Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cobra FC 8 - 2 HKM United

Somehow, the password to the Cobra FC blog has been changed! As for me, I don't remember changing it. Maybe I did, but I clearly do not remember! Honest! Anyway, here's about today's match against HKM United.

Cobra FC 8 - 2 HKM United

Cobra FC line-up:
Hamdi, Sahrul, Fikri, Aziz;
Afiq, Kamarul, Harith Waie, Amin;
Haadi, Omar.

Subs: Akim, Fathul, Arif, Zairul.

Cobra goalscorers:

  1. Aziz Hanafi
  2. Haadi Mahari
  3. Amin Tamrin
  4. Afiq Taufiq
  5. Akim Khalid
  6. Harith Waie
  7. Omar Halim
  8. Malik Mahari 

HKM goalscorers:

  1. Unknown
  2. Azreen Shah

 represents the man of the match.

We played against them at our new 'Home' ground, Yayasan School field. I know we have no connections whatsoever, but I think it would be a great boost for Cobra FC for having a turf. It used to be at Pusar Ulak field, but that place, honestly, sucks balls.

We went home with a win in our hands today with a massive scoreline of 8 - 2! We drew first blood and unexpectedly, the goal came from volunteer player Aziz Hanafi (from eX!) who struck from close range inside the box when the defenders weren't able to clear the ball out of there. The second goal came from a delicious through ball by Afiq to Haadi leaving no chance for the marker to keep up with the speedster. For a non-finisher, he finished just nicely. A few moments later, Haadi was replaced by Fathul. The third goal came not long after keeping possession. Amin ran for a cross from Harith on the left side and was almost caught offside, but was safe. He calmly shot it low passed the goalkeeper's left side. Half-time ended 3 - 0. HKM United had a few chances, but failed to score from them. We really dominated in the first half!

Second half started and this time, HKM United got their long-desired goal since the start of the game. Malik didn't manage to catch the ball. It rolled under his arms and gave the opponent the upper hand to score easily. It wasn't long after that when Afiq scored the fourth! That was his 3rd goal of the year for Cobra FC! Substitute Akim came on for Fathul and steadily playing for only a few minutes, he scored beautifully! He was going to cross it into the box, but instead the ball swerved into the net, making it 5 - 1. The goalkeeper tried to keep it out, but he was too late! Maybe he also thought the ball was going into the box and not into the net! Passes carried out well from Zairul to Fathul to Haadi opened up a goal scoring opportunity for Harith Waie. It swooped HKM United completely. Actually, Harith Waie's goal wasn't supposed to be counted because he was offside. The ball bounced off the goalkeeper's legs and into the net. Omar's goal was awarded because the high ball back to one of the HKM defenders went through his legs allowing Omar to sprint on and finessed shot it which hit the goalpost and into the net. Finally, HKM United got another goal with a solo effort by Azreen Shah who ran across midfield and into our box. He confidently slotted one for the team! If he played for full-time, HKM United could've gotten a few goals already!

The last goal was epic! It was from our goalkeeper Malik! It was the last corner of the game and Malik decided to join the attackers in the box. The ball landed into the box causing a cluster of players to get rid of the ball, but it went in Malik's path and he managed to fire it past the keeper. He also earned the man of the match! He played full-time and even scored in the last few minutes! Full-time whistle blew and the match ended 8 - 2. Viva la Cobra! That game is one worth remembering! Thank you all for coming! Thanks for reading, guys!

HKM United wants a rematch in the future. We look forward to another match with you good sirs!

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