Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gambateh FC 1 - 5 Cobra + SAS FC

A comfortable win today at UBD Sports Complex field against a friend who always greets me whenever he sees me in school in the past two years. His name is Amiruddin Hardy. The team we were up against are called Gambateh FC. As for us, we, Cobra FC, combined with SAS FC. There were lots of us - almost the whole team showed up (except for Ruzaini, Ajin, Ajis, Tayib, Goh, Kevin, Syu'aib, Vuili and Waie Saiful).

Early in the game, the first goal was scored by Omar and later was followed by Amin. It ended 0 - 2 in the first half. I was playing as a winger and honestly, I don't do so good in the winger position. Yes, I can support and run with the ball and look for players, but having to run up and down the field makes it worse. Once you're out of breath, you're done for. YOU'RE A GONER FOR SURE! Okay, I may have exaggerated a little bit, but yes - I don't think I might be able to cope up with the winger position any further. Also, I suck at finishing. Seriously. Definitely not the poacher type. Once the ball is with me, I only have a chance of 40% to shoot. Another 60% comes when no one interrupts.

The second half started and this time, we got another 3 goals. I'm confused on who scored the third and fourth. Was it Khaliq first or Afiq - but nevertheless, they scored! And that was Afiq's first goal for Cobra FC! Bravo! The last goal was scored by Amin whose ball hit the woodwork and into the net. Nice one! Gambateh FC got their equalizer in the final minutes to end game.

I had a great time today! Thanks for paying for the field and the invitation, Muq! Hoping for another match!

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