Friday, April 15, 2011

Never Say Never.

Before I went for my Friday prayer, I overheard Mu'izzah on the phone with my mom. They were talking about Hakiim going to the movies to watch Justin Bieber's Never Say Never in 3D with his schoolmates! I showed no interest, but my mom talked about it again in the car. She even suggested to bring two of my little sisters. I've never brought my little sisters to the movie before so I thought, why not just go and spend time with them? Mom wanted to tag along, but there was nobody home.

When we reached the Mall, we quickly headed up and bought the tickets because the word 'FEW' was blinking on the list of movies screen. I bumped into my cousin, Farrah. She's so short! (No offense.) Just another head of mine and we're at the same height! The last time we met (which was so long ago), we're the same! She kept on nagging about offering her a movie or two. Lol. Maybe next time! ^_^ I even met Aiman too! He was sitting on the stairs of the cinema. Typical resting place, I guess.

Having our tickets checked, we grabbed our 3D goggles and went inside and searched for our seats. I was feeling a bit dizzy because I had to wear the goggle on top of my spectacles. I didn't expect any fun or excitement throughout the whole movie. As soon as the screen showed Justin Bieber's face, everybody in the cinema started screaming, endearing and applauding as if we were really watching it live! Overall, to my surprise, the movie was awesome! I liked how he performs live and makes the audience go wild. It's a documentary of how he got famous. I don't want to spoil the whole thing so might as well watch it for yourself. Mu'izzah told me that she cried twice! Honestly, Never Say Never is unbelievably exciting! We had KFC after that. I hope it was enough to fill up their stomachs! Hoping for a next big-brother-and-little-sister quality time again!

Not forgetting to mention the gay boys we bumped into after our meal - Harith Waie and Omar. Been awhile, guys. See you around!

Oh, it was their friend's birthday today as well! Happy birthday to you!

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