Monday, April 04, 2011

Officially a SOAS student.

I couldn't sleep well last night because I knew I'd be wondering what it would be like if I started school today. I had a fresh shower. Putting on the uniform felt good - what more to say about the tie. I'm borrowing Fikri's "OL" tie so I needn't to worry.

I have to say, first day of school was great! Just as soon as I walked out of the registration room, Sahrul, Ashif and my cousin, Rae were there to fetch me. I got to meet my old friend, Haafizilah. Been a long time, pal. I even made friends with the new guy too! His name is Shane. Hard to believe, but he has already got 5 Os in his hands and yet, he still goes to school. The reason why? He said that his parents are not -- satisfied with his results. I think this is most common to some parents, or not. By looking at my timetable, I have LOADS of free periods because I'm only taking 5 subjects. Today, I only went in one class which was English. In fact, the English teacher is pretty awesome too! His name is Mr. Robert. He's funny and lame, but a cool teacher to have. No doubt about that!

Only had three periods of English and the rest, well, we just stood around. I'd hate to say about what happened today. Something dreadful happened. Word will go around. I don't know if it's me or what, but coincidentally, fights happened just when a new guy came to school and had his first day; me.

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