Friday, April 22, 2011

Sudden blackout?

I was in the midst of playing FIFA 11 when suddenly the whole neighbourhood blacked out! Probably in some other areas too! Fathul, Fikri, Afiq and I just got back from cruising 'round Kuala Belait and were just about to chill and relax ourselves. Fikri was talking about the night Afiq came over to my place because his place suffered a blackout. Well, it seems like he jinxed it tonight. It's starting to get hot here and I'm feeling uncomfortable by the minute. I'm afraid my mobile phone/laptop will run out of battery (yet I'm still blogging. Lol.) and nothing will entertain me further into the night. Why weren't we informed about this power down? Sigh. Thank goodness I have my iPod with me and luckily, it's fully charged! This'll keep me company. Also, I'm having a candle lit up on my table right next to me which was given by my mom. You know, she actually went down and tried to flip the switch inside the power box back on, but to no avail. From then she realized that the whole area was blacked out.

The guys went home a few minutes later. Have a safe journey back to your places. It's dark so watch out for the roads unless you've reached light.

Is someone meddling with the power boxes? Earth Hour? It can't be. I absolutely have NO idea.

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