Sunday, April 24, 2011

Penunggu Istana.

Amal, Ashif, Omar and I watched 'Penunggu Istana' earlier. It was like one of those paranormal activities, but in Malay. I didn't want to watch it, but they kind of forced me to. My ticket was paid for, so I had no choice but to go anyway. Amalina had to go early because she was following Badj home. The three of us -- sat together and enjoyed the show. It wasn't that bad except for the fact that two of its actors died in the movie. I'm still thinking if they died for real or not. DID THEY?! :'( 'Cause if they do, that'd be totally sad! If you feel like watching a paranormal activity movie (Malay version), you should watch this! Four stars are enough to rate this movie, I guess. Hehehe!

I'd like to thank Ashif for the wonderful gifts from KL and to the person who paid for my movie ticket!

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