Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's ahead.

I have things to do before time flips this world into another year ahead! Things like attending my friend's birthday celebration, checking in at Palm Garden Hotel and playing futsal at Meteora, Tungku. It's not much, but I hope these events are not going to make me tired for the countdown afterwards.

2011 has been fun - so fun that I still can remember the days I went out with Nisa, the day I got Tony the Electric Blue Cichlid, the day I went to Miri during my birthday, the days we went back and forth to and from KB, Aisle Of Before's performance during SAS's Prom Night and during Muhyi's cousin's function, sleepless nights with my brothers and sisters, the night I sprained my left ankle when I wanted to retrieve the ball from the other side of the parking lot, the nights I checked in at Rizqun Hotel with Omar, Waie (and Sahrul in the last night of our lives), ZOMBIE MODES, PS3s got inflicted by the Yellow Light of Death (my brother's and Fadhli's), SOAS days, how Owl City released tremendous songs which are in his All Things Bright and Beautiful album, the night I made the birthday card for Ijah, the growth of my remaining 5 cichlids and unexplained deaths of the other fish, the ghost who got spooked by Fathul, ATV adventure at Tungku Beach, Fikri's barbecue in celebration of his birthday, numerous pool nights with Afiq etc etc.

OH! For the record in my entire history, I actually held and touched an owlet!!! His name is Oli. I'll upload the picture soon!

2012 is just a day away! I've just got to say that 2011 has been a wonderful year coated with both bitterness and sweetness. The people whom I've met this year made me who I am now. Memorable days shall be cherished and hopeless days shall be forgotten. Thank yourselves and Allah for travelling safe and soundly this far and for continuing to live up to your reputation. It's time to stir up new resolutions!

THESE WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN - EVER! New year, new resolutions. Get to it! What's yours? ;)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Birthday boy's present.

Hey! I just realized that the 'Edit HTML' and 'Compose' options are back! Well, I guess it will be easier for me to add in pictures now. (Goes to show why I haven't uploaded any pictures lately.)


Happy 19th Birthday to Hamidi Halidi!
Have a great one! May Allah bless you with endless love from family and friends! Love, me.

Afiq picked me up and gave me something he got from KK. Guess what is is? A Chelsea Away 11/12 kit! You know, the one with the mini blue squares. I've been wanting that shirt ever since I laid my eyes on them! It even comes with the pants! Thank you very much!

And so, the 9 of us met up at Mamih, Sg Hancing and planned to head over to Memet's house and surprise him together - eX! style. We were 20 minutes early. Even Sarah tagged along with her good friend to join in the fun! We all got in his house unnoticed and settled down in the dining room at first, having to light up the candles on the cake and set up the plates and carry the drinks. Carefully, we sneaked up and waited outside his room. Bahrin called Memet's parents to join the surprise we were going to throw him. As a mean of distraction, Memet's mom switched off the wireless connection -- while he was playing LoL, saying that the wireless was cut off! Hahaha! We heard him and he was on his way out. When he got out of his room, all of us sang the birthday song and he was surprised! There were smiles on everybody's faces -- and the widest smile goes to the birthday boy!

Together we went into the living room and gathered. Everyone had a slice of the cake. Honestly, it tasted amazing! It was a Kit-Kat chocolate coated cake with assorted fruits on top. Therefore, with us still sticking around, Memet's mom decided to cook up some food for us. I expected it to be only enough for all of us in the room. It turned out to be a big bowl of noodles and nuggets! Only half of each bowl was eaten! I'm sure the leftovers were for Maidi and his friends.

After Memet's surprise party, we decided to go ghost-hunting at a cemetery in Salambigar. I didn't expect this kind of activity, but the heck with it anyway. I also wanted to add this experience in my life.

The place was spooky and dark. There were 10 of us including the birthday boy. Slowly we ascended up the lonely white stairs which led us to a small shelter. Shivers ran down my spine, but I needed not to say anything concerning the scary atmosphere. The brave ones were Aqel, Afiq, Haji and Geez. They even took a walk around the graveyard! The air was cool, dogs were barking, trees were stirring so softly and only mobile phone lights were there to help us shine the dark. I don't know what some of them saw, but I know it's nothing good. I'd rather not input it here. We didn't even spend at least half an hour there so we decided to go home. The guys felt like they were being watched by the 'things' there. I felt it too! My legs were even shaking as I slowly descended down the stairs. Aqel asked me to look back, but I'd rather not. Who knows what I could catch with my own two eyes! Memet held my left arm, tugging on my sleeve while we headed down. It's okay. It's all 'behind' us now. Hehehehe!

Not long after we exchanged stories in our last destination for the night, Mamih, each of us went home. I think two of them are sleeping over at Memet's. Thanks to Afiq for picking me up and sending me home. What a night it has been! I hope Memet enjoyed his advanced surprise and his 'birthday gift' though! :o) Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Great day!

The fun started after 12 AM. The first thing we did was play Zombie mode on Black Ops. Due to the long absence of Omar and I in surviving together in the mode, we only managed to reach up to Round 14! (It was Omar's fault for bombing himself to death after coming out of the Defcon room in the Pentagon.) I didn't make it through the zombies myself! So I'm thinking it was more of, and still, Omar's fault because I had to run a few rounds to outrun the zombies and revive him. Besides, I picked up the Death Machine on my way out so yeah. Hahaha!

After Zombie mode, we went down to the swimming pool area and played Big Two. The lights were quite dim so it was actually difficult for us to see clearly. It was fun though. We only played a few games and afterwards, we went back up and decided to play a new game. Instead of Big Two, we played Samchong. (I still don't know the correct spelling to the game.) Harith didn't know how to play at first, but thank goodness he knows how to play Poker so it was similar. We played it for HOURS! With Harith having his 'beginner's luck', he finally got the hang of the game. We slept around 6 AM, I think, and woke up at 2:30 PM -- and played Samchong - again. Haha. Never knew that kind of game could kill time.

It's a Wednesday and was close to 4. Fikri texted me up saying that he's heading to Gadong. I figured he got his driving license already. Congratulations! Now you're officially legal to drive around - like a boss. He picked me up and drove to Mamih, Kiulap because I haven't eaten. Right after that, he sent me home.

The traffic today was crazy - in Gadong and Kiulap. It's all because of the 'infamous' criminal of the heavy traffic - pay day. Thanks for sending me back home! And to the guys whom I spent the night with, thanks for a great time! I hope all of you are having a good Wednesday so far! Thanks for reading!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Road Fatalities Reach 42 This Year.

Bandar Seri Begawan - Another young life has been claimed following a tragic accident that took place yesterday at approximately 2.24am, which also resulted in another person sustaining injuries that warranted treatment at the Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Saleha (RIPAS) Hospital in the capital.

According to the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF), the victim of the early morning incident was the 20-year-old male driver of the vehicle who succumbed to multiple injuries, including bleeding from the ears and nose as well as injuries to his chest whilst the other individual was the vehicle's passenger who is still being cared for at the hospital.

The occupants of the car were making their way to the Bandar Seri Begawan/Gadong area via the Rimba Highway when their car veered off the road and hit a tree on the left-hand side of the lane during heavy rain, which had created slippery road conditions and pools of water on the motorway.

The loss of the young man's life brings the nation's road deaths to 42 for the year 2011 thus far - the fifth casualty since October 2011, which has become a major cause of concern for the authorities - in the wake of another accident less than two weeks ago on December 9, 2011 that saw the death of an 18-year-old youth along the Hassanal Bolkiah Highway.

Though human-error such as using mobile phones, failure to wear safety belts, jumping red lights, making illegal U-turns and speeding have been known as some of the many causes of road accidents and also some of the issues faced by the Police when dealing with road lawbreakers. The RBPF also highlighted that the main cause of accidents includes the country's unpredictable weather patterns that brings with it heavy rain.

"Bad weather, particularly heavy rain, can cause obstructed views and lack of clarity and this can worsen when driving at night," pointed the police in a press statement. "Furthermore, effects of heavy rain can also cause slippery roads and contribute. to a number of collected water on the roads surface that is difficult to assess.

"Factors such as these can cause unstable driving and the vehicle driven to skid or veer from the road, especially within the vicinity of areas that are dangerous such as bends and the like."

An earlier report had stated that between January and October .this year, of the 37 road fatalities, nearly

50 per cent of fatal road accidents had involved youths between the ages of 18 and 28. The year 2011 has seen the second highest number of road casualties following the deaths of 54 individuals in 2007.

Over the past four years since 2007, explained the Royal Brunei Police Force, statistics compiled by the Department of Investigation and Traffic Control has revealed the glaring increase of road accidents from 2,674 cases to a peak of 3,414 cases in 2010 and a recorded number of 3,321 cases from January until December 2011.

During the same period of time, the number of road fatalities and of those sustaining minor to serious injuries from accidents have been fluctuating with the year 2007 witnessing 74 serious injuries and 54 deaths; 57 serious injuries and 29 deaths in 2008; 72 serious injuries and 28 deaths in 2009; and 74 serious injuries and 26 deaths in 2010.

Minor injuries, meanwhile, totalled to 482, 458, 536, 624 and 590 for each respective year.

--Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

Al-fatihah to the victim. He shall be missed dearly by friends and family.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Sahrul's surprise.

I hope Sahrul's birthday surprise went according to plan at Ahan Thai's Restaurant, Gadong yesterday. At first, I thought the cake would come through the entrance and slowly being carried to the birthday boy's table, but I was wrong. It came from the kitchen! I was also surprised, so I just singed the birthday song along with them. Thanks for making it happen, guys!

After lunch, we went to Qx Pool Cafe, Kiulap in favour of Sahrul. Afiq and I were playing as a team against Harith and Zairul. The score ended 3 - 1 with us emerging victorious! Good game, guys! We only played for 2 hours, I think. After that, we went to bowl at Mega Strike, Times Square. Omar finished first who was followed by me beating Afiq just by one point! Harith was the loser. Jk. Omar has the snapshot of the scoreboard. I'll upload it as soon as I get it!

I had to deliver a "package" to Fathul. The meeting point was at Rizqun, Gadong. I thought after I handed him the package, we were going to call it a night, but we decided to hang out some more. Afiq brought us to Jerudong Park Foodcourt because he was going to meet "someone" there. I didn't know who though, but Amin guessed that she was related to Bazlaa. Funny because it turned out that "someone" was a friend of mine! Nothing to be ashamed of, but there were smiles throughout though! Now I'm home ---- alone. T-T Thanks to Afiq for picking me up and sending me back home! Thanks to everyone who showed up! This day shall be cherished as one of the memorable days I've ever had! Most importantly, you've to just chill and enjoy. Thanks for reading, guys!

Before I forget, I hope Tayib will have a safe flight to the UK! He flew off yesterday evening. Take good care of yourself, bro! See you next year!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gambateh FC 1 - 5 Cobra + SAS FC

A comfortable win today at UBD Sports Complex field against a friend who always greets me whenever he sees me in school in the past two years. His name is Amiruddin Hardy. The team we were up against are called Gambateh FC. As for us, we, Cobra FC, combined with SAS FC. There were lots of us - almost the whole team showed up (except for Ruzaini, Ajin, Ajis, Tayib, Goh, Kevin, Syu'aib, Vuili and Waie Saiful).

Early in the game, the first goal was scored by Omar and later was followed by Amin. It ended 0 - 2 in the first half. I was playing as a winger and honestly, I don't do so good in the winger position. Yes, I can support and run with the ball and look for players, but having to run up and down the field makes it worse. Once you're out of breath, you're done for. YOU'RE A GONER FOR SURE! Okay, I may have exaggerated a little bit, but yes - I don't think I might be able to cope up with the winger position any further. Also, I suck at finishing. Seriously. Definitely not the poacher type. Once the ball is with me, I only have a chance of 40% to shoot. Another 60% comes when no one interrupts.

The second half started and this time, we got another 3 goals. I'm confused on who scored the third and fourth. Was it Khaliq first or Afiq - but nevertheless, they scored! And that was Afiq's first goal for Cobra FC! Bravo! The last goal was scored by Amin whose ball hit the woodwork and into the net. Nice one! Gambateh FC got their equalizer in the final minutes to end game.

I had a great time today! Thanks for paying for the field and the invitation, Muq! Hoping for another match!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy birthday, Abang Tadee!

Happy birthday to Masyhadi Halidi!
Hope you have a great one! May Allah bless you always. Come back safely fro Aussie, you hear? Take good care of yourself, man!

Happy birthday, Aina!

Happy 14th Birthday to Aina Amiruddin!
Don't feel down all the time! Cheer up! Today is your day and I hope you'll spend it with friends and family! May this day be cherished always because - you know, I think, this year, you've got a pretty cool birthdate! 13/12/11 - this happens only once so have lotsa fun! Take care and may Allah bless you.

CHE 2 - 1 MC

I couldn't believe what I saw when I checked Twitter this morning! I was thinking that Chelsea might have lost to Manchester City, but ---- I was wrong. Not until I saw 'on the winning of a big three points' by Chelsea FC's Official Twitter! It was shocking, really. Yet it gave a great relief to have defeated Manchester City with the scoreline of 2 - 1 who hasn't been defeated by any teams in the BPL. In fact, we inflicted their first BPL defeat this season! My goodness...

AVB: 'We had a bad run of results and we needed a change which we did in two big games. The players deserve credit.'

You're right, AVB. We did have a bad run, but your words of encouragement and never-ending support helped us pull through this! You didn't give up - not once. I hope it's not too early to thank you because you deserve it, good sir. Enjoy your life as a Chelsea manager and I hope you can continue your winning ways!

Ahh. It could've been a heart-pounding match to watch! I even asked Fikri to wake me up at 4, but once he did, I was so tired that I went back to sleep. I want to see how Balotelli scored just in 2 minutes in the game. I want to see how Raul Meireles scored. And I definitely want to see how Frank Lampard confidently took his penalty which wasn't saved by England's #1 Joe Hart. Well done, Blues!!! KTBFFH

(One thing to do if I want to see those mentioned above: YOUTUBE!)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Turned out to be a good night.

An hour at Meteora tonight wasn't that exciting after all. In fact, we didn't even play for an hour! Sure we came early, but the previous people who booked before us were still meddling around in the court. (No) thanks to them, we only played for about 40 minutes or so. Also, Only 7 of us showed up. We had to play with the small goalposts. I thought Tayib was coming, but he couldn't make it. Last I heard, he was at the airport. Oh well. Note to self: If an hour is only available, DON'T BOOK!

I thought that was going to be it. After futsal, it's go home time for all of us,but no. Somebody had an idea! Therefore, we decided to take another hour to play street futsal at the stadium. Biasa~ It was much funner actually with no one there to stop us. After a tiring game, we decided to call it a night! Thanks to Afiq for sending me home! Before he did, he asked me to accompany him to pick Amin up from Asnawi's place in Tanjong Nangka. (Sooooo far!) Amin just got back from Miri. That's why. Hope you had fun in Miri! Hope you guys had fun tonight too!

Now I'm home alone again. I wonder when will my mom stay put in this place... Well, I got my ice lemon tea and my 'Schnapps'! Thanks for reading, guys!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Eye the sky.

The eclipse starts tonight! I was outside on my verandah a half an hour ago to find a beautiful sight of a bright full moon! Ahh, it just gave me the feeling to be with you all over again. Fikri is here with me. We used my sister's (cheap) telescope to get a better view of the moon. Even though it's not that good of a quality, I could see wee bit of details of the moon.

I had the idea to go up onto the rooftop and get a BETTER view! We got into the elevator and headed up on the highest floor of this apartment; the 12th. When the elevator doors opened, the place was dark. I had a funny feeling, but I kept it to myself. We switched on our phones' flashlights and made our way to the creepy-looking doors. It creaked and when we flashed upwards, there were bats! Lots of 'em! Fikri suggested that we turn back before anything ugly happens to us - like, having the bats to pee on our heads! I heard you could go bald!

We just headed down to the 9th floor, sat on the staircase with a great view of the moon. It's the least we could do. We decided to go back down to my place. 3 more hours to the 'maximum eclipse' - what Miss Smartypants Nisa told me. ^~^

Now, we're waiting for Afiq to pick us up to chill on a Saturday night. Thanks for reading!

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Crazy day.

We checked out from Rizqun Hotel at 4 yesterday and I asked Omar to send me home straight. It didn't hit me until I realized that my keys weren't with me so I wasn't able to enter my apartment. I was stuck. My phone was running out of juice that I had to find a nearby socket to charge so I quickly texted up Fathul to come and pick me up after work and follow wherever he's going. Out of nowhere, my sister texted me up saying that my grandma's driver was coming over to hand the keys over - so much for just a ring of keys. I told him to just meet at the same place just beside Rizqun. We reached Gadong and thankfully I got my keys. Thank you for taking your time to make your way down to Gadong, uncle!

Fathul went to Hot Point to eat with his friends so Fikri and I went shopping! - window-shopping pulaang~ First, Fikri surveyed mobile repair shops to see how much it cost to fix his (condemned) mobile phones. Walked here and there - I didn't mind! I had nowhere in mind to go either! After, we went to this shoe store to check out the Timberland boots there. The black one caught my eye, but I hadn't enough cash. I want a new pair of shoes though, buuuuut -- it can wait! Fortunately, Fikri's long desired yellow Asics were there on display! I asked him if he wanted to purchase it, but he just shook his head. I even tried it out! By looking at the mirror, it looked nice! But yellow is just not my kind of colour. Maybe I'll look around for Puma shoes next time!

Staying up real late, lack of sleep, UNO, early morning swim, Russell Peters - what a day! I am tired right now that I can just crawl up onto my bed, get comfortable and visit Dreamland in any minute. But it's still early. (Yes, 11 PM is still early in the Holiday Meridian Time. Ok, what.) I'll just stop here. Thanks for reading, guys!

First time checking in.

(It's been nearly a week since I last updated my blog. Well, here I am now!)

Hello! I am checking in from Rizqun Hotel right now and honestly, this is my first time ever! Thanks to Omar for inviting me! Unsurprisingly, Harith is here too! The room is not that bad! I can slightly remember entering a room similar to this one once with my aunt, but now I am feeling it! It is fancy! - a little bit spacious than I would've expected. As for the internet connection, I am connecting via mobile phone. Hehehe! Paying for the wireless connection for just one night is expensive and not worth it so I've to carefully not let my credit go to waste. Last night, I remember having about $1 left and I wasted them down to the last cent!

Anyhoot, I had a good dinner last at Secret Recipe with Omar and his cousin Sita. I was saving my budget, but Omar insisted on paying my meal for me. I had chicken steak with fries and apple kasturi juice. You know, I only asked for the apple and not the kasturi. When the drink arrived, it was -- really really sour! But nevertheless, thanks again! Not long after Harith arrived, we went for a late dinner at Pastamania. Only had my Pastamania favourite, pepperoni pizza. (Please take note. Lol. Jk.)

They're watching Manchester United's game against Basel now. Both are -- stressed, I think? Because Manchester United are one goal down. Well, I hope I could blog about later's activity! Thanks for reading!

Basel scored another now. United are two goals down. Wew. Chill, Red Devils~

Friday, December 02, 2011

ATV - "VROOM! VROOM!" -Yusree

Had a wild ride with the guys at Tungku Beach today! I spent my last $5 bill and only played for 15 minutes. The extra 5 minutes I played was shared with Ashif. Thanks! We explored the tracks in the forest. Harith brought me inside at first. Soon we called the rest over and together we took pictures and had a great time! When Ashif and I were waiting at the starting point, Omar, Yusree and Harith went to somewhere deep inside the forest which led them out to enable them to see the wonderful view of Empire! Here are some pictures of the adventurous journey!

Hoping for an activity like this again soon! Thanks for reading, guys!

Puss In Boots.

I almost forgot to blog about our outing yesterday with Omar, Harith and the galz. We watched Puss In Boots. The movie was incredible! On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give it a 9. I thought it was going to be another movie with Shrek or Donkey or other fairy-tale, but only Humpty Dumpty and Jack and Jill were involved. Honestly, Humpty looked fugly. A human face, human arms with an egg-y personality. Get it? Ok, no.

Overall, it's a must-watch for all you cinephiles out there. I'd hate to spoil the movie for you, but it was nice to see a kitty cat partner for Puss. Well, I guess that's about it. Thanks for reading, guys!

No Shave November

One month without shaving - I finally achieved this! It all started with a trending topic on Twitter...

Happy birthday, Syazana!

Happy 16th Birthday to Syazana Rossiman!
Hope you have so much fun today, my yellowHEALTHY-minded friend! May Allah bless you with health and prosperity. Hope to see you some time! Take good care of yourself! Stay pretty. X

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fun fun fun at Tungku Beach!

OH MY GOODNESS! I had so much fun at Tungku Beach with the amigos today! Harith Waie and Omar brought chickens and Ajin brought lambs! I knew it was going to be a great barbecue! I could tell from the number of people present and the sunny weather!

The first ones to arrive.

Unfortunately, it slowly started to get dark and drizzle. I thought we were going to cancel the barbecue, but not even one of the guys complained! It suddenly rained just a few minutes after they set up the barbecue grill.

Despite the rainy weather, we still waited patiently for the weather to settle down to make the barbecue happen. Everyone kept themselves busy. Oh! Ajin and Ruzaini brought their girlfriends along to join in the fun. When it started to rain heavily, all of us weren't sheltered except for them! They took shelter in Afiq's car. I hope they were comfortable! But no worries! At least they didn't get wet! There were thunders. It was scary. I was scared, but we still bravely played football under the downpour. It's not like I was expecting something really bad to happen to us. I wasn't expecting it to rain either, but I was wrong. There were even foreign surfers surfing in the strong waves! It looked like fun! Would like to try it out someday! But compared to other countries, I bet the waves are MUCH BETTER AND MORE FUN than Brunei's! Just saying.

Just after an hour, the rain stopped and they got started and heated up the charcoals! Ashif, I think God answered our prayers! I hope everybody had their chances to eat the barbecued lambs and chickens. Some time in midday, we were wondering where Ashif and Yusree went. Guess where they were? They rented ATVs. Soon, the others also had the urge to rent the ATVs! Lucky for me, I had my chance to roam around the beach! All thanks to Harith for giving me the chance and Omar for paying!

Nevertheless, it has been a great day! Very well spent! Looking forward to another event like this next month again! Thanks for reading!

Happy birthday, Amal!

Happy 18th Birthday to Amalina Isa!
Officially 18 and legal! Can't wait to get your driving license, can you? You will! SOON! I hope you have a memorable birthday with the people you love! May Allah bless you always! Remember: HAVE LOTS OF FUN!! Don't get too stressed out easily. Life's too short to be down and out. ^-^


Kirah gave me a website where when you move your cursor around, you copy faces of Adam of Owl City! It's pretty neat-o, if I do say so myself! I thought Kirah gave me a broken link because there was a blank screen! When I moved the cursor, it started to copy faces of Adam! I decided to move around randomly and create multiple Adams and thought I'd post it up here!

HI ADAM!!!!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy 21st Birthday Fathul!

Our surprise birthday for Fathul - somehow - failed! We were really expecting him to be surprised just how every other successful surprises would be like! This is how it went down:

After Friday prayer, I went over to my dad's place. I had lunch there and I kept myself busy until 3 o'clock. Malai picked me up half an hour after and off we went to buy Fathul's cake at Lof Bakery in Kiulap. I went home for a while after that because I had to change my clothes and to get the keys to their place.

We met up at Fathul's place around 4+. We didn't head up straight because we were still thinking of where to "hide" the cars. At last, they just parked their cars just a block away from their flat. I knew and had a positive feeling that he wasn't going to come home early because the last time he came back from work was at 5:22 pm.

Feeling so calmed and relaxed, we went upstairs while thinking of what to do when he arrived home. We settled down and started planning, but a few minutes in the midst of it, we heard someone budging the door. First person that came to mind? Fathul! We knew it had to be him! Without any hesitation, we automatically TRIED to hide ourselves as quick as we could! I hid behind the door, but sadly, was spotted by Fathul because the door bounced off my sandals. It felt awkward! Birthday boy wasn't surprised! Well, maybe he was a little because I told him that I was at my dad's place. Surely he didn't expect me to be there! Eventually, Malai and Nieza came out - laughing! Because the surprise failed!

Anyhoot, he blew out the candles and there stood a happy man. Unfortunately, the cake wasn't that delicious. It only looked delicious, but really - it's not. At least someone's happy to have found his girlfriend, his brother's girlfriend and his old friend having to show up at his place!

Happy 21st Birthday to Fathul!
Through thick and through thin, at highest highs and lowest lows, you've been and always will be apart of the Brothers! May Allah bless you always!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

SAS Prom Night 2011.

We were invited to St. Andrew's Prom Night 2011 which was held at Polo Club. Only a few members of Aisle of Before could make it; Amin, Harith Waie, Waie Saipol and myself. We didn't have much time to practice the songs - not even a few days before! It's a good thing we had a quick practice at a quiet staircase just beside the stage. Amin was late, but luckily he came right on time. We played 3 songs accordingly:

1) Next 2 You by Chris Brown (ft. Justin Bieber)
2) Don't Let Me Go by The Click Five
3) Lullaby by Dear Juliet

I was nervous and a little worried because Amin forgot some of the lyrics to the songs (except for Lullaby) and I wasn't so sure if Amin could reach up to that high pitch of Chris Brown's, or Justin Bieber. But they're just covers anyway so no big deal. We played one song each turn because there were others performing as well.

It kind of gotten boring for me. As we performed the second song for the night, the audience seemed.. uninterested. There were cheers - but that was only during the first song. Not long after we played the second and third song, everyone was busy doing their thing. Well, we're still grateful to have had the chance to perform despite a long period of hiatus. I just want to say thanks to everyone who enjoyed each and every one of our performances and gave support even though we sucked! Yes, I think we sucked - BIG TIME! I hope you all had a great time tonight and have a blissful day ahead!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gladiators FC 3 - 3 Cobra FC

I think we played one hell of a good match against Gladiators FC yesterday at Maktab Duli field. I played as a lone striker in the first half. I had a few chances which I was unable to convert to goals. We could've won, but Gladiators defended and played well.

In the first half, we somehow carelessly managed to concede 2 goals. Azrin's friend, Haziq who bravely ran up to join the attackers, slotted one for the team.

In the second half, they scored another goal which left us two goals behind. Time was still ticking, but we didn't give up. A beautiful freekick by Harith Waie from yards away left the goalkeeper awed and staring at the game ball which flew right over him and into the net. The last goal was scored from a sloppy freekick taken by me. The ball obviously was going out, but was kept in by one of the midfielders who was guarding the goalpost. Azrin tapped it in cooly and the scoreline was even.

For the record, Afiq received his first yellow card in his entire life! He was really mad, but football is football. Anyhoo, I am expecting another football match with the Cobras. Until next time! Thanks for reading!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Puma V1.11 K i FG - White/Black/Blue

I want this PUMA speed boot! :(

Birthday present? ^-^

Happy 15th birthday, little owlet!

Happy 15th Birthday to Shakirah Rahman!

My little owlet. My ONLY little owlet. Have lots of fun today! Another 3 years and you will officially become AN OWL so spend your time as an owlet wisely! May Allah bless you always with health and prosperity. Everyday, I want you to think that you're not alone as a lonely owl would be when their parents leave the nest because what you can do is to look up at the sky and feel glad that we both are under the same sky! You will always be my little owlet.

Brother B.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happy birthday, Goh & Kyra!

Happy birthday to Goh Qi Hao!
Hope you have a great one! Dude, please update me on Skyrim, alright? I need to know whether it's better than the rest of the Elder Scrolls! Take good care of yourself! May God bless you always, my friend.

Happy birthday to cute princess bibih Kyra Adrienna!
I hope Kyra inda belabih and malu-malu macam dulu lagi. Semoga panjang umur, sihat walafiat and menjadi anak yang solehah. Abang misses you! May Allah bless you always. ;-* XX

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"Project PS3 is ON."

I almost had a rough day yesterday. Seriously. It wasn't really the kind of thing I would have much expected on the start of a good and a relaxing day. Well, at least everything's a-okay now. I am thankful for the understanding we both have and am glad how we worked it out. Really not expecting another soon...

Guess what I did last night? Fathul and Fikri came over, but before they did, Fathul asked me on WhatsApp if I wanted to buy a new PS3 or still wanted to fix my old one. I am planning to get one though. Maybe as soon as mom is done dealing with everything here and there. There as in at our old home. (Don't mind me. I am sort of a mama's boy. Hehehe! :-*) They came over and had the idea to 'solder' something inside White Lightning. (My white PS3. Yes, that's its name!) The brought their own screwdriver, a spoon and a candle. Fathul tried soldering outside and created silver coated splatters which would result inside the PS3 later on. I didn't know that's how you make them! Thing was that the main source to opening the cover of the PS3 had a different type of a screwdriver head. I thought, why not just give it a try, right? I also wanted to see how it would turn out once it's fixed.

We headed out to SKH Department Store in Kiulap. I got myself a new screwdriver with 32 extra heads and a soldering iron. All cost below $25. I know I don't need the screwdriver and the iron at the moment, but I know they would be of great use in the future for me and maybe, perhaps, other people too!

Anyhoot, when we reached home, we started to slowly take the PS3 apart - piece by piece, screw by screw. We got to see what was inside the console and honestly, it was very confusing! Fathul had found a guide on fixing the Yellow Light of Death on the internet. We followed it one step at a time and finally we succeeded in reaching the bottom of the console where we saw the vigorous looking fan. (It looked like a spinner. You know, for the cars. Ok, no.)

To my surprise, it was very VERY dusty! I think that's the cause of the Yellow Light problem; too dusty that the PS3 couldn't keep itself at a steady temperature and BAMMM! - it overheated. We cleaned the PS3 inside out, followed the guide on where to open it up as well as having a video on YouTube. It showed a guy HAIR-DRYING two large chips and eventually spreading glue on them. I did so for about 20 minutes. After that, we put the components back together, but had a few mistakes along the way. We forgot which screws went where so we had to repeat the same job, but we had all night. In the end, we got them together and the PS3 looked as normal as ever. But, the problem still persists. I have no idea why. White Lightning is officially dead since the day it had gotten the YLOD. I miss you already...

Also, some screws were left... umm, unscrewed. I kept them in a safe place so don't worry. Who knows an expert will come over to my place and use his magic fingers. Ok, no. I should've taken pictures of the PS3 being torn apart and them at work. It felt like being in a game workshop - except it's smaller. (And not to mention, HOT!) Well, I'd like to thank Fathul and Fikri for trying to put my PS3 back to its healthy state. Job well done! Thanks again!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy birthday, Hj Khaliq!

Happy 18th Birthday to Ak Haji Abdul Khaliq!

Also known as the 'stache man'! It's been a while since I last met you. I hope you are doing well. May Allah bless you always and may you also achieve your goals in life. Your 17-year old moments are over. Now, it's time to take more responsibilities! Take good care of yourself, partner!


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Question #1.

I posted a question on Twitter and I'm slowly getting replies from people! The question of the day is:


So many wonderful replies! Here are some so far:

yusree abas

a panda!

Ak Haji Abd Khaliq
a silverback gorilla!

bald eagle di, beautiful

Haafiz Amiruddin
a duck
Haafiz Amiruddin
or maybe a fish...

Muhammad Fikri
shark.. lapas tu swim dalam2 laut.. haha.. kalau ikan kana makan tia. short adventure. mau shark.

Ada orang capi-capi~:

∞ Swagnificent ∞
kelaie tu eh kalau Owl sama Eagle bertamu! Haady Putera eh!

But I know she likes it.

Happy birthday, Uncle and Qurr!

Happy 51st Birthday to Uncle Hj Amir Hamzah!
It's been a while. I hope you will enjoy today with your family like you always do! May Allah bless you with many years to come with health and prosperity always! Take good care of yourself!

Happy birthday to Qurr Zulkifli!
You know, I thought today was Ajin's birthday. I even posted birthday greetings on Twitter and Facebook! Until Harith reminded me that today ISN'T his birthday! Malu saya. Well, I hope you have lots of fun with friends and family! May Allah bless you always!

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

La Evolucion!

I find this picture funny. I just knew he's wearing the mask for his broken nose. I hope he doesn't suffer anymore injuries! He has suffered enough! Yet, he is still the best goalkeeper we could ever afford!

Happy birthday, Abang Bayen!

Happy 20th birthday to Bahrin Behrom!
I haven't seen you for ages! Today, I wonder where you've been lately. I just hope everything is okay and well on your side. May Allah bless you with health, prosperity and may plenty of years be given to you to achieve your goals in life! Take good of yourself! Miss you, man! X

Friday, November 04, 2011

An exciting Friday.

I had a exciting experience today! I did mention I was alone at home, right? (Sadly, I still am though.) I decided to not skip Friday prayers and walk a long road to the mosque - alone. On my way out on the road, the shopkeeper who works in a convenient store just a few yards from my place was waiting by the sidewalk. He was waiting for a friend to pick him up. He did ask me to follow him and his friend to the mosque in Bandar, but I declined. Thank you. I said that I was going to Jame 'Al Asr Mosque. I shook his hand, greeted him and I continued my journey.

While I was walking in between SOAS College and the terraces, suddenly, a car drove up beside me. He opened the passenger door and asked me if I was heading to the mosque or not. (Obviously yes, right?) He was a stranger at first. I thanked him for giving me a ride. He asked a lot of questions - if I was Bruneian, my age, where I lived, who lived there etc. I just answered every question truthfully. He said that he usually goes to the mosque in Bandar for Friday prayer, but for the sake of my intention, he insisted on going to Jame. Once we reached there, somehow, he knew where I wanted to go - to the place where I always sit.

After the prayer was over, I just followed him back to his car. I didn't go home straight though. He had something to do in Bandar. I was in no rush so I just followed him. From there, it didn't feel right. It felt like something was about to go down - in a worse way - to me. As if I was thinking he had his buddies over in Bandar to cut my head off or something. Ok, no. No pengait topic. First, he went to Standard Chartered Bank to withdraw some money. I thought he would send me home straight after that, but then he forgot to do one more thing - pay his car insurance at Baiduri Bank. On our way there, he asked me for my name and in return, I asked for his. He said that I will always remember his name no matter what. His name is the 6th day of the week. Yes, Saturday (Sabtu) - with all respect, Haji Sabtu. I waited in the car for a few minutes. It was okay. I felt less scared. I was chatting to Nisa, Fikri and Fathul over the phone. That kept me company. I did think of driving the car away, buuuuuuuuut I didn't want to. I don't want to be a criminal, not ever. Life is too short to get caught up.

After he had settled with his insurance, we stopped by a nearby shop and, to my surprise, he bought me a drink! Can you believe that? He bought Mr. Brown coffee and Seasons Ice Lemon Tea. He held up both drinks and asked me to choose which one I wanted. I let him pick first, but he was too kind. Of course, I picked the ice lemon tea. Out of the blue, I was curious about the national service in Brunei so I asked him if he has heard any news about it lately. Fortunately, he has! He said next month, in December, they will start making the uniforms and whatnot. He is still not sure of the recruit though.

We then reached my place and he dropped me off without even touching a single hair on my head. Thank you, Allah - for lending me a kindhearted man with transport to go to the mosque and bought me a drink to quench my thirst. If it wasn't for all of this, I would've missed the prayer. Alhamdulillah. Here I am home safe and soundly.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Home alone.

I've always wanted to live alone, but right now - it is definitely not the right moment. Mom's away in Mulaut with my little sisters. My other siblings are staying with my dad. I was out with celebrating Fikri's birthday in Tutong. The full Brothers along with his family. Thanks to Fathul, Zul, Afiq, Malai, Nieza and especially the birthday boy for making it happen! It was a great night, indeed!

Thing is, my dad kept on calling me because there was no one at the apartment, no one to lock the door. Now, I feel so lonely as ever! There's not much entertainment BECAUSE:

1) Zul's PS3 had gotten the Yellow Light of Death. It happened when I was playing FIFA 12 with Afiq.
2) No guitar. Zul's borrowing it for a week.
3) No one here, but me.

SIGH. I wish my friends were here. I do. But my mom will be home later on. Well, I'm hoping for a good weekend ahead! :(

Happy birthday! (03/11)

Happy 18th Birthday to Muhammad Fikri!
Happy 17th Birthday to Azimah As!

I hope the both of you enjoy with whatever's to come! Have lots of fun! May Allah bless the both of you. I hope to see or bump into either one of you in the near future. Take good care of yourselves!

Monday, October 31, 2011

RIP Tony the Cichlid

It was close to 12 o'clock. I was playing FIFA 12 when suddenly I heard a shaking noise from inside my aquarium. It was Tony! He was flipping out! He was helplessly swimming sideways, like he was unable to maintain his balance. He kept on flicking the plastic walls of the aquarium and the pebbles. I was afraid because I saw one thing in his eyes - death. I was in a panic so the first thing that came to mind was to get him out of there and into a white container supposedly for fishing baits we used long time ago. I scooped him out of there and put him in a fresh tapwater atmosphere. He was still trying to maintain his balance. I looked on - without a thought of saving his life and more to witnessing his endless suffering. It seemed like he was possessed or something. I quickly opened up my mini guide book on fish health and tried to look up what was the problem. He was breathing rapidly too! Must be a gill infection or something, but a few days before this happened, he was swimming healthily. Maybe it's the new solution I put in. He was also having a skin decay on the left side of his body.

Before he stopped his breathing, he was upside down and a few seconds later, he was deceased. My first ever fish this year and this tragic accident happens. I shouldn't have poured in the new solution. He could've still survived. Now, all there's left in my tank are my two Yellow Cichlids and a sucker fish. I guess I've to take it easy on these few and see how it goes with careful feeding and make sure the water quality isn't as bad as it's going to look. :'(

It was very sad to see him die like that. What more to say when I flushed him down the toilet. He didn't deserve to die like that. He deserved a proper burial - like among the plants on my balcony. He was worth $12. He was also a marvelous type of fish I've ever seen with his primarily metallic blue colour. YOU WILL BE MISSED, TONY!

RIP Tony the Electric Blue Cichlid

Happy birthday(s)!

Happy birthday to Melina Jaini and Fathur Ghani!
I hope you guys are doing well with whatever life keeps bringing you. To Fathur: I hope you liked the toy your brothers and "Kaka Malai" has bought you. Hehe. May Allah bless you guys always. Stay healthy! X

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy birthday, Figgi bua!

Happy 20th Birthday to Afiq Taufiq!
Also known as Figgi Bua/Bboy Goofy - A part of the Brothers for 6 years and counting. Appreciate how we got this far - through thick and through thin. May Allah bless you always and may He shower you with health and prosperity. Whatever you're going through, take it easy, alright? Take care. Love you, man.


Not quite happy about Chelsea's performance and the result last night. We had the chance to trail Manchester United by 1 point again! Torres wasn't seen converting chances, but Sturridge did a great job! We could've won the game. The scoreline was 3 - 5 and the worse part is that we lost at Home. The last two goals blasted by Arsenal's RvP with serious lack of defense.

"Mata should have been man of the match. He assisted the first goal and scored the third. Terry despite scoring the second had an awful game at the back as he was too concerned with pushing forward which led to counter attacks that we couldn't deal with. That exposed us and led to 3/4 of Arsenal's goals." ~David Westcough on Facebook.

The first mistake was Terry tripping allowing RvP to sprint through with the ball and made it past Cech. The second was poor marking by Bosingwa and Cech only had one arm to reach out to the fast and strong ball and failed to keep it out. Well, nevertheless Mata was incredible. Ashley Cole too! No doubt that he's the best left-back in Chelsea! Win or lose, up the Blues!

Congratulations to Manchester United for a 0 - 1 Away win against Everton. And also to Liverpool who is currently leading 2 - 0 against West Brom. Next gameweek awaits!

Friday, October 28, 2011


Nes Mets - first ever nickname given by your one and only. Eseh! I hope you'll enjoy what today brings - with friends and family. May Allah bless you always with health and prosperity! Study smart, aim higher and strive for the better!

Happy 18th Birthday, Nisa Metussin!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Twitter Home page!

Twitter changed its Home page again. Supposedly the Favourite button, the Retweet button and the Reply button are below people's tweets. (NO WARNING KAH?!) But at least it looks (kind of) neat now!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Too good to be true.

Chelsea lost against QPR tonight with an unbelivably 9 men down on the pitch. J. Bosingwa was the first to see a red card and a few minutes after, D. Drogba too. I didn't see the match though, but I'm glad I didn't. If I did, I would be out of my mind! Chelsea didn't deserve to lose. Although with 9 men, Chelsea still stood strong and held the scoreline. QPR just got lucky with a penalty slotted home by Helgusson in the 11th minute. Damn. Well, we could've gotten second place in the premier league table, but all's well that ends well.

Manchester United had a rough day too! They lost against Manchester City (at home) with a scoreline of 1 - 6 with two goals from E. Dzeko and one from D. Silva in the final minutes of stoppages. Smiling faces for Arsenal and Tottenham fans though. Both teams won against their opponents. Well, the next gameweek awaits!

Happy 18th Birthday, Ajeerah Mutalib!
Enjoy your day today with beloved friends and family. May Allah bless you always. Take care!

Monday, October 17, 2011

RIP Baljeet

This is really a shocking news. I stumbled upon my friend's (Calvin Chong) status on Facebook saying that an old friend of his who moved to Canada has, unfortunately, died in a car collision with a semi-truck. I don't believe if this is true, but it's in the news. Death is not to be toyed around with. Read more here:

RIP Baljeet

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy birthday!

Happy 21st Birthday, Zulhilmi Hamzah!
Yep. You're officially (not really) old. Cheer up! May this merry day turn out to be filled with bliss and fun with your family and friends. I hope the best things in life await you in the near future. Take good care of yourself. May Allah bless you always - wherever you are.

3 other friends are having their birthdays today:

Jids Abds, Azim Masri & Mohammad Azinuddin.
Happy birthday, guys! Best wishes.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy birthday, Hafiz!

Happy 20th Birthday to Hafizuddin Borhan!
I know I've wished you on both Twitter and Facebook, but my blog shouldn't be left behind! Hope you have a great day today with friends and family especially eX! May Allah bless you always. See you around!

Baby found in dumpster.

I stumbled upon this shocking picture of a baby on Facebook this morning.

Caption said the baby was found in the dumpster with ants biting on its skin. (You could see the cluster of red spots on its body) Is this in Brunei? Whoever did this has a really evil heart! How dare they just dump the baby somewhere it doesn't belong! So cruel of the person to do such a thing! I hope the baby is in a stable condition and will survive the process.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Farewell, Steve Jobs.

I am not a big fan of an Apple product, but this guy (above) - named Steve Jobs - has died at the age of 56. By reading an article on the internet, he died October 5th, 2011 due to cancer. That's like, after the release of the new iPhone 4S. I don't have much to say, but I hope he rests in peace. A kind of man who "immeasurably" changed the world doesn't deserve to be treated badly in the afterlife.

.Apple will not be the same.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011


Some people nowadays don't have hearts to mind people's businesses. Seriously though. I don't understand why they would take something which is apparently not theirs. Why? Are you not happy with the way life is treating you? So you just stick your nose in and start making a (big) mess? Making things worse? No. You are making a fool out of yourself. Things might turn out happy and peaceful for you in the beginning, but - someway and someday - you'll get what's coming to you.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

We will all float on okay.

I am currently with Fikri, Fathul, Afiq and Amin in Gadong. First, Afiq had his car washed. We left it be and headed to The Mall. We had lunch at West Street Cafe. I didn't eat thought. Only had a Coke Float. It's been a while since I last had one. After that, I decided to shop for a jacket. I even bought one actually - a brown jacket. After a 30% discount, I only had to pay $34. There was this one dark blue jacket which cost at a fixed price of $23 after a 50% discount, but I already have that colour.

After buying my jacket, they went to fetch their car at the car wash while me and Amin headed to ZaZa Saloon. He looks gayer than ever now! :D Now we're sending him home and continue our cruise. Hopefully I'll update more later. Before I forget:

Happy belated 16th Birthday to Nurhafizah Hamzah!
I hope you're doing well. Take good care of yourself in whatever you're doing now. Study smart and live a healthy lifestyle! May Allah bless you always.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hello, FIFA 12!

Hello! It's been a while since I last updated my blog. I've been busy lately. Omar needed company to Gadong last night and guess what both of us bought? FIFA 12! I was told that no matter how good you are in FIFA 11, when it comes to FIFA 12, you're shit. I mean, TOTAL shit. There's this new defense system they added in. As in, you need to defend - professionally and not go all out. Possession is important, but other than this, most of the players have improved in their abilities and attributes! I am more to stressing over FIFA 12 than having fun. Seriously. Imagine Chelsea losing to QPR about a dozen times over! It's embarrassing!

Anyhoot, how is life treating you at the moment? Mine's swell! Not to mention that my big examination is around the corner. It's less than 2 weeks to it and I admit that I am not ready. I regret for not taking the time up to revise even for an hour or two in the past few days. Gotta pull myself together and start revising!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I can't believe it worked!

My good friend, Haji Khaliq, gave me a link to a video showing how to eject a stuck disc inside a yellow-lighted PS3. I did EXACTLY what the man did; Irishman, to be exact. I'd like to thank Haji Khaliq for supporting me and the Irishman for demonstrating how to eject the disc! I didn't know it was THAT simple! Why didn't I think of it in the first place. Maybe I was too caught up in getting the disc out - by force. This is, by far, a relief, indeed!

I just remembered about the CD when I wanted to play it earlier. Zul borrowed me his brother's PS3. So, like, I temporarily have a PS3 now until I buy a new one after my O level examinations. Thanks again, Liq!

Games I'd love to have!

First, I'd like to point out that Facebook has changed its top bar. Lookie!

Kind of looks like Twitter's, but smaller and less options-er. Ok, what. But yeah. Just for the heck of it.

Anyhoo, I went out with Zul earlier to have breakfast in Gadong. I had SCR and the drink I have been craving for, Teh C Special. Thanks for the offer! After that, we walked around for a while checking out games, t-shirts and some DVDs. Speaking of games, I was so outdated! I didn't know what were the new releases until then. There were some PS3 games which caught my eyes. Those are:

1.) Deus Ex: Human Revolution (IGN Score: 9.0)

Release Date: August 23, 2011
Also on: PC, X360
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Eidos Studios - Montreal
Expansions: Deus Ex: Human Revolution The Missing Link,
M for Mature: Blood, Drug Reference, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Use of Alcohol

It looks like a fun game! Zul said it's like Fallout - your actions determine your ending. Good or evil. These kind of games, I LOVE!

2.) Warhammer 40,000: Spacemarine (IGN Score: 7.5)

Release Date: September 06, 2011
Also on: PC, X360
Genre: Third-Person Shooter
Publisher: THQ
Developer: Relic
M for Mature: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence

I played the game for a short while and it reminds me of Bulletstorm! The graphics are nice and I'm sure it would be NICER if I were to own it. (Soon, my friend... Soon...)

3.) L.A. Noire (IGN Score: 8.5)

Release Date: May 17, 2011
Also on: X360
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Developer: Team Bondi
Expansions: L.A. Noire: Reefer Madness, L.A. Noire: Nicholson Electroplating L.A. Noire: A Slip of the Tongue, L.A. Noire: The Naked City,
M for Mature: Blood and Gore, Nudity, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Use of Drugs, Violence

This game, I have been wanting for so long. Ever since it's been released! I even kept a note of it! Crime solving, investigating murders, chasing crooks, hunting down serial killers - this is the type of game anyone would want to play! Since it's under Rockstar Games, I'm sure it feels like Grand Theft Auto. MUST BUY!