Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Good day!

Ashif is chilling over at my place now. Good timing too because I was home alone. Lol. We played two matches of FIFA 11 earlier.

1st Match
(Ashif) Liverpool 0 - 5 Arsenal (Me)

2nd Match
(Ashif) Arsenal 3 - 4 Tottenham

I scored the last minute goal and he was immediately in deep mode. We're going to work out soon!

*Updated* And boy we had a good 30-minute workout! Ashif couldn't take it much longer. LOL! JK ONLY LAH! We had a good chill out session and I felt glad that he was there to accompany the man of the house. Next time again. Okay, bro? :3

Around 7, Fathul picked me up because he had something urgent to do. Unexpectedly, we ate out in a restaurant in Sengkurong where his dad was. Free food means great meal! Thanks again, guys!

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