Thursday, November 03, 2011

Home alone.

I've always wanted to live alone, but right now - it is definitely not the right moment. Mom's away in Mulaut with my little sisters. My other siblings are staying with my dad. I was out with celebrating Fikri's birthday in Tutong. The full Brothers along with his family. Thanks to Fathul, Zul, Afiq, Malai, Nieza and especially the birthday boy for making it happen! It was a great night, indeed!

Thing is, my dad kept on calling me because there was no one at the apartment, no one to lock the door. Now, I feel so lonely as ever! There's not much entertainment BECAUSE:

1) Zul's PS3 had gotten the Yellow Light of Death. It happened when I was playing FIFA 12 with Afiq.
2) No guitar. Zul's borrowing it for a week.
3) No one here, but me.

SIGH. I wish my friends were here. I do. But my mom will be home later on. Well, I'm hoping for a good weekend ahead! :(

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