Thursday, December 08, 2011

Crazy day.

We checked out from Rizqun Hotel at 4 yesterday and I asked Omar to send me home straight. It didn't hit me until I realized that my keys weren't with me so I wasn't able to enter my apartment. I was stuck. My phone was running out of juice that I had to find a nearby socket to charge so I quickly texted up Fathul to come and pick me up after work and follow wherever he's going. Out of nowhere, my sister texted me up saying that my grandma's driver was coming over to hand the keys over - so much for just a ring of keys. I told him to just meet at the same place just beside Rizqun. We reached Gadong and thankfully I got my keys. Thank you for taking your time to make your way down to Gadong, uncle!

Fathul went to Hot Point to eat with his friends so Fikri and I went shopping! - window-shopping pulaang~ First, Fikri surveyed mobile repair shops to see how much it cost to fix his (condemned) mobile phones. Walked here and there - I didn't mind! I had nowhere in mind to go either! After, we went to this shoe store to check out the Timberland boots there. The black one caught my eye, but I hadn't enough cash. I want a new pair of shoes though, buuuuut -- it can wait! Fortunately, Fikri's long desired yellow Asics were there on display! I asked him if he wanted to purchase it, but he just shook his head. I even tried it out! By looking at the mirror, it looked nice! But yellow is just not my kind of colour. Maybe I'll look around for Puma shoes next time!

Staying up real late, lack of sleep, UNO, early morning swim, Russell Peters - what a day! I am tired right now that I can just crawl up onto my bed, get comfortable and visit Dreamland in any minute. But it's still early. (Yes, 11 PM is still early in the Holiday Meridian Time. Ok, what.) I'll just stop here. Thanks for reading, guys!

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