Thursday, April 14, 2011


School was okay as usual. Good thing is that there were lots of free periods! I spent most of my time hanging out in the library with Sahrul and Ashif. They even took pictures! Lol. Frankly, I am getting used to coming to class alone (first few days was with Ashif). Also, the teacher confirmed with me that my name is in the class-list. All is good, I guess.

The boy behind all the photo takings.
So-called "Mercurial" Sahrul mentioned about. Lol.

Anyway, when I walked over to St. Andrew's, I waited at the usual area I used to wait (below the signboard). From afar, I saw a Mercedez which I am very familiar with. It was coming towards my way and eventually pulled over in front of me. Nor was in the car, but she didn't see me. I approached her and then she realized. We had a little chat about school life. Nice to see you, Ken!

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