Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy birthday to me.

I'd like to thank each and every one of you for the warmest wishes and thoughtful greetings that I have received via Facebook, Twitter, SMS and Whatsapp. Not forgetting to mention the 12 AM tweet greets! I've lived on through another year for now I am a 17-year old. Another precious year ahead of me and I hope for good things and positivity to be on my side this time. To be honest, it has been a wonderful journey, indeed! Thank you for being there for me at most random times as possible - every one of you! Whatever that I have done that has involved you in my current life has made me who I am today - a blessed and thankful boy. I'd also like to thank the Brothers for bringing me to Miri today. Zul couldn't make it due to personal problems, but it's okay! There's always next time! NEVER SAY NEVER! Thank goodness we reached Miri and back home safe and soundly.

I spent less than RM400 in Miri today. I bought myself new speakers to replace my old one! Logitech beats Altec Lansing, or the other way 'round. Anyway, at least I didn't go home empty-handed! First destination was the Boulevard. That's where I bought a 5m AUX cable for Fathul/Fikri - whoever's it is. Also, the first place where I surveyed for the speakers. Next stop was Parkson. This is where the fun starts! They recommended a restaurant called "Sushi King" just because it's not anywhere in Brunei. As soon as we were seated next to the conveyor belt sushi, we started to grab anything that interested us! Surprisingly, we ate more than 30 plates!

Fathul and Fikri then had to go because they had some picking up to do. So Afiq and I were left. I wanted to check out for the new speakers which I had in mind so we went up to this store called "PCiMAGE". This Logitech speakers caught my eye and it cost about RM199! Afiq asked one of the salesmen for me and proceeded to checkout. Oh yes! I did the most kindest thing too! I gave RM200 and the cashier gave me RM2 in return. From there, I knew something didn't feel right.

I thought to myself, "Why did she give me RM2 as change when I gave RM200 for a RM199 item?"

I went back and was honest with myself. Her look immediately changed and apologized. It's okay, saleslady! I could've gotten away with an extra RM1 in my hand anyway! Just joking! Now, I'm back home safe. Thanks to Afiq for the sweet ride and time. As to Fathul and Fikri for the company and laughs. I even video recorded the trip to Miri. The audio might not be clear, but may it be a tribute to my beloved birthday! I will upload it soon enough! Pictures too!

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