Friday, April 01, 2011

Hello, April! ♥

Marvelous March has "marched on" and now, we're in the month of April. I hope April has got a whole lot in stores for me - not forgetting to mention my birthday and my heartfelt apology. Yes, that's the utmost important task for me to carry out. Whatever the answer she may give, it's my risk to take. All I can do is pray for a positive answer and nothing will ever bring me down - 22 days left and counting. Honestly, March has been filled with "funfunfun" and laughters. A lot has happened last month. eX! + HPIGO held a barbecue gathering for old time's sake, I got my first taste of the Monster drink, randomly added a friend on Facebook which turned out to be my maternal cousin and joyous birthdays of my beloved mother and my three lovely siblings. Oh, and I'll stop giving gifts. You know who you are.

Also, I haven't started school yet. SOASC needs a letter from the MoE and it hasn't been received/sent yet. I wonder what's taking so long..

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