Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's All About Waffles.

I was really bored earlier so I checked out pictures of delicious waffles. I, somehow, stumbled upon a cool picture of a pair of shoes! Check this out!

I posted this up on TwitPic, mentioned and tweeted Wafiqah this. She hasn't got back to me yet, but I do expect a funny reaction!

Okay! These Nike Windrunner Waffle jackets look oh so very nice! I wonder where I could find one...

Main: Brown w/ Waffle.
Main: White w/ Waffle

I am craving for waffles now.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

My new client, Francisco.

We ordered pizzas earlier. I was in the middle of praying when my brothers came into my room looking through my games. I overheard them talking about "selling" my secondhand PS3 games. I wasn't at ease, but thank goodness I was almost done. I headed straight to the door to find... the pizza delivery guy. He was the one who was asking about whether I was selling my PS3 games or not. Well, thing is, I have been wanting to sell a few old games like Dark Sector, PES 2009, Yakuza 3 etc. (His name is Francisco, by the way.) I sold my Dark Sector for $25. He told me that he didn't have enough money to make the payment, but he did give me $10 in advance and will pay me the rest when he receives his salary. He gave me his phone numbers so it'd be easier for us to meet up somewhere. I asked him if he bought the game for his son and he said yes. He also said that this is considered a favour for his little chap! That was weird, but I am earning money so I thank Allah for this!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cobra FC 8 - 2 HKM United

Somehow, the password to the Cobra FC blog has been changed! As for me, I don't remember changing it. Maybe I did, but I clearly do not remember! Honest! Anyway, here's about today's match against HKM United.

Cobra FC 8 - 2 HKM United

Cobra FC line-up:
Hamdi, Sahrul, Fikri, Aziz;
Afiq, Kamarul, Harith Waie, Amin;
Haadi, Omar.

Subs: Akim, Fathul, Arif, Zairul.

Cobra goalscorers:

  1. Aziz Hanafi
  2. Haadi Mahari
  3. Amin Tamrin
  4. Afiq Taufiq
  5. Akim Khalid
  6. Harith Waie
  7. Omar Halim
  8. Malik Mahari 

HKM goalscorers:

  1. Unknown
  2. Azreen Shah

 represents the man of the match.

We played against them at our new 'Home' ground, Yayasan School field. I know we have no connections whatsoever, but I think it would be a great boost for Cobra FC for having a turf. It used to be at Pusar Ulak field, but that place, honestly, sucks balls.

We went home with a win in our hands today with a massive scoreline of 8 - 2! We drew first blood and unexpectedly, the goal came from volunteer player Aziz Hanafi (from eX!) who struck from close range inside the box when the defenders weren't able to clear the ball out of there. The second goal came from a delicious through ball by Afiq to Haadi leaving no chance for the marker to keep up with the speedster. For a non-finisher, he finished just nicely. A few moments later, Haadi was replaced by Fathul. The third goal came not long after keeping possession. Amin ran for a cross from Harith on the left side and was almost caught offside, but was safe. He calmly shot it low passed the goalkeeper's left side. Half-time ended 3 - 0. HKM United had a few chances, but failed to score from them. We really dominated in the first half!

Second half started and this time, HKM United got their long-desired goal since the start of the game. Malik didn't manage to catch the ball. It rolled under his arms and gave the opponent the upper hand to score easily. It wasn't long after that when Afiq scored the fourth! That was his 3rd goal of the year for Cobra FC! Substitute Akim came on for Fathul and steadily playing for only a few minutes, he scored beautifully! He was going to cross it into the box, but instead the ball swerved into the net, making it 5 - 1. The goalkeeper tried to keep it out, but he was too late! Maybe he also thought the ball was going into the box and not into the net! Passes carried out well from Zairul to Fathul to Haadi opened up a goal scoring opportunity for Harith Waie. It swooped HKM United completely. Actually, Harith Waie's goal wasn't supposed to be counted because he was offside. The ball bounced off the goalkeeper's legs and into the net. Omar's goal was awarded because the high ball back to one of the HKM defenders went through his legs allowing Omar to sprint on and finessed shot it which hit the goalpost and into the net. Finally, HKM United got another goal with a solo effort by Azreen Shah who ran across midfield and into our box. He confidently slotted one for the team! If he played for full-time, HKM United could've gotten a few goals already!

The last goal was epic! It was from our goalkeeper Malik! It was the last corner of the game and Malik decided to join the attackers in the box. The ball landed into the box causing a cluster of players to get rid of the ball, but it went in Malik's path and he managed to fire it past the keeper. He also earned the man of the match! He played full-time and even scored in the last few minutes! Full-time whistle blew and the match ended 8 - 2. Viva la Cobra! That game is one worth remembering! Thank you all for coming! Thanks for reading, guys!

HKM United wants a rematch in the future. We look forward to another match with you good sirs!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Chelsea 5 - 2 Leicester City

I'm feeling so happy tonight! Chelsea won 5 - 2 against Leicester City and is advancing into the FA Cup semi-finals with goals from Gary Cahill, Salomon Kalou, two by Fernando Torres and the last by Raul Meireles. The first goal got me fired up because it was the former Bolton player Gary Cahill's first goal for Chelsea! Salomon Kalou got set up pretty nicely in the end with a pass from Torres on the right side in a swift and immediate counter-attack. The next two goals came from Fernando Torres. The first scurry goal was taken blindly. I thought he wasn't going to score, but with a help of a good first touch, he managed to let the ball roll in the net leaving Leicester City's goalie Schmeichel only a few inches to save it. The second was from a Raul Meireles corner which let an unguarded Torres to easily flick it in with his head also, this time, leaving Schmeichel in awe and thought the ball was rolling out. I was hoping a hat-trick from Torres, but he unselfishly set up the last goal for Raul Meireles who was waiting in the middle to fire it home nicely. Leicester City's goals weren't that bad as well - especially super substitute Marshall's! He made his way from the left wing onto the middle and ambitiously tried a shot. Unbelievably, Cech thought it was going out, but the ball hit the woodwork and into the net. Daniel Sturridge also performed well, but I wasn't impressed. Chelsea could've bagged another 2 or 3 goals if he assisted and didn't try to score.

All in all, both Chelsea and Leicester City showed a great performance! It was really a fun match to watch! Fernando Torres was on fire! Now I'm watching Liverpool's game against Stoke City. I hope this will be a fun match to watch as well!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Futsal In The Rain.

We played futsal at RBA last night. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't that good. It was raining! Thank goodness that nothing bad happened to us. Not that I wanted anything to. A few thunders were also present to warn us that it wasn't a good night to play futsal - but we played anyway. I was shivering - from the tip of my head down to the tip of my toes. It was COLD! So cold that I couldn't even stand still! Nevertheless, the place was not so bad after all. It's cheaper than Meteora. In RBA, it's $40 for 3 hours whereas in Meteora, it's $60 for 3 hours, but I still prefer Meteora. Thank you for organizing, Syahiran! Thank you for coming, guys! I had so much fun! Thank you for sending me home, Zul! I hope each and every one of you won't fall sick! Thanks for reading!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Defeated Again.

Not really a good result from last night, but we did manage to bag 2 goals! One by me and one by Eyul. Click the link below to read about last night's event.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Winners of HBT 2012.

Congratulations to Brunei Darussalam for winning the Hassanal Bolkiah Trophy 2012 + a cheque worth BND20,000! Very lucky, lads! Although I didn't watch all of their matches, Brunei did really great to make it this far! Also a round of applause for Indonesia and Myanmar. 

P/S: Please stop racism. Respect how you want to be respected.

Miss Perfect.

Let me ask you this; have you dreamt of your Mr./Ms. Perfect? You've never seen that person in your entire life before until he/she suddenly appears in your dream - and you think he/she is the one? I think I have, but the saddest part is that.. I don't remember what she looked like! This is how it went down:

I visited this place (I am not familiar with) along with my friends. We were all wearing cara melayu so I'm guessing it was somewhere in the days during Hari Raya. I don't know - could be in the past or the future. As I entered this person's house, the first thing I did was coming up to one of the tables and decided to gather food. And then this girl -- I still have no idea who she is -- she, somehow, got close to me. Too close that the sides of our bodies touched! It was like she knew me so well! But in all honesty, I've never seen or met her before. While I was picking out my food, she turned to me and listed out 10 things on the table. I can't remember what she mentioned though. As for the last thing, she let me choose what I wanted. I know this is a little cheesy, but I said, "I want you."

She laughed and I smiled. Straightforwardly I asked her, "Do you want to go upstairs?"

We were, somehow, "in the mood" despite only meeting for a short while. Yes, I felt love. She agreed and took me by my left hand. While we were heading up. I asked her a question.

"Are you married?" I asked.

"No," while smiling to me as if nothing bad is going to happen.

A few moments later, we entered her room and she immediately hopped on the bed. But -- we did NOT do it -- because I had a bad tummyache. I don't know. Maybe it was because of the food I was picking out earlier. I told her to wait for me while I did my business in the bathroom. To my worry, I was in the bathroom for too long until her family members came calling out her name from downstairs. Saddest part again! I didn't get her name! After a while, she finally came out and said, "Oh! I'm here! What's wrong? I was asleep.."

She was asked to go down. But before she did, she was looking towards where I was as if there was an invisible door and knew where I was, but it seemed like she didn't. Sadness and disappointment filled her face - and so, she went down. Her face... I can't believe I forgot her face! I wish I could re-live that very moment and look at her properly and gaze into her eyes one more time. (Not when I was taking a dump.) When I was done doing business, I went down. My friends were going to go home. I had to follow. At that precisive moment, she was in the kitchen. I approached her and shook her hand.

"Bye," I said.

I could tell she was faking her smile. She looked away. But not long after I went out, I came back there - probably to mend mistakes or something, but I was feeling rather bad. (For not giving her pleasure, I suppose?) I apologized, but she still looked frustrated. I said, "I'm sorry that this happened. I'm sorry that we didn't get to do it. If you would just give me another chance.."

Buuuuut, we didn't do it though. Eventually, I asked for her name and her number. She smiled and wrote it down - on a piece of receipt. (I have no idea why she did it on a piece of receipt.) I saw her writing it down, but when she handed me the receipt, it was blank! It's as if she wrote it down with a pen with no ink! But yes, I saw the black beings that she jotted! I couldn't see it in broad daylight, but when I held the paper against the light, I could see a telephone number and her name - STILL I DIDN'T GET HER NAME!!! Why is it always like that!? Sigh.

I hope tonight, I will be able to meet my 'Miss Perfect' again. I shared this story with Wafiqah on WhatsApp. She said that I was lucky because she never get dreams like that. Don't worry! I'm sure you'll dream a wonderful dream soon enough! Expect the unexpected.

Happy birthday, Nina!

Happy 16th Birthday to Nina Sapar!
Enjoy being sixteen, yeah? I hope today will be filled with much joy and happiness! Study smart and don't be afraid to seek for help from people that you dearly love! Stay true with Mr. Sharin! He's really dependable and  a loving guy. I hope for a bright future for the both of you! May Allah bless you always. 

I had a great time playing futsal with Aiyad along with my brother Malik last night at Harun's Gym. There were some familiar faces I've seen before and it felt good to get these legs going again. I scored a goal in just a few seconds after I came in. I can't wait for Saturday where we'll play futsal at Meteora again! Thanks for reading, guys! Good night!

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

This Means War.


Sweet sixteen! I hope you'll get what you're going to get soon enough! It might be a small or big surprise - doesn't matter. Enjoy being sixteen. That doesn't mean you're legal - yet! Two more years; insyaAllah. Well, have lots of fun today, sis! May Allah bless you always. I love you always.

I hope it's not too late to post this up, but...

Happy 18th Birthday to Harith Waie!
Happy 18th Birthday to Sakinah Bakar!
Happy 18th Birthday to Rawiza Rakawi!

Three birthdays in a day - wow! If the three of them knew each other pretty well, I'm quite sure that the 6th of March would be a BLAST! I hope you guys enjoyed your birthdays!

Yesterday, I went to the Mall with the guys to celebrate Harith's birthday. First, we had Pizza Hut for lunch and since it was Double Tuesday, it just adds more fun to it! After that, we went to watch a movie - This Means War. The ones watching were Sahrul, Zairul, Aqil, Harith, Ajin and myself. Syamini didn't come with because he went home early.

I'd give it an 8.5/10! It's a really funny movie! A little bit of action (they're good) and really great actors! You guys should watch it if you have to time to! After the movie, each of us parted ways. Hoping for another day like this! Thanks for yesterday, guys! Too bad his girlfriend wasn't there with Harith, but her being there for him was already special enough!

Saturday, March 03, 2012




Well, Whaddya Know?

After performance.

Truly Traumatized.


Yesterday morning, I went to Batu Bersurat to apply a job in computing. The company is called eSuria Mentari Systems Sdn Bhd. My mom said that it's my uncle's company and that maybe I could be taught a lot more about computers there. Mom sent me there around 9 o'clock and I managed to find my way in. I sat in this cold office and I was asked to fill in an application form. There were questions I didn't answer and yes-or-no questions I didn't tick. After waiting for half an hour, the employer came in and started the interview. Long story short, the interview sucked big time. He said that I am a computer illiterate, I'm already happy with my lifestyle, I have no motivation and I lack social skills just because I told him that I sit around at home all day playing video games.

It was my first interview and maybe I think I might have had the wrong answers for the wrong questions, but -- he shouldn't have said what seemed to hurt my feelings. I called my mom to pick up. I almost shed a tear, but finally did in the car. I never thought an interview would make me feel so.. useless and miserable. Nevertheless, a few of the people I care about cheered me up! Thanks for that! Well, since I'm not going to work, I've decided to finish off college first. I am truly traumatized by this bitter event.