Wednesday, November 23, 2011

SAS Prom Night 2011.

We were invited to St. Andrew's Prom Night 2011 which was held at Polo Club. Only a few members of Aisle of Before could make it; Amin, Harith Waie, Waie Saipol and myself. We didn't have much time to practice the songs - not even a few days before! It's a good thing we had a quick practice at a quiet staircase just beside the stage. Amin was late, but luckily he came right on time. We played 3 songs accordingly:

1) Next 2 You by Chris Brown (ft. Justin Bieber)
2) Don't Let Me Go by The Click Five
3) Lullaby by Dear Juliet

I was nervous and a little worried because Amin forgot some of the lyrics to the songs (except for Lullaby) and I wasn't so sure if Amin could reach up to that high pitch of Chris Brown's, or Justin Bieber. But they're just covers anyway so no big deal. We played one song each turn because there were others performing as well.

It kind of gotten boring for me. As we performed the second song for the night, the audience seemed.. uninterested. There were cheers - but that was only during the first song. Not long after we played the second and third song, everyone was busy doing their thing. Well, we're still grateful to have had the chance to perform despite a long period of hiatus. I just want to say thanks to everyone who enjoyed each and every one of our performances and gave support even though we sucked! Yes, I think we sucked - BIG TIME! I hope you all had a great time tonight and have a blissful day ahead!


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