Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"Project PS3 is ON."

I almost had a rough day yesterday. Seriously. It wasn't really the kind of thing I would have much expected on the start of a good and a relaxing day. Well, at least everything's a-okay now. I am thankful for the understanding we both have and am glad how we worked it out. Really not expecting another soon...

Guess what I did last night? Fathul and Fikri came over, but before they did, Fathul asked me on WhatsApp if I wanted to buy a new PS3 or still wanted to fix my old one. I am planning to get one though. Maybe as soon as mom is done dealing with everything here and there. There as in at our old home. (Don't mind me. I am sort of a mama's boy. Hehehe! :-*) They came over and had the idea to 'solder' something inside White Lightning. (My white PS3. Yes, that's its name!) The brought their own screwdriver, a spoon and a candle. Fathul tried soldering outside and created silver coated splatters which would result inside the PS3 later on. I didn't know that's how you make them! Thing was that the main source to opening the cover of the PS3 had a different type of a screwdriver head. I thought, why not just give it a try, right? I also wanted to see how it would turn out once it's fixed.

We headed out to SKH Department Store in Kiulap. I got myself a new screwdriver with 32 extra heads and a soldering iron. All cost below $25. I know I don't need the screwdriver and the iron at the moment, but I know they would be of great use in the future for me and maybe, perhaps, other people too!

Anyhoot, when we reached home, we started to slowly take the PS3 apart - piece by piece, screw by screw. We got to see what was inside the console and honestly, it was very confusing! Fathul had found a guide on fixing the Yellow Light of Death on the internet. We followed it one step at a time and finally we succeeded in reaching the bottom of the console where we saw the vigorous looking fan. (It looked like a spinner. You know, for the cars. Ok, no.)

To my surprise, it was very VERY dusty! I think that's the cause of the Yellow Light problem; too dusty that the PS3 couldn't keep itself at a steady temperature and BAMMM! - it overheated. We cleaned the PS3 inside out, followed the guide on where to open it up as well as having a video on YouTube. It showed a guy HAIR-DRYING two large chips and eventually spreading glue on them. I did so for about 20 minutes. After that, we put the components back together, but had a few mistakes along the way. We forgot which screws went where so we had to repeat the same job, but we had all night. In the end, we got them together and the PS3 looked as normal as ever. But, the problem still persists. I have no idea why. White Lightning is officially dead since the day it had gotten the YLOD. I miss you already...

Also, some screws were left... umm, unscrewed. I kept them in a safe place so don't worry. Who knows an expert will come over to my place and use his magic fingers. Ok, no. I should've taken pictures of the PS3 being torn apart and them at work. It felt like being in a game workshop - except it's smaller. (And not to mention, HOT!) Well, I'd like to thank Fathul and Fikri for trying to put my PS3 back to its healthy state. Job well done! Thanks again!

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