Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy 21st Birthday Fathul!

Our surprise birthday for Fathul - somehow - failed! We were really expecting him to be surprised just how every other successful surprises would be like! This is how it went down:

After Friday prayer, I went over to my dad's place. I had lunch there and I kept myself busy until 3 o'clock. Malai picked me up half an hour after and off we went to buy Fathul's cake at Lof Bakery in Kiulap. I went home for a while after that because I had to change my clothes and to get the keys to their place.

We met up at Fathul's place around 4+. We didn't head up straight because we were still thinking of where to "hide" the cars. At last, they just parked their cars just a block away from their flat. I knew and had a positive feeling that he wasn't going to come home early because the last time he came back from work was at 5:22 pm.

Feeling so calmed and relaxed, we went upstairs while thinking of what to do when he arrived home. We settled down and started planning, but a few minutes in the midst of it, we heard someone budging the door. First person that came to mind? Fathul! We knew it had to be him! Without any hesitation, we automatically TRIED to hide ourselves as quick as we could! I hid behind the door, but sadly, was spotted by Fathul because the door bounced off my sandals. It felt awkward! Birthday boy wasn't surprised! Well, maybe he was a little because I told him that I was at my dad's place. Surely he didn't expect me to be there! Eventually, Malai and Nieza came out - laughing! Because the surprise failed!

Anyhoot, he blew out the candles and there stood a happy man. Unfortunately, the cake wasn't that delicious. It only looked delicious, but really - it's not. At least someone's happy to have found his girlfriend, his brother's girlfriend and his old friend having to show up at his place!

Happy 21st Birthday to Fathul!
Through thick and through thin, at highest highs and lowest lows, you've been and always will be apart of the Brothers! May Allah bless you always!

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