Sunday, December 11, 2011

Turned out to be a good night.

An hour at Meteora tonight wasn't that exciting after all. In fact, we didn't even play for an hour! Sure we came early, but the previous people who booked before us were still meddling around in the court. (No) thanks to them, we only played for about 40 minutes or so. Also, Only 7 of us showed up. We had to play with the small goalposts. I thought Tayib was coming, but he couldn't make it. Last I heard, he was at the airport. Oh well. Note to self: If an hour is only available, DON'T BOOK!

I thought that was going to be it. After futsal, it's go home time for all of us,but no. Somebody had an idea! Therefore, we decided to take another hour to play street futsal at the stadium. Biasa~ It was much funner actually with no one there to stop us. After a tiring game, we decided to call it a night! Thanks to Afiq for sending me home! Before he did, he asked me to accompany him to pick Amin up from Asnawi's place in Tanjong Nangka. (Sooooo far!) Amin just got back from Miri. That's why. Hope you had fun in Miri! Hope you guys had fun tonight too!

Now I'm home alone again. I wonder when will my mom stay put in this place... Well, I got my ice lemon tea and my 'Schnapps'! Thanks for reading, guys!

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