

Nadean says: “When Vanessa first met Wayne she found that he and John Terry were almost inseparable.”

The best friends introduced their partners to each other and they spent days away at a theme park together with Jaydon and Terry’s twins.

Antonia says: “Toni and Vanessa got ­together because John and Wayne were such good friends and they both had ­children the same age so it made sense that on occasion the two couples got ­together, although they were never ­extremely close.”

She adds: “Now it’s all been ruined. ­Vanessa only cares about Wayne and her son. She was really sad when John lost the captaincy. She knows he is an excellent footballer and he loves his career. Vanessa told me she hopes he gets back ­together with Toni because of the children and because they’ve been ­together forever.”

Nadean insists: “Vanessa is in pieces about this. She is not your typical WAG – she hates that phrase – and she didn’t want to hurt anyone, she didn’t want to let ­anyone down. I think she’s slept about four hours in the last week, I’ve been round or on the phone all through the night worried about what she might do.”

Antonia said: “When I met Vanessa she was bright, looking forward to marrying Wayne and creating a stable life for her little boy. She was in most nights and didn’t like the nightlife much. She didn’t have a nanny and insisted on being with Jaydon.”

“She speaks to him in French and it’s just adorable to see how much she dotes on him. She is so protective she would only trust a few people to look after him.

“One thing that really struck me about Vanessa was that she loved shopping – she is the Queen of shoes and lip gloss – but she is very conscious about what things cost.

"She liked hanging out with the other WAGS but that was more because their boyfriends and husbands were mates more than anything else.”

Nadean, who worked with Vanessa at celebrity hangout Elysium nightclub in 2002, said: “Vanessa and I got to know VIPs working at the nightclub. We chatted to them but she was never out to bag a rich man.

"At that time we were friends with John Terry and we would go out after work with him and Wayne long before they got together. It seemed very innocent. Then when Vanessa started ­dating Wayne she became friendly with ­Cheryl Cole and Carly Zucker.”

Antonia says: “She was friendly with Toni, but they weren’t particularly close – they got on because their partners were mates and that was really it. They had their own lives and they are pretty different characters.

"When Vanessa got pregnant with Wayne she was over the moon. It was perfect. They were so excited about having a little boy and called him Jaydon Jean-Claude Bridge – his middle name is after her father who unfortunately took his own life when she was 22.

“Vanessa has always told us how she came from a broken home and didn’t want that for her children, which was why she was all the more devastated when things broke up with Wayne. She never really saw the split as permanent.”

Vanessa, who was born in Bandol in South East France, moved to Paris when her parents split aged six.

She spent her childhood years shuttling between her mother and father, spending half a year with each parent.

When her father died she moved to London to pursue a career in modelling, her beauty and Gallic charm winning her jobs on a James Bond set and lingerie shoots.

Keen to make something of herself and stand on her own two feet, Vanessa spent her weeks on modelling shoots and weekends earning money at Elysium.

Nadean says: “I remember this one night Wayne had broken his leg but he was so keen to see Vanessa he came in to the club to meet her on his crutches. It was so sweet but you could tell he’d fallen for her.”

Their romance quickly blossomed and within six months – in February 2006 – Vanessa fell pregnant.

Antonia, who shares a personal training session with Vanessa three times a week said her friend was now considering ­quitting England for good, possibly moving back to her native France.

She said: “Vanessa doesn’t know what she’s going to do now.

“One thing is for sure – she won’t be going to South Africa for the World Cup and she’ll be cheering for France.”

March along.

Happy 15th Birthday to my brother, Malik Mahari and Aiyrah Matali.
Happy 12th Birthday to Naqiyah Joharry

Their birthdays also lands on our assessments today. The tests were alright. For Art, I drew a gay-looking Hercules because he had really red lips. == Bahasa Melayu was easy and MIB was kind of.. hard. Time to revise for Maths and Ugama.

It was a jolly good conversation!