Thursday, December 29, 2011

Birthday boy's present.

Hey! I just realized that the 'Edit HTML' and 'Compose' options are back! Well, I guess it will be easier for me to add in pictures now. (Goes to show why I haven't uploaded any pictures lately.)


Happy 19th Birthday to Hamidi Halidi!
Have a great one! May Allah bless you with endless love from family and friends! Love, me.

Afiq picked me up and gave me something he got from KK. Guess what is is? A Chelsea Away 11/12 kit! You know, the one with the mini blue squares. I've been wanting that shirt ever since I laid my eyes on them! It even comes with the pants! Thank you very much!

And so, the 9 of us met up at Mamih, Sg Hancing and planned to head over to Memet's house and surprise him together - eX! style. We were 20 minutes early. Even Sarah tagged along with her good friend to join in the fun! We all got in his house unnoticed and settled down in the dining room at first, having to light up the candles on the cake and set up the plates and carry the drinks. Carefully, we sneaked up and waited outside his room. Bahrin called Memet's parents to join the surprise we were going to throw him. As a mean of distraction, Memet's mom switched off the wireless connection -- while he was playing LoL, saying that the wireless was cut off! Hahaha! We heard him and he was on his way out. When he got out of his room, all of us sang the birthday song and he was surprised! There were smiles on everybody's faces -- and the widest smile goes to the birthday boy!

Together we went into the living room and gathered. Everyone had a slice of the cake. Honestly, it tasted amazing! It was a Kit-Kat chocolate coated cake with assorted fruits on top. Therefore, with us still sticking around, Memet's mom decided to cook up some food for us. I expected it to be only enough for all of us in the room. It turned out to be a big bowl of noodles and nuggets! Only half of each bowl was eaten! I'm sure the leftovers were for Maidi and his friends.

After Memet's surprise party, we decided to go ghost-hunting at a cemetery in Salambigar. I didn't expect this kind of activity, but the heck with it anyway. I also wanted to add this experience in my life.

The place was spooky and dark. There were 10 of us including the birthday boy. Slowly we ascended up the lonely white stairs which led us to a small shelter. Shivers ran down my spine, but I needed not to say anything concerning the scary atmosphere. The brave ones were Aqel, Afiq, Haji and Geez. They even took a walk around the graveyard! The air was cool, dogs were barking, trees were stirring so softly and only mobile phone lights were there to help us shine the dark. I don't know what some of them saw, but I know it's nothing good. I'd rather not input it here. We didn't even spend at least half an hour there so we decided to go home. The guys felt like they were being watched by the 'things' there. I felt it too! My legs were even shaking as I slowly descended down the stairs. Aqel asked me to look back, but I'd rather not. Who knows what I could catch with my own two eyes! Memet held my left arm, tugging on my sleeve while we headed down. It's okay. It's all 'behind' us now. Hehehehe!

Not long after we exchanged stories in our last destination for the night, Mamih, each of us went home. I think two of them are sleeping over at Memet's. Thanks to Afiq for picking me up and sending me home. What a night it has been! I hope Memet enjoyed his advanced surprise and his 'birthday gift' though! :o) Thanks for reading!

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