Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fun fun fun at Tungku Beach!

OH MY GOODNESS! I had so much fun at Tungku Beach with the amigos today! Harith Waie and Omar brought chickens and Ajin brought lambs! I knew it was going to be a great barbecue! I could tell from the number of people present and the sunny weather!

The first ones to arrive.

Unfortunately, it slowly started to get dark and drizzle. I thought we were going to cancel the barbecue, but not even one of the guys complained! It suddenly rained just a few minutes after they set up the barbecue grill.

Despite the rainy weather, we still waited patiently for the weather to settle down to make the barbecue happen. Everyone kept themselves busy. Oh! Ajin and Ruzaini brought their girlfriends along to join in the fun. When it started to rain heavily, all of us weren't sheltered except for them! They took shelter in Afiq's car. I hope they were comfortable! But no worries! At least they didn't get wet! There were thunders. It was scary. I was scared, but we still bravely played football under the downpour. It's not like I was expecting something really bad to happen to us. I wasn't expecting it to rain either, but I was wrong. There were even foreign surfers surfing in the strong waves! It looked like fun! Would like to try it out someday! But compared to other countries, I bet the waves are MUCH BETTER AND MORE FUN than Brunei's! Just saying.

Just after an hour, the rain stopped and they got started and heated up the charcoals! Ashif, I think God answered our prayers! I hope everybody had their chances to eat the barbecued lambs and chickens. Some time in midday, we were wondering where Ashif and Yusree went. Guess where they were? They rented ATVs. Soon, the others also had the urge to rent the ATVs! Lucky for me, I had my chance to roam around the beach! All thanks to Harith for giving me the chance and Omar for paying!

Nevertheless, it has been a great day! Very well spent! Looking forward to another event like this next month again! Thanks for reading!

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