Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's ahead.

I have things to do before time flips this world into another year ahead! Things like attending my friend's birthday celebration, checking in at Palm Garden Hotel and playing futsal at Meteora, Tungku. It's not much, but I hope these events are not going to make me tired for the countdown afterwards.

2011 has been fun - so fun that I still can remember the days I went out with Nisa, the day I got Tony the Electric Blue Cichlid, the day I went to Miri during my birthday, the days we went back and forth to and from KB, Aisle Of Before's performance during SAS's Prom Night and during Muhyi's cousin's function, sleepless nights with my brothers and sisters, the night I sprained my left ankle when I wanted to retrieve the ball from the other side of the parking lot, the nights I checked in at Rizqun Hotel with Omar, Waie (and Sahrul in the last night of our lives), ZOMBIE MODES, PS3s got inflicted by the Yellow Light of Death (my brother's and Fadhli's), SOAS days, how Owl City released tremendous songs which are in his All Things Bright and Beautiful album, the night I made the birthday card for Ijah, the growth of my remaining 5 cichlids and unexplained deaths of the other fish, the ghost who got spooked by Fathul, ATV adventure at Tungku Beach, Fikri's barbecue in celebration of his birthday, numerous pool nights with Afiq etc etc.

OH! For the record in my entire history, I actually held and touched an owlet!!! His name is Oli. I'll upload the picture soon!

2012 is just a day away! I've just got to say that 2011 has been a wonderful year coated with both bitterness and sweetness. The people whom I've met this year made me who I am now. Memorable days shall be cherished and hopeless days shall be forgotten. Thank yourselves and Allah for travelling safe and soundly this far and for continuing to live up to your reputation. It's time to stir up new resolutions!

THESE WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN - EVER! New year, new resolutions. Get to it! What's yours? ;)

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