Saturday, December 10, 2011

Eye the sky.

The eclipse starts tonight! I was outside on my verandah a half an hour ago to find a beautiful sight of a bright full moon! Ahh, it just gave me the feeling to be with you all over again. Fikri is here with me. We used my sister's (cheap) telescope to get a better view of the moon. Even though it's not that good of a quality, I could see wee bit of details of the moon.

I had the idea to go up onto the rooftop and get a BETTER view! We got into the elevator and headed up on the highest floor of this apartment; the 12th. When the elevator doors opened, the place was dark. I had a funny feeling, but I kept it to myself. We switched on our phones' flashlights and made our way to the creepy-looking doors. It creaked and when we flashed upwards, there were bats! Lots of 'em! Fikri suggested that we turn back before anything ugly happens to us - like, having the bats to pee on our heads! I heard you could go bald!

We just headed down to the 9th floor, sat on the staircase with a great view of the moon. It's the least we could do. We decided to go back down to my place. 3 more hours to the 'maximum eclipse' - what Miss Smartypants Nisa told me. ^~^

Now, we're waiting for Afiq to pick us up to chill on a Saturday night. Thanks for reading!

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