Thursday, December 08, 2011

First time checking in.

(It's been nearly a week since I last updated my blog. Well, here I am now!)

Hello! I am checking in from Rizqun Hotel right now and honestly, this is my first time ever! Thanks to Omar for inviting me! Unsurprisingly, Harith is here too! The room is not that bad! I can slightly remember entering a room similar to this one once with my aunt, but now I am feeling it! It is fancy! - a little bit spacious than I would've expected. As for the internet connection, I am connecting via mobile phone. Hehehe! Paying for the wireless connection for just one night is expensive and not worth it so I've to carefully not let my credit go to waste. Last night, I remember having about $1 left and I wasted them down to the last cent!

Anyhoot, I had a good dinner last at Secret Recipe with Omar and his cousin Sita. I was saving my budget, but Omar insisted on paying my meal for me. I had chicken steak with fries and apple kasturi juice. You know, I only asked for the apple and not the kasturi. When the drink arrived, it was -- really really sour! But nevertheless, thanks again! Not long after Harith arrived, we went for a late dinner at Pastamania. Only had my Pastamania favourite, pepperoni pizza. (Please take note. Lol. Jk.)

They're watching Manchester United's game against Basel now. Both are -- stressed, I think? Because Manchester United are one goal down. Well, I hope I could blog about later's activity! Thanks for reading!

Basel scored another now. United are two goals down. Wew. Chill, Red Devils~

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