Monday, September 22, 2008

A thing or two.

Something's wrong with my laptop! The battery's not functioning and if my charger gets disconnected anytime, the laptop will be completely turned off! Now I have to wait for a few minutes to wait for my computer to shut down completely. So people, don't keep your laptop running 24 hours. If you love them, try and refrain from visiting under-aged websites or downloading massive programs that could easily damage your PC. Trust me, some certain websites are crawling with devastating evil worms. I'm talking logically here and I don't mean those earthworms! Damn, I should have never kept my laptop running for days! Why?

Because I was downloading some programs, songs and latest movies [not pornography*]. Movies like for example; 'You Don't Mess With The Zohan'. Actually, I downloaded it from LimeWire. Can you imagine opening LimeWire for hours without even closing it? In fact, it slows down other PC users that connects to the same gateway connection that you are using too because LimeWire downloads music, videos, programs etc. from other hosts. Do you know that when you download a song/video, it counts as stealing them from others who have it. [What can you do? You need those songs/video so badly, just steal it already. I do it too!] But from what I heard from an acquaintance of mine from the UK, downloading the songs and stuffs are going to get banned. You've to buy them online :( What a pity. Let's hope that they don't ban it soon! The last time I opened my LimeWire, it found 10,595 hosts or peers or whatever. Now that is seriously a buzz-kill! The connection couldn't even come through!

Programs such as the game 'Halo: Combat Evolved'. I downloaded it using BitComet. Well, it took me about 3 days for it to finish. The size is.. ZOMG! 1GB! Could you imagine that?! I sacrificed my laptop's free disk space just for a game that I can purchase! I'm too lazy to go out and buy it. Otherwise, it is going to cost me money and downloading from the net cost me the lagness for my laptop.

It's not lagging now because I removed the viruses using
avast! Anti-virus. Some of 'em were pop-up adverts, trojanhorses, worms etc. That is why don't--and I mean DON'T download programs from untrusted sites. And you know, some anti-virus IS a virus! So be careful which site you are headed or your PC will get infected. Friggin' scammers these days. I hate 'em! I know some of you have an anti-virus which is way more uber-secure and stronger than mine. Memet has one but I forgot the name. Farewell.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Veins of the avenue.

1 more week and 5 days to go until Ramadhan is over. Time really does fly! Baby's birthday is on the 1st of October which is the brand new start of a new Hari Raya this year. And not to forget about Zul's birthday on the 13th of October. Some like Sundays. Some like Mondays. She's so special, so kindhearted that it is difficult to tell in words.

I've been staying up late until sahur for the past few days or how should I say; have not been sleeping at all! I don't know why. I know it is a very bad habit to stay up during blind nights. I feel like.. a vampire or some sort? You know, they sleep in the mornings and wakes up during the nights. Nothing much has been going on lately. Same old same old everyday. The new year is out here and I will make a lovely list of your charms so I'll never feel alone in your arms.

Oh, I made a new song for our band Moonlight Diary! I haven't thought of a name for it but in Afiq's opinion, the song should be called 'You Are The Missing Piece'. It somehow goes like this. I'm still not sure though because it is still a draft.


First Verse:
I'm so far away from home, I'm feeling all alone
And I wish I could come outside to see the world with you
I've got nothing left to lose, and all that I believe
Somehow have washed away

So help me find the missing pieces that I've been
Searching for all these time
And maybe I could be the one you long desired for
Not until I walk out through that door

Second Verse:
This is a relationship between two lovers
An exciting and mysterious quality
I am a depressed character, waiting for some answers
And you made me wait for several days, so take me away

Help me find the missing pieces that I've been
Searching for all these time
And maybe I could be the one you long desired for
Not until I walk out through that door

I trust you will behave better from now on
Don't make the same mistakes, what will you do when I am gone?
Let's go and sight see, to the places that you wanted to be
Your place or mine? I'm not sure

Thank you for you're the missing piece that I've been
Searching for all these time
And maybe I am the one you long desired for
I'm not gonna walk out through that door

I hope it's good and that I could let you guys listen to it next time :) Post a comment about it if you wish.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

New taste for speed.

Are you out there? Where the rainy days begin to feel rather sad and walls are closing in like the darkness around me. It's so hard to look away when the daylight doesn't ever stay above this dull apartment view oh I will surround you. It's quite clear that I'm stuck here so I'll devise a plan and cut out a door in my new living room floor. The porch light is so bright that I will quickly sneak down the dark metal shape of the rusty fire escape. I bought a one-way ticket cause I knew I'd never see the ground unless I was aboard a jet plane and we were going down and I woke up beside the ocean and I realized. I must be in California :')

Friday, September 05, 2008


so cute.

This robot reminds me of Fizah. You know why? Hahaha! The way Wall-e pronounced it. It sounded like Ijaahh! Wooots! I love you.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Metal Geeaauurrr!

Keep me awake so I won't be caught off guard. :)

I introduced a band to Vinesh called Owl City. He's been loving it since then. This kind of weird though but we both have the same taste in music! Unbelievable, ey? This is all his fault, don't blame me. :)

I watched this video by "egoraptor" in YouTube. It has all kinds of Awesome series. Watch it--this video is where we got the [OHMAGAWDD! METALL GEARR!] thing.

I deleted my Friendster--again! I don't know why. I prefer Facebook rather than Friendster but it's hard to contact baby that way :/ Aww shit. And why do I sometimes have the feeling that she doesn't love me anymore? I love her so much that I couldn't possibly tell. I do trust her with all my heart. Oh man, I've got to stop being a pessimist. I know she loves me..


It's Ramadhan already? Oh, how days go by so fast and I can't believe it. Selamat Berpuasa to Muslims all around the world. Fikri and I are sleeping over at Zul's by the way.

Aaaannnddd I had a great time playing campaign mode in Halo 3 with Zul. After that, we played in PvP mode and instead of killing each other, we raced using Mongooses. There was this one stage where we dragged Sergeant Johnson everywhere in the map, Crow's Nest. Man, it was retarded and "!" OH MA GAD! [HALO THREEEEEE!]