Sunday, April 03, 2011

Cobras OTG. [Pt. 1]

Wew! I had so much fun with Cobra F.C. today! I didn't play with my spectacles on because I was afraid it might get damaged; just like the old one. (Wasn't wearing any contact lenses either.) Overall, the game was stupendous! Although everything was such a blur, it didn't bother me. I had fun striking and goalkeeping! To my surprise, Nick was there too! - but playing for the other team. It has been a while.

We didn't keep scores, but majority says Cobras ruled the game. Adli Syafiq did very well! Even Sahrul with his constant attacking although he was defending. In fact, I scored the first goal - with the help of Sahrul! To be honest, everyone did well. Well, I did make a few mistakes in the passes. I hope to play again with you guys in the future to come!

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