Sunday, April 10, 2011

SAS 44th Sports Meet.

Today is St. Andrew's 44th Annual Sports Meet, or in other words; Sports Day which was held at Padang Kebajikan. There were so many familiar faces. I had no company at first. Lucky for me, my mother and my little sisters were there. Some of my ex-classmates were there too! You know who you are. Harith Waie and Amin participated in the invitational run for the ex-SAS running team. Apparently, Amin told me that they were disqualified because one of his runners grabbed the metal baton before the first yellow line on the track. There's next year, guys! Don't worry. I spent the rest of the day with Afiq and Amin. Thanks, guys!

As for my two brothers, Hakiim got a silver and a bronze for his events and Malik got gold! Proud 'o ya! I could believe my eyes when I saw the scoreboard in the middle of the field. Here are the results as follows:









Cornwall came close to Macdougall just by one point despite winning their tug-of-war. But Danson has done magnificently well this year with 400+ points, smoking the other houses! I think Danson has been champions for 5 straight years! Or was it 4. I'm not sure, but when Amin and I flipped through the pages of the sports information, Danson and Cornwall was in a tie with both having become champions 12 times! Not bad. Congratulations to all four houses for the marvelous show that was put on today with a supportive crowd! I'm sure everyone went home with a smile on their faces! Such unbelievable spirits unleashed from each and every one of you guys.

I followed Afiq back home and eventually went to McDonald's. We bumped into Syam and Badj along with her sisters. We had our laughs and it was fun! Thanks again, guys!

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