Wednesday, April 06, 2011


Third day of school (supposedly the second, but I skipped it because my hair was long) was amazing! I had a meet-and-greet session with a few of my classmates (including the three stooges namely Nasrul, Faiz and Yazin) who came up to me and introduced themselves. Others recognized me, but skipped the intro. When I first stepped in the class, everyone was looking at me like as if I was in the wrong class. But slowly, Ashif told them that I'm new there and that I was his classmate back in St. Andrew's.

Also, today I started my Combined Science and Commerce classes. For Combined Science, the class was crowded because students from other classes joined in as well! If I'm not mistaken, the teacher head counted and got 57 students as a result! Boy, we definitely need a bigger venue. I didn't get the teacher's name because he didn't introduce himself properly, but by looking at the way he joked around with all of us earlier, I think he'd make a great science teacher! As for Commerce, only a few students were in and the teacher's not so bad. A new friend, Faiz, who never took commerce in his entire life because he took computer instead, sat for the class. Surprisingly, he answered most of the teacher's questions asked. Lol. Funny guy.

A few minutes before break, I chilled out in the canteen with Haafiz and Haji Khaliq. They had no classes (except for after break) so I joined them, because I had no classes as well, until we talked our way through break (not exactly). Lol. What is up with me and brackets?!

In the last hour, I went to the library with Sahrul, Rae, Ashif and Ameer Husaini (Ashif's long lost brother. LOL!) He's a good guy. I look forward to improve our friendship - and so goes to my other mates in 5R2!

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