Monday, May 31, 2010

Down in flames.

Just a few days until A Day Without School Uniform which is on Wednesday. I'm performing along with Amin, Harith Waie etc. We're staying back in school tomorrow to rehearse for the performance. I'm still not sure what to wear on that day though. I've got a feeling that this year's ADWSU is going to be swell!

Cheer up on whatever you're going through. You already know that I'm always there for you. Be strong!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Silent night.

I forgot to blog about yesterday night. We dined out at Ahan Thai's Restaurant. After how long of not seeing each other, Zul came and joined us. Memet and Bahrin too! Not long after that, we decided to play Band Hero at TFF. It has been a long time since I've been in that place. Around midnight, we went to Serasa Beach. It was a fun drive. I got to hold the steering wheel while Afiq just accelerated through the lonely highway. Too bad Fikri wasn't there to chill out with us. We spent an hour exchanging stories from weird creatures in the sea to details of mobile phones. We had no idea of where to crash so in the end, we crashed at Bahrin's.

It would've been much interesting if I blogged about this yesterday itself. :/

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Talentine is not fine.

This year's Talentine was.. rather boring and there were only seven participants. Besides, the themes for this year are monotonous. Mama Mia?! COME ON! No offense but it's the truth. To make it not seem boring, we started to get noisier and noisier. We couldn't care less about it because we were bored! I thought it was awesome because while we were doing it, the principal along with the deputies and teachers were just right next to us! Hahaha. That's.. all I have to say about that..

Friday, May 28, 2010


Suddenly I felt lazy and bored when I entered the Mall after having a drink at Flavours today. Afiq was there. Unfortunately, Zul could've came and chilled with us but he was at a function and finished at a late time so he didn't. There was this Top 16 Who's Got Talent in the Mall where Fikri, Afiq and I were watching while waiting for Asniza because Fikri had a movie to catch with her. Since Afiq and I had nothing to do, we went home. Fathul messaged me asking where we were so I told him. Sorry we couldn't stay longer to chill with you.

Chill out.

I'm currently at Flavours with Fikri, waiting for Afiq and Zul. Fathul's going to Maktab Duli to watch a football match. Before we reached Gadong, we played around with Fikri's new air-gun. We took shots at road signs, metal fences and even cars. 0:) It was fun. Well, let's see what do we have in stores for today.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tug o' war.

I was chosen to be the jockey during the tug of war earlier and Vincent Goh too! Before the event even started, and already our name was cheered by the primary children. Here are the results:

Hollis 2 - 0 Cornwall
Macdougall 2 - 1 Danson
Danson 1 - 2 Cornwall

Runners-up are Hollis and Macdougall. They are advancing to the finals to see who will be the champion for the tug of war. It will be held during our annual sports day. Cornwall is at third place while we're the last ones. Too bad. Not a lucky day for Danson today, eh? No worries. At least we did good. Good performance by all of the houses! Being the jockey is sure tiring!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Afiq picked me up from home. First, we had trouble finding Aminah Arif Restaurant in Kiulap. Afiq told me that Amin said it was somewhere around Chong Hock so we took a round or two. Luckily, Afiq found the place during the third search. Third time's the lucky charm? Hahaha. Anyway, that ambuyat was sure a hit! It has been a long time since I've eaten it. I can't even recall when was the last time I did. We met up with Fathul and Fikri there, ordered a normal set and ate away. Man, I do hope we can do this again. I'm so craving for ambuyat now!


New update:

I've replaced the original orange Blogger icon with a new Forever icon. ;)


Secondary 5CS of 2010.

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Recent photos:

New track: Salt of the Earth.

Hi, guys! I've just released a track called "Salt of the Earth". Have a listen to it, yes? Feel free to drop a comment about the song right down in the chat-box there. Thanks! <3

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Danson did it again.

I thought I was late for my 4x400 event earlier at Padang Kebajikan. Afiq insisted on picking me up from home and it looks like I came just in time! As the event was about to start, Tayib borrowed me his sponsored spike shoes and man, it felt so comfortable when running. There was no time for me to stretch. I thought I was going to cramp in the middle of the run but I just kept on running. Danson got first place, Cornwall in second and Macdougall in third. Hollis house was disqualified because Omar ran out of bounds because he got injured and fell on the field. Two medals so far; bronze for 800m and gold for 4x400m. Thank you to those who were being supportive!

I'm going out to Kiulap to eat out with Fikri, Fathul and Afiq at night later.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Men on the run.

I was told to come for the tryouts today and my first and last event was the 800m run as a replacement for my friend, Vincent Goh. It started out smooth at first. When it came to the second round, I took first place but then I was slowly wearing down, feeling exhausted. Close to the finish line, Harith Waie sprinted for the last few hundred metres and overtook me, taking first place. Macdougall's Jan came running in too and got second place. Lucky for me, I managed to get third place while in a very close finishing with Cornwall's Tu Kian Eng or I would've been in fourth place.

After the long run, I was so tired that I barely could feel or move both of my legs. First, I laid down on the track to rest but then, Afiq told me to stand up to avoid a more major pain. I did. When I couldn't withstand the pain, I immediately laid flat on the field. It felt like as if I didn't have any legs. I called for aid but it only seemed Afiq helped out. Soon, Fathul and Fikri came down from the bleachers and thought that I was faking it. After awhile laying dead flat, Afiq, Fathul and Fikri tried to put me back on my feet but I was helpless. In the end, Fathul carried me all by himself to the nearby bleachers. Man, I'm never going to participate for that kind of event ever again. I could've gotten myself killed! I'm just glad it's over with.

From now on, Fikri and Asniza's name will be highlighted green as requested by the man himself. :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy birthdays.

Happy 18th Birthday to Aziz 'Geez' Halim!
Happy 10th Birthday to my little sister, Aizzatul!

Have a blast and may Allah bless the both of you!

I miss you very much.

A dream come true for Inter Milan.

Inter Milan 2 - 0 Bayern Munich

This is actually my first time watching a UEFA Champions League final at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid with Afiq, Fathul who went to sleep a few minutes after the game started and Zul who came down 70+ minutes in the game. A showdown between Inter Milan against Bayern Munich. It was a game filled with breath-taking moments and excitement. José Mourinho is truly the special one. No wonder many look up on him. Diego Milito scored both of the goals with feint flicks without any misses throughout the game. Bad luck for Bayern Munich though because they also had lots of shots on target but goalkeeper Julio Cesar made sure it wasn't Bayern's night. Congratulations to Inter Milan!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Yesterday's plan was unsure of. We hadn't picked a place to chill yet. In the end, at night around 7, we went to Flavours. Zul and I made friends with Asniza's friend, Liyana Indallah. She's a good person. Friendly too. And she drives a Mercedez! Not too shabby for a girl like her. It was nice knowing you. Around 9 o'clock, I had no ride home but luckily Afiq texted me up. I needed a ride home. He insisted. Thanks! Wouldn't have gotten home if it wasn't for you. Though Fathul was the second choice but his gas had to be paid. I hadn't enough money with me.

The most shocking thing happened to me today. I missed my Ugama 2 exams because no one woke me up for school. My mom thought we have already finished our mid-year examinations just because my siblings have finished theirs. I know I should've wake up by myself but I admit that I am a heavy sleeper and don't wake up so easily. So I just sat for MIB just now. It was alright but I'm still not happy about missing my Ugama 2 paper. I thought I'd end the examinations just like everybody else but no. Now I have to resit for it on Monday. Sigh.

Happy 17th Birthday, Zaiemah!
Best wishes and love from me. You be good, okay? Enjoy your birthday, big girl!

& Thanks for finding my wallet, Fikri!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Was it a dream?

I revised Ugama (on Fiqeh only) for 3 hours last night and that was actually an achievement! I never thought that I'd spend THAT long to revise only one section. Nevertheless, Ugama 1 was okay. As for Maths 1 - Oh, don't get me started on this one. A few minutes after the exam had started, I slept. My mind was tangled up with numbers and my eyes were shutting. I've lost all hope in passing mathematics. I need to get extra help.

I got a call from this unknown yet pretty neat number. This 'guy's' voice sounded familiar but I couldn't recall who. His name was Hafiz Jaafar(sp?), an old friend from SAS who moved to SOAS. The first person who came to mind was my old pal, Haafizillah. I asked him to meet up somewhere and told him that I was in the canteen and he was at the Art room. Getting curious and curiouser, I told him to just meet me immediately in the canteen in 5 minutes. While waiting, Kirah walked by and she looked at me, eventually laughing away. I approached her and asked whether if it was her who called earlier. Guess what? IT WAS HER! IT WAS KIRAH! I can't believe she sounded like a guy! Very convincing, missy! Should I end the post by saying, "I just got punkedpranked?" Hahaha!

I'm not afraid to write your name in here. I just don't want to end up hurting the wrong person.

Monday, May 17, 2010


My exams today were English 2 and Commerce 1. Luckily I managed to finish English on time or I would've kissed my summary section goodbye. Commerce was all right, I guess. The questions were mostly about warehousing and trade. And you know what? I feel accomplished today because I had a short conversation with my best friend. Thank you! I'm glad things are slowly piecing back together after a long period of not speaking with each other.

Here I am laying on my bed listening to Owl City while time drags itself. I'm starting to like my new place although for the fact that I'm not living close my hombrès anymore. Are things going to change now that I've moved away?

I just got my air-conditioner installed and it is always good to be in a cold room. Only one thing to do left: The internet connection. Yeah, I tried plugging in the telephone line and tested the connection but to no avail. How am I going to play Uncharted 2 online?! D:

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Blues news.

Chelsea have secured the first ever Double in the club's history by winning the Premier League Cup and the FA Cup! Petr Cech produced a magnificent save to keep the scores level. A great performance at Wembley, just like the one at the Bridge. UP THE BLUES!!!

All that hard work really paid off!

We hit the road from Bedil around 8 o'clock. Fathul, Afiq and Fikri were with me. Too bad Zul couldn't make it because he had no ride. I'm sorry if you feel left out. We're going back to Sengkurong at 10 again tomorrow. Come join us.

It has been a very tiring night indeed! The new place is not so bad after all. It's bigger and the inside's spacious! This time, I have the room to myself while Malik and Hakiim shares one and so does Muizzah with my other little sisters. Good thing we had enough manpower or we couldn't have put the furnitures in place especially the long dining table. I thought the table wouldn't fit the entrance of the sliding doors into the dining room. The funny part was that Fathul and Fikri carried on the inside while the rest of us were squeezing, trying to get through the door. You should've seen the looks on their faces!

The house looks haunted with the furnitures gone. I haven't fully packed all my things in my room though. Maybe I'll start working on it in the morning later. At the end of the day, each of us was given $20 each as a payment for helping out. Thanks! Tomorrow awaits.. OH YEAH!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Esp. you.

It's done. We're moving out, not to Mata-Mata, but to Sengkurong. When I came home earlier, my maid was already starting to pack the things up. We're moving out two weeks from now which is going to be on Monday. Mata-Mata is a good place, no? Why Sengkurong? Now I'm far from all the fun. I hope things aren't going to turn out to be boring. :/

Meanwhile on Twitter:
@HafizBorhan: i'll welcome you with open hearts :) RT @haaadyy: Sengkurong, please be good to me.

Thanks, pith! Please do. :)

Read between the lines.

Hello readers! Since I've deactivated my Facebook account temporarily and cannot access my music page, I made a new song entitled "Read Between The Lines" which is the sixth track for 2010's album, Pleasant Days. If you wish to listen to the song, simply click the link below.

Happy Birthday to Kevin "The Wall" Lim!
Have a blast and study smart for the examinations! Take care and may God bless you.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Can you run all your life?

I hate stomach cramps in the morning especially during examinations. This isn't the first time. Half an hour through while I was doing my Malay 2 earlier, I had the feeling of going to the toilet to shit. I asked for a permission to go to the toilet at first and just as I entered the toilet, the feeling was gone! An hour later, I went straight away. Hahaha. I just hope this doesn't happen again tomorrow. Speaking of examinations, Malay 2 was alright but apparently, for Commerce - I kind of rushed it. I hope I did well.

I'm tired and upset. Why? Because.. my little brother hasn't been talking much with me lately. He seems afraid. I don't know of what but yeah. Every time I ask him a question or two, he replies with short answers only like, "Yeah", "No", "I don't know" etc. I want us all to be equal and not leaving one or two out.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Blue is the color.

Chelsea F.C. - soaring ever higher. The Blues are steps away from being champions! A team worth supporting. Greatest congratulations to Chelsea! UP THE BLUES!


Chelsea 8 - 0 Wigan Athletics

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Fingers crossed.

I'd like to thank Zul for sharing his Uncharted 2: Among Thieves™ Siege Expansion Pack that he bought off the Playstation™ Store. He finished his download last night and mine the next morning. Now, we have unlocked all the achievement medals for multi-player online! :D

We didn't have anything to eat for lunch today but something came up. We went to, I don't know what's the place called, and had our lunch there instead. Oh, and the place had this flying fox thing, ATV rides, food and clothing stalls, Frisbee games etc. going on. Bahrin's mom also set up a stall there and the food was delicious! After that, we went inside this exhibition and checked out the "Go Green" arts and concepts. Thank you. I had fun!

I checked out my soon-to-be house in Kg Mata-Mata. I think it's the correct house because my mom said the house is connected, white and gray in color and it's somewhere further inside.

Spg 185-82-21, No 27 (I think)

Well, I can't wait. I'll be moving out hopefully by next week. Fingers crossed! Mid-year starts tomorrow and I don't know why I'm still blogging. All the best to those who are sitting for the examinations.


Happy Mother's Day

Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.

Saturday, May 08, 2010


Happy 18th Birthday to Hakim and Fadhli Hamzah AKA Fuddly Yelnats

HEEEYYYYY~ YOUR LIPSTICK STAIN~ BALIK-BALIK! I hope you enjoy today man! Have a blast and go get what you wanted for so long! :D

Friday, May 07, 2010


Fikri and Asniza reached their 4th monthsary today. Stay strong, guys! I see a bright future ahead of you. And also, we had a surprise for Hakim at Netcom Contessa in the evening today. In just mere minutes, Hakim is turning 18 years old and counting..

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Liquid dreams.

Yesterday was a very tiring day. Around 3 o'clock, I went to play with eX! at Maktab Duli against CNS (Chocolate and Strawberry). Although we lost, everybody still had fun! Some were even laughing away. There were no referees so the offside goals were counted. I heard that the original scoreline was 3 - 2. The so-called scoreline was thought to be 7 - 2. I vote Aziz Hanafi the man of the match.

At night time, I ate at Tamu Selera. The food was really great! Cheap price, expensive taste. Woot! Let's go there again! Maybe after mid-year? Yeah. It should be swell! I didn't go straight home after that. Instead, Afiq wanted to cruise around. I tagged along. I wouldn't want to miss the fun! We went to Kampong Masin, then off to Kuala Lurah. Aiman was dancing around. It seemed like as if he was high on crack or something. It was getting late (Not really late for Afiq and Amin because they didn't have school) so Afiq decided to chill over at my place for an hour or so. Good thing I managed to wake up for school today or I would miss my art examinations! If you're wondering how it was; it was alright. I was lazy to color my drawing in so I just left it in black and white. Adding contrast and its tone too, of course. I hope I did well.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Uhh.. yeah.

Sorry for the false information in my previous post, guys. There's school today. == I thought we were given a day off because there's no Art exam. Turns out today was just a normal school day and the same goes for tomorrow.

I'm playing Uncharted 2 online now. Currently waiting for an open game. Sigh. Could the matchmaking go any slower? :(

Monday, May 03, 2010


Hello! My art paper was alright! I managed to finish it up on time. 3 hours felt like 30 minutes. Seriously. There were two displays: A bunch of tools and decorations. I chose to draw the tools because it looked easy. I was wrong. It took me 30 minutes to draw the toolbox. == Anyhow, I hope I did good.

No school for us tomorrow because there are no papers. All the best to the science stream students for their practicals!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Cold cold cold.

Afiq performed at the Amphitheatre today. I'm guessing it was some kind of 'Brunei's Got Talent' thing. Sorry for not showing up, man. I really hope to see you performing live in the near future.

Anyway, we watched Ironman 2 at Seri Qlap with Zul and his family. Qidah was there too! To tell you the truth, it was incredibly awesome! This movie is worth the watch! Well, we didn't actually watch the whole movie because we slightly missed the introduction because we were asked to wait for Zul and Qidah. They arrived a bit late. I guess the rainy weather's to blame. No worries.

Behind the story:
Before Fathul, Fikri and I went to Kiulap all soaked and wet, we were at Gadong. Fathul wanted to buy new slippers because his slippers got 'stolen' while playing football last Thursday at SOASC while I wanted to buy my art equipments for tomorrow's examination. Wish me luck! (I hope you don't mind the extra information. 0:)) I even got Zul his PSN credit card. My driver dropped us off at The Mall and afterwards, we walked all the way to Kiulap. The rain was slowly getting heavy. Good thing Fikri spotted a pile of cardboard boxes laying behind this store. Each one of us ripped a piece for shelter and journeyed our way through. Close to the complex and we thought Zul's parents haven't arrived yet so Fathul decided to take shelter at the bus stand for awhile. I couldn't wait so I quickly ran over to the bus stand. Unfortunately, there were three dogs. Looking afraid, I stood there helplessly. Eventually, I took baby steps and walked back slowly. When the dogs barked, we ran away and just went straight to the complex. We dried ourselves under air-conditioners at the entrance. Luckily Zul's parents didn't know we were soaked and wet. :)

Saturday, May 01, 2010


Pairama Bahasa was exhilarating! You could say that a short row of mine was shouting madly! Especially when Harith Waie, who became the host for the spontan, asked how we were doing. The spontan game was my favorite. It was Danson with Nick, Qi Hao and Tayib and Macdougall with Stella, Munibah and Waie Saiful. Danson was talking about how was Brunei's creation ever successful or something. I forgot what Macdougall talked about. It was clear that Danson had the loudest noise than Macdougall but all three judges voted for Macdougall. Oh well. Ashif was in his sajak. A time where Ashif and Fadli let out their feminine side. Well read, guys!