Friday, December 16, 2011

Sahrul's surprise.

I hope Sahrul's birthday surprise went according to plan at Ahan Thai's Restaurant, Gadong yesterday. At first, I thought the cake would come through the entrance and slowly being carried to the birthday boy's table, but I was wrong. It came from the kitchen! I was also surprised, so I just singed the birthday song along with them. Thanks for making it happen, guys!

After lunch, we went to Qx Pool Cafe, Kiulap in favour of Sahrul. Afiq and I were playing as a team against Harith and Zairul. The score ended 3 - 1 with us emerging victorious! Good game, guys! We only played for 2 hours, I think. After that, we went to bowl at Mega Strike, Times Square. Omar finished first who was followed by me beating Afiq just by one point! Harith was the loser. Jk. Omar has the snapshot of the scoreboard. I'll upload it as soon as I get it!

I had to deliver a "package" to Fathul. The meeting point was at Rizqun, Gadong. I thought after I handed him the package, we were going to call it a night, but we decided to hang out some more. Afiq brought us to Jerudong Park Foodcourt because he was going to meet "someone" there. I didn't know who though, but Amin guessed that she was related to Bazlaa. Funny because it turned out that "someone" was a friend of mine! Nothing to be ashamed of, but there were smiles throughout though! Now I'm home ---- alone. T-T Thanks to Afiq for picking me up and sending me back home! Thanks to everyone who showed up! This day shall be cherished as one of the memorable days I've ever had! Most importantly, you've to just chill and enjoy. Thanks for reading, guys!

Before I forget, I hope Tayib will have a safe flight to the UK! He flew off yesterday evening. Take good care of yourself, bro! See you next year!

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