Saturday, April 30, 2011

Chelsea thrashed. (Sorry, Chels)

Ashif is chilling over at my place now and we played three crazy matches! (Third's the craziest!) He played using Chelsea whereas I played using Tottenham. I lost two matches in a row, but came back and whooped his ass in the third match. And the scoreline was too many to fit the final scoreboard. Here it is:

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tell me again, my dear.

I don't know where to start and when to stop. Let's say I'm chasing something that's not even there to chase after. I keep on running that she's so far behind. I don't understand why she won't accept my apology. It's not like I'm asking for a proposal or anything. I just want us to be friends and she, kind of, exaggerates. Actions speak louder than words, I know. But sometimes, the hardest thing to say is usually worth saying. Show me that you're old enough to think about this and not take this as a game for you to play with. So sorry for the person I became. So sorry that it took so long for me to change. I'm ready to be sure I never become that way again. I know I've said sorry a thousand times, but just a thousand and one more. Will you be waiting here?

My mom knows the problem I'm currently having and she sent me a long thoughtful message. Don't worry. I'll be alright. I've been through it and I hope I won't suffer as much as I did before. Thanks, Ma. You're the best! Also, to the others who have given me utmost support from the beginning. I don't know how else to thank you enough.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Holy sh1t f*ck!

I was browsing around Megalikes and stumbled upon a page. It says this:

Still remember about the 9/11 incident ? Well, try this. Open up Microsoft words. Type in Q33 NY. (Q33 NY is the flight that crashed into the twin tower.) Highlight it and change your font size to 48. Then change your font to Wingdings. You'll be surprised ;)
^^ holy sh1t f*ck :O

I tried it and it was a total holy "sh1t f*ck"! Coincidence, no?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Car collision in front of SAS.

I was walking back from SOASC and was waiting at the usual place (below the green signboard) with my brother, Malik. Suddenly, we heard loud thumps which seemed like two tires popping. But it weren't no tires, but a car collision! The innocent ice-cream truck was also hit! I think it went something like this (though I didn't witness the accident):

A black family fan crashed onto another black van and maybe it ricocheted into the right rear end of the ice-cream truck! The second black van then bumped onto another car and another so on. Altogether, four cars were involved and an ice-cream truck! I wonder how he felt when he was busy preparing ice-cream for his customers. I pity the ice-cream man. Maybe the man whom has caused all this was dizzy or something, or didn't clearly see what was in front of him. P/S: This is just a prediction!

I saw a lady rubbing the head of her child. I think that boy bumped his head, but no serious injuries though. I hope not. Ambulance was there! So to all you drivers out there, drive safe, wear your seatbelts and there's nothing to be worried about!

I wrote a letter and I hope I wrote it good. I suck in letter writing. >:| I also hope you enjoy the box of chocolates!

Lookie what my sister found!

It seems like I lost a tooth or two back then. I didn't know I could pose like that!

Click to enlarge photo.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Penunggu Istana.

Amal, Ashif, Omar and I watched 'Penunggu Istana' earlier. It was like one of those paranormal activities, but in Malay. I didn't want to watch it, but they kind of forced me to. My ticket was paid for, so I had no choice but to go anyway. Amalina had to go early because she was following Badj home. The three of us -- sat together and enjoyed the show. It wasn't that bad except for the fact that two of its actors died in the movie. I'm still thinking if they died for real or not. DID THEY?! :'( 'Cause if they do, that'd be totally sad! If you feel like watching a paranormal activity movie (Malay version), you should watch this! Four stars are enough to rate this movie, I guess. Hehehe!

I'd like to thank Ashif for the wonderful gifts from KL and to the person who paid for my movie ticket!

Happy 17th Birthday to Amin Tamrin!

Have fun with school, new friends, activities that you might have been doing lately and most important of all - your new girlfriend, SRBR. Lol. Enjoy today filled with fun and happiness! Don't let sadness bring you down. Be wise and not irresponsible and you wrote that when you were 16 years old on Cobra FC's wallpost. Too much info? OK. I'm going to stop now. May Allah bless you.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy birthday to me.

I'd like to thank each and every one of you for the warmest wishes and thoughtful greetings that I have received via Facebook, Twitter, SMS and Whatsapp. Not forgetting to mention the 12 AM tweet greets! I've lived on through another year for now I am a 17-year old. Another precious year ahead of me and I hope for good things and positivity to be on my side this time. To be honest, it has been a wonderful journey, indeed! Thank you for being there for me at most random times as possible - every one of you! Whatever that I have done that has involved you in my current life has made me who I am today - a blessed and thankful boy. I'd also like to thank the Brothers for bringing me to Miri today. Zul couldn't make it due to personal problems, but it's okay! There's always next time! NEVER SAY NEVER! Thank goodness we reached Miri and back home safe and soundly.

I spent less than RM400 in Miri today. I bought myself new speakers to replace my old one! Logitech beats Altec Lansing, or the other way 'round. Anyway, at least I didn't go home empty-handed! First destination was the Boulevard. That's where I bought a 5m AUX cable for Fathul/Fikri - whoever's it is. Also, the first place where I surveyed for the speakers. Next stop was Parkson. This is where the fun starts! They recommended a restaurant called "Sushi King" just because it's not anywhere in Brunei. As soon as we were seated next to the conveyor belt sushi, we started to grab anything that interested us! Surprisingly, we ate more than 30 plates!

Fathul and Fikri then had to go because they had some picking up to do. So Afiq and I were left. I wanted to check out for the new speakers which I had in mind so we went up to this store called "PCiMAGE". This Logitech speakers caught my eye and it cost about RM199! Afiq asked one of the salesmen for me and proceeded to checkout. Oh yes! I did the most kindest thing too! I gave RM200 and the cashier gave me RM2 in return. From there, I knew something didn't feel right.

I thought to myself, "Why did she give me RM2 as change when I gave RM200 for a RM199 item?"

I went back and was honest with myself. Her look immediately changed and apologized. It's okay, saleslady! I could've gotten away with an extra RM1 in my hand anyway! Just joking! Now, I'm back home safe. Thanks to Afiq for the sweet ride and time. As to Fathul and Fikri for the company and laughs. I even video recorded the trip to Miri. The audio might not be clear, but may it be a tribute to my beloved birthday! I will upload it soon enough! Pictures too!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Sudden blackout?

I was in the midst of playing FIFA 11 when suddenly the whole neighbourhood blacked out! Probably in some other areas too! Fathul, Fikri, Afiq and I just got back from cruising 'round Kuala Belait and were just about to chill and relax ourselves. Fikri was talking about the night Afiq came over to my place because his place suffered a blackout. Well, it seems like he jinxed it tonight. It's starting to get hot here and I'm feeling uncomfortable by the minute. I'm afraid my mobile phone/laptop will run out of battery (yet I'm still blogging. Lol.) and nothing will entertain me further into the night. Why weren't we informed about this power down? Sigh. Thank goodness I have my iPod with me and luckily, it's fully charged! This'll keep me company. Also, I'm having a candle lit up on my table right next to me which was given by my mom. You know, she actually went down and tried to flip the switch inside the power box back on, but to no avail. From then she realized that the whole area was blacked out.

The guys went home a few minutes later. Have a safe journey back to your places. It's dark so watch out for the roads unless you've reached light.

Is someone meddling with the power boxes? Earth Hour? It can't be. I absolutely have NO idea.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

2nd anni. to Q-Girl and Zully.

Happy Belated 2nd Anniversary to Zul and Qidah!

(Supposedly on April 19th, 2011)
Glad that you guys have made it this far! Whatever the problems, solve 'em. Whatever the weaknesses, resist 'em. Through up's and down's, please be there for each other. Stay strong, guys!

"Enjoy Bieber. Enjoy KL. Enjoy life."

Before I forget, I'd like to wish a good friend of mine, Ashif, and his family a safe flight for they're flying off to Kuala Lumpur today. I'm guessing they're up in the air now, or maybe still waiting in the boarding terminal. Anyway, have fun in Malaysia although it's only for a while. I wish you were in school on Saturday. I guess I'll have to handle it myself now. Talk soon, bro!

Weird dream.

WI was shocked to see Arsenal's result against Tottenham this morning! It was a draw with a scoreline of 3 all - ALMOST the same as the result Ashif and I got when we played FIFA 11; ironically, with the same team even! (except when we played against each other, Tottenham (me) scored 4 goals and Arsenal (Ashif) scored only 3) Lol. Well, now that Chelsea's in the second place after winning against Birmingham. (1 - 3) Proud to be a Blue! Cnn Chelsea win the title race? KEEP THE BLUE FLAG FLYING HIGH!


Oh yes! About my weird dream, you wouldn't believe what happened! OK. It started off with me dressing up in the school's auditorium. As a new school teacher, I headed down to the corridor to find anyone that I could find. Lol. Just as I stepped out of the auditorium, I knew I was in SMJA or some sort because the students walking around were wearing light blue pants (Aiman was there too, but we'll get to that later). But I had no idea on how the school in my dream looked like though. After a few moments later, the school bell rung and all of us headed into this long dining-like hall. Boys and girls were separated into two groups. Basically, it was one long queue of boys and another long queue of girls. Lol. It gets weirder! I was nervous and didn't want to attract any attention so I just walked all the way to the end of the hall with my head down and eventually gathered with the teachers there.

Suddenly, about four to five girls in pink baju kurong walked by us. The last girl collapsed and started crying on the floor. I didn't know what actually happened so I just stared away. The teachers were chattering away, curious about what's going on. I walked past one of the teachers and I couldn't believe my eyes! It was a ghost! Yes, a ghost! It seemed like the girl was possessed or some sort. The ghost was just standing there smiling at me. Hilarious thing happened then! I automatically changed into a "kung-fu stance" and recited the Al-fatihah and another doa. The ghost floated away in tears and went outside, yet I still chased after her. When I went outside of the hall, she was already gone. Ahh! I wish to not have that kind of dream EVER again!

There are more, but I'm too lazy to type it all down here. I might sound like I'm exaggerating, but I'm telling the truth! LOL.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy birthday, U.Hafiz!

Happy 20th Birthday to dearest uncle, Hafiz Samid!

Hoep you had a blast today! Sorry I've not been around lately. Gosh, I miss the old times where we used to hang out at your place mansion. Hahaha! Stay safe and healthy, brother. Loves.

Good day!

Ashif is chilling over at my place now. Good timing too because I was home alone. Lol. We played two matches of FIFA 11 earlier.

1st Match
(Ashif) Liverpool 0 - 5 Arsenal (Me)

2nd Match
(Ashif) Arsenal 3 - 4 Tottenham

I scored the last minute goal and he was immediately in deep mode. We're going to work out soon!

*Updated* And boy we had a good 30-minute workout! Ashif couldn't take it much longer. LOL! JK ONLY LAH! We had a good chill out session and I felt glad that he was there to accompany the man of the house. Next time again. Okay, bro? :3

Around 7, Fathul picked me up because he had something urgent to do. Unexpectedly, we ate out in a restaurant in Sengkurong where his dad was. Free food means great meal! Thanks again, guys!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy birthday, Wafi!

Before I forget, I'd like to wish our noble #5 of Cobra F.C. a happy birthday!

Happy 17th Birthday to Wafi Rosly!

May Allah bless you always, big guy. Best wishes.

Boring Sunday.

It has been a boring Sunday. The Brothers Day Out was cancelled because:

1) Zul couldn't make it.
2) Afiq forgot about it and he was already on his way to KB.

So instead of eating out, the three of us (Fathul, Fikri and I) had our own picnic at their place. We bought the ingredients and spent less than $15. Thanks for the meal, guys. Basically, I feel like it's an unproductive Sunday for me. I wish there were more exciting things I could do in life right now. Well, I'll see how the next week treats me.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fun fun fun.

It's Saturday and it's boring. Yeah, I guess that's all I can say for today. Oh, Chelsea's leading 3 to 1 against West Bromwich A. GO CHELS!!

And that wraps it up! As what @chelseafc tweeted:

3-1 FT. Excellent, controlled performance. Seven league matches without defeat now for the Blues #cfc

Okay. I'm so bored right now. Help, anyone?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Never Say Never.

Before I went for my Friday prayer, I overheard Mu'izzah on the phone with my mom. They were talking about Hakiim going to the movies to watch Justin Bieber's Never Say Never in 3D with his schoolmates! I showed no interest, but my mom talked about it again in the car. She even suggested to bring two of my little sisters. I've never brought my little sisters to the movie before so I thought, why not just go and spend time with them? Mom wanted to tag along, but there was nobody home.

When we reached the Mall, we quickly headed up and bought the tickets because the word 'FEW' was blinking on the list of movies screen. I bumped into my cousin, Farrah. She's so short! (No offense.) Just another head of mine and we're at the same height! The last time we met (which was so long ago), we're the same! She kept on nagging about offering her a movie or two. Lol. Maybe next time! ^_^ I even met Aiman too! He was sitting on the stairs of the cinema. Typical resting place, I guess.

Having our tickets checked, we grabbed our 3D goggles and went inside and searched for our seats. I was feeling a bit dizzy because I had to wear the goggle on top of my spectacles. I didn't expect any fun or excitement throughout the whole movie. As soon as the screen showed Justin Bieber's face, everybody in the cinema started screaming, endearing and applauding as if we were really watching it live! Overall, to my surprise, the movie was awesome! I liked how he performs live and makes the audience go wild. It's a documentary of how he got famous. I don't want to spoil the whole thing so might as well watch it for yourself. Mu'izzah told me that she cried twice! Honestly, Never Say Never is unbelievably exciting! We had KFC after that. I hope it was enough to fill up their stomachs! Hoping for a next big-brother-and-little-sister quality time again!

Not forgetting to mention the gay boys we bumped into after our meal - Harith Waie and Omar. Been awhile, guys. See you around!

Oh, it was their friend's birthday today as well! Happy birthday to you!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


School was okay as usual. Good thing is that there were lots of free periods! I spent most of my time hanging out in the library with Sahrul and Ashif. They even took pictures! Lol. Frankly, I am getting used to coming to class alone (first few days was with Ashif). Also, the teacher confirmed with me that my name is in the class-list. All is good, I guess.

The boy behind all the photo takings.
So-called "Mercurial" Sahrul mentioned about. Lol.

Anyway, when I walked over to St. Andrew's, I waited at the usual area I used to wait (below the signboard). From afar, I saw a Mercedez which I am very familiar with. It was coming towards my way and eventually pulled over in front of me. Nor was in the car, but she didn't see me. I approached her and then she realized. We had a little chat about school life. Nice to see you, Ken!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

'My Little Owlet' out now!

I've just released a new track entitled 'My Little Owlet'. I started on this last night and managed to finish it quickly. This is going to be the sixth track on 2011's album, Hiatus. I hope you enjoy listening to it!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Déjà vu all over again..

I don't think I'll be able to watch Chelsea's game against Manchester United tonight - AGAIN! Mom has not yet activated the Astro SmartCard in the living room, but had done it for the one in her bedroom. Not fair. Viewing the scores online is just not as exciting as watching the match live! I'm bored now. I just hope someone could bring me out tonight to watch the game or just hang out.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

SAS 44th Sports Meet.

Today is St. Andrew's 44th Annual Sports Meet, or in other words; Sports Day which was held at Padang Kebajikan. There were so many familiar faces. I had no company at first. Lucky for me, my mother and my little sisters were there. Some of my ex-classmates were there too! You know who you are. Harith Waie and Amin participated in the invitational run for the ex-SAS running team. Apparently, Amin told me that they were disqualified because one of his runners grabbed the metal baton before the first yellow line on the track. There's next year, guys! Don't worry. I spent the rest of the day with Afiq and Amin. Thanks, guys!

As for my two brothers, Hakiim got a silver and a bronze for his events and Malik got gold! Proud 'o ya! I could believe my eyes when I saw the scoreboard in the middle of the field. Here are the results as follows:









Cornwall came close to Macdougall just by one point despite winning their tug-of-war. But Danson has done magnificently well this year with 400+ points, smoking the other houses! I think Danson has been champions for 5 straight years! Or was it 4. I'm not sure, but when Amin and I flipped through the pages of the sports information, Danson and Cornwall was in a tie with both having become champions 12 times! Not bad. Congratulations to all four houses for the marvelous show that was put on today with a supportive crowd! I'm sure everyone went home with a smile on their faces! Such unbelievable spirits unleashed from each and every one of you guys.

I followed Afiq back home and eventually went to McDonald's. We bumped into Syam and Badj along with her sisters. We had our laughs and it was fun! Thanks again, guys!

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Happy birthday, Fido!

Happy 22nd Birthday, Fidz Hussain!

I hope you've had such a great day so far, Fido! It has been a long time since we last met! You know, what I noticed about you is that - you keep changing. Not in attitude, but in body shape! Lol. No offense, okay. Sometimes, you are chubby. Sometimes, you are not. Anyway, don't forget your nephew here. May Allah bless you always. Love you.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Happy birthday, Basti!

Happy 28th Birthday, Derick Co!

I met this guy on TibiaME. His IGN is Basti. He's Filipino, by the way. It started off when Fikri invited him into the guild and we got along when the EP share was still around. Red ice dragons, flames, king dragons etc. - we've hunted these together before. Basti is a good man. He has helped us in many ways. I hope you enjoy your birthday today, bro. Take care. Hope all is well in the Philippines! May God bless you.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Talk about spamming..

Meet Myron "Banks". He gave me a Chinese name - Lim Jun Fer. LOL!

Not bad for a rookie.

I walked to SOASC from SAS for the first time. Crossed the first road and had to wait anxiously to cross the second. Coincidentally, Ashif's car stopped for me to pass. I'm guessing he was going to get dropped off at the school entrance, but instead, he went down and together we walked to school. Slowly, I am beginning to blend in with the people in SOASC. It's not a bad place to be in after all! This morning, I had five free periods straight! Ashif and Sahrul had classes in the third/fourth period so I was left alone in the library - reading Singapore's True Ghost Stories or whatever it's called. Haafiz was there, but I didn't bother to move because I was lazy and cold. We then headed down to the canteen a few minutes before break. We sat at our usual place while telling old stories during our primary moments. Ahh, I miss 'em already!

After break, I had Bahasa Melayu with Haafiz and Khaliq. Too bad I'm not in the same class as Sahrul. It was my first BM class and it wasn't so bad. OH! There are two other students who has similar names as I do! One was called Hadi (spelling?), but the teacher called him 'Hadi Nakal'. The other has ALMOST the same as my name, but just a little change on the spelling -- Ak Abdul Hadee. Lol. After two periods of BM, it was free periods all the way until dismissal time. The teacher wasn't in for Combined Science. I still wonder where he is..

After I crossed the road to SAS's area, I had to use the toilet. Some surprisingly said hello. One even touched my shoulder and waved even from a short distance. Sweet and caring people of SAS. ♥ The primary section has changed, I could see. They've set up some sort of louvers as shades/designs, I guess. I don't know how to describe it well though. I should've taken a picture of it, but that idea didn't come to mind.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011


Third day of school (supposedly the second, but I skipped it because my hair was long) was amazing! I had a meet-and-greet session with a few of my classmates (including the three stooges namely Nasrul, Faiz and Yazin) who came up to me and introduced themselves. Others recognized me, but skipped the intro. When I first stepped in the class, everyone was looking at me like as if I was in the wrong class. But slowly, Ashif told them that I'm new there and that I was his classmate back in St. Andrew's.

Also, today I started my Combined Science and Commerce classes. For Combined Science, the class was crowded because students from other classes joined in as well! If I'm not mistaken, the teacher head counted and got 57 students as a result! Boy, we definitely need a bigger venue. I didn't get the teacher's name because he didn't introduce himself properly, but by looking at the way he joked around with all of us earlier, I think he'd make a great science teacher! As for Commerce, only a few students were in and the teacher's not so bad. A new friend, Faiz, who never took commerce in his entire life because he took computer instead, sat for the class. Surprisingly, he answered most of the teacher's questions asked. Lol. Funny guy.

A few minutes before break, I chilled out in the canteen with Haafiz and Haji Khaliq. They had no classes (except for after break) so I joined them, because I had no classes as well, until we talked our way through break (not exactly). Lol. What is up with me and brackets?!

In the last hour, I went to the library with Sahrul, Rae, Ashif and Ameer Husaini (Ashif's long lost brother. LOL!) He's a good guy. I look forward to improve our friendship - and so goes to my other mates in 5R2!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

New haircut as of today!


Happy birthday, TT and VN!

Happy Birthday to Tasha Tang!

Happy 16th Birthday to Vinesh Nair!

This post reminds me of last year's, but with different birthday fonts. Anyhoo, I hope you both have so much fun today! To my happy west coast friend, you don't know how I feel to have called you my HWCF in the first place. My first NZ buddy. May God bless you both.

Monday, April 04, 2011

9 Ways To Pee.


I guess that proves the fact that men's lives are much more -- I don't know, harder? Lol.

Man finds dead mouse in Monster drink. Fake?

I couldn't believe the article after reading @MizahHamzah's tweet! A man finds a dead mouse in the Monster Energy drink in Washington. Click HERE to read more!

Just a thought: How was he able to finish up the Monster drink without even realizing that there's a dead mouse in it? Wouldn't the mouse be covering up the drinking hole every time he takes a sip or something? I mean, obviously the mouse IS heavy. Or maybe he finished drinking, cut open the tin and dropped the dead mouse in there so therefore, he'll sue the company and get $$. Just saying. (Thank for the extra thought, Kanoi!)

Charlie Bit Me (Arabian)


Officially a SOAS student.

I couldn't sleep well last night because I knew I'd be wondering what it would be like if I started school today. I had a fresh shower. Putting on the uniform felt good - what more to say about the tie. I'm borrowing Fikri's "OL" tie so I needn't to worry.

I have to say, first day of school was great! Just as soon as I walked out of the registration room, Sahrul, Ashif and my cousin, Rae were there to fetch me. I got to meet my old friend, Haafizilah. Been a long time, pal. I even made friends with the new guy too! His name is Shane. Hard to believe, but he has already got 5 Os in his hands and yet, he still goes to school. The reason why? He said that his parents are not -- satisfied with his results. I think this is most common to some parents, or not. By looking at my timetable, I have LOADS of free periods because I'm only taking 5 subjects. Today, I only went in one class which was English. In fact, the English teacher is pretty awesome too! His name is Mr. Robert. He's funny and lame, but a cool teacher to have. No doubt about that!

Only had three periods of English and the rest, well, we just stood around. I'd hate to say about what happened today. Something dreadful happened. Word will go around. I don't know if it's me or what, but coincidentally, fights happened just when a new guy came to school and had his first day; me.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Cobras OTG. [Pt. 1]

Wew! I had so much fun with Cobra F.C. today! I didn't play with my spectacles on because I was afraid it might get damaged; just like the old one. (Wasn't wearing any contact lenses either.) Overall, the game was stupendous! Although everything was such a blur, it didn't bother me. I had fun striking and goalkeeping! To my surprise, Nick was there too! - but playing for the other team. It has been a while.

We didn't keep scores, but majority says Cobras ruled the game. Adli Syafiq did very well! Even Sahrul with his constant attacking although he was defending. In fact, I scored the first goal - with the help of Sahrul! To be honest, everyone did well. Well, I did make a few mistakes in the passes. I hope to play again with you guys in the future to come!

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Chelsea 5 - 3 Man Utd

First time winning against Manchester United on Legendary mode in FIFA 11! Also, I've updated the latest team squads yesterday at Waie Saiful's place. So glad to finally have Fernando Torres and David Luiz on the team! Up the Blues! #KTBFFH

Friday, April 01, 2011

Hello, April! ♥

Marvelous March has "marched on" and now, we're in the month of April. I hope April has got a whole lot in stores for me - not forgetting to mention my birthday and my heartfelt apology. Yes, that's the utmost important task for me to carry out. Whatever the answer she may give, it's my risk to take. All I can do is pray for a positive answer and nothing will ever bring me down - 22 days left and counting. Honestly, March has been filled with "funfunfun" and laughters. A lot has happened last month. eX! + HPIGO held a barbecue gathering for old time's sake, I got my first taste of the Monster drink, randomly added a friend on Facebook which turned out to be my maternal cousin and joyous birthdays of my beloved mother and my three lovely siblings. Oh, and I'll stop giving gifts. You know who you are.

Also, I haven't started school yet. SOASC needs a letter from the MoE and it hasn't been received/sent yet. I wonder what's taking so long..