Monday, April 25, 2011

Car collision in front of SAS.

I was walking back from SOASC and was waiting at the usual place (below the green signboard) with my brother, Malik. Suddenly, we heard loud thumps which seemed like two tires popping. But it weren't no tires, but a car collision! The innocent ice-cream truck was also hit! I think it went something like this (though I didn't witness the accident):

A black family fan crashed onto another black van and maybe it ricocheted into the right rear end of the ice-cream truck! The second black van then bumped onto another car and another so on. Altogether, four cars were involved and an ice-cream truck! I wonder how he felt when he was busy preparing ice-cream for his customers. I pity the ice-cream man. Maybe the man whom has caused all this was dizzy or something, or didn't clearly see what was in front of him. P/S: This is just a prediction!

I saw a lady rubbing the head of her child. I think that boy bumped his head, but no serious injuries though. I hope not. Ambulance was there! So to all you drivers out there, drive safe, wear your seatbelts and there's nothing to be worried about!

I wrote a letter and I hope I wrote it good. I suck in letter writing. >:| I also hope you enjoy the box of chocolates!

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