Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Great day!

The fun started after 12 AM. The first thing we did was play Zombie mode on Black Ops. Due to the long absence of Omar and I in surviving together in the mode, we only managed to reach up to Round 14! (It was Omar's fault for bombing himself to death after coming out of the Defcon room in the Pentagon.) I didn't make it through the zombies myself! So I'm thinking it was more of, and still, Omar's fault because I had to run a few rounds to outrun the zombies and revive him. Besides, I picked up the Death Machine on my way out so yeah. Hahaha!

After Zombie mode, we went down to the swimming pool area and played Big Two. The lights were quite dim so it was actually difficult for us to see clearly. It was fun though. We only played a few games and afterwards, we went back up and decided to play a new game. Instead of Big Two, we played Samchong. (I still don't know the correct spelling to the game.) Harith didn't know how to play at first, but thank goodness he knows how to play Poker so it was similar. We played it for HOURS! With Harith having his 'beginner's luck', he finally got the hang of the game. We slept around 6 AM, I think, and woke up at 2:30 PM -- and played Samchong - again. Haha. Never knew that kind of game could kill time.

It's a Wednesday and was close to 4. Fikri texted me up saying that he's heading to Gadong. I figured he got his driving license already. Congratulations! Now you're officially legal to drive around - like a boss. He picked me up and drove to Mamih, Kiulap because I haven't eaten. Right after that, he sent me home.

The traffic today was crazy - in Gadong and Kiulap. It's all because of the 'infamous' criminal of the heavy traffic - pay day. Thanks for sending me back home! And to the guys whom I spent the night with, thanks for a great time! I hope all of you are having a good Wednesday so far! Thanks for reading!

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